• June horoscope 2018

    Your monthly horoscope is now on.

    June 2018 horoscope

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  • Why cordless dyson v6 animal is not worth the money

    Why cordless Dyson v6 animal is not worth the money.

    Hi everyone, 
    I wanted to write this article for a long time, but I've been quite busy lately setting up my online store and didn't give much attention to my personal blog.
    From my experience with Dyson V6 Animal wasn't too pleasant, unfortunately. 

    An honest review about why dyson v6 animal is not worth the money

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  • May horoscope 2018

    Your monthly horoscope is now on.

    May horoscope 2018

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  • April horoscope 2018

    Your monthly horoscope is now on.

    April horoscope 2018

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  • March horoscope 2018

    Your monthly horoscope offered by

    Check out your monthly horoscope in 2018. March horoscope 2018.

    November horoscope 2018 

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  • February horoscope 2018

    Check out your monthly horoscope for 2018.February horoscope 2018. 

    February horoscope 2018

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  • Simple body detox plan

    Simple body detox plan - short and long diet plans.

    In the last few years, more people have made a good habit after the winter holidays to start a body detox period. It is absolutely normal and recommended that after a period of excess food you help your body eliminate accumulated toxins.
    Periodically, the body needs a rest in order to re-yield and sustain us in the fight with daily stress, so it is very important that at the beginning of each year we free ourselves from the animal protein diet with a detox period.

    Simple body detox plan


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  • Three soup recipes that help you lose weight

    Three soup recipes that help you lose weight:

    I personally love any kind of soup and the main benefit of eating soup is that keeps my weight in control and help me stay free of cellulite. I suggest you try them and  and eat at least once a week soup, you will notice a big difference in your health.

    Three soup recipes that help you lose weight

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  • January horoscope 2018

    Check out what your monthly horoscope for 2018.

    November horoscope 2017


    In the first two decades of January 2018, Venus, the planet of love and the master of the Aries couple's house, is in the quarry and social status. This location of Venus makes you become more selective in relationships and direct your attention to admirers, well-placed hierarchically, or who can help you advance and reach your goals. Amateur links with superiors, officials, or notorious figures are not excluded.

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  • Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts ideas

    Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts ideas. 

    There is less than a week to the Christmas and if you didn't bought already Christmas gifts for your loved ones, you still have a chance to impress them. I actually write this article to show you some cool ideas of diy gifts that can save you lots of money and time( because shopping means time consuming).
    So if you are a student and you are tight on budget, or someone who want to save money on Christmas, you can to impress your friends with homemade gifts, like outfits if you have some skills in this field, or you can watch some youtube videos and take some inspiration. 

    Last minute diy christmas gifts ideas

    photo - pinterest

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  • What is with all this cryptocurrency euphoria?

    What is with all this cryptocurrency euphoria? 

    Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. 

    What is all about cryptocurrency euphoria

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  • Here is how much I paid for car insurance as a new driver

    Here is how much I paid for car insurance as a new driver.

    I should write this article long time ago, exactly after I bought my car and I search for the best car insurance, but I had too many things happening and didn't have the opportunity to write about this important part of my life and maybe important for other new drivers too. 
    Before I take my licence, I knew already that insurance will be very expensive for new drivers, but I wasn’t expected to pay thousands.

    Here is how much i paid for car insurance as a new driver 

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  • December horoscope 2017

    Your monthly horoscope. December horoscope 2017. 

    November horoscope 2017

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  • November horoscope 2017

    Your monthly horoscope in 2017.

    November horoscope 2017

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  • Here is how I spend one evening from my life

    Today I'm going to show you how I spend one evening from my life and hope will inspire you.
    So after I arrive at home, first thing that I do is lightening an Yankee Candle with Cinnamon aroma, that is my favourite and gives me a positive vibe. 
    After, I prepare my salad from (tomatoes,parsley,walnuts,olive oil, lemon juice and salt), eat my dinner, then I jump into the shower so I can ease the stress out of my body and relax a bit.

    Here is how I spend one evening from my life

    Feeling fresh after shower 

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  • The secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothing

    In this article I will reveal how most of the bloggers and maybe some of your friends can afford to buy designer clothes, bags, watches and shoes.
    After I left Vintage Kilo Sale event, I head with my sister at Camden Town market, with the hope that we might find some nice clothes.
    The streets where full with people and I enjoyed the atmosphere around there. Walking on the streets of Camden Town, I've seen lots of fake designer clothes and bags and  brands like: Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Channel, Adidas, Nike and these are just few of them.

    Fake louise vuitton bags in camden town

    Various fake designer bags in Camden Town. This is what many bloggers own.

    Don't be jealous when you see somebody owning a Louis Vuitton Bag, it might be a fake one, bought from Camden Town. 

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  • The disappointment I had at Vintage kilo Sale

    Hi everyone,
    Today I want to share with you my experience at Vintage Kilo Sale in London Camden Town.
    Before I go to this event, I was quite happy and excited, that I might find some good looking clothes. I mean proper vintage clothes.

    Missmv com the disappointment i had at vintage kilo sale


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  • The London Vintage Kilo Sale

    The London Vintage Kilo Sale!

    I don't know if you have heard about the The Vintage Kilo Sale in London, which this event will happen on 15 October and I will take part of.  

    The vintage kilo sale

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  • October horoscope 2017

              Your monthly horoscope 


         Missmv monthly horoscope




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  • Let's know each other

    Let's know each other

    Hi guys, I'd like to thank you again for passing by my personal blog and hope you will enjoy everything I write about. 

    Miss MV lifestyle blogger

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