Black Friday discounts codes and coupons for Adidas

Black Friday discounts codes and coupons for Adidas - Adidas Black Friday 2019

Adidas sneakers and sportswear best deals on Black Friday 2019 from Slickdeals.

Finally, is almost here ….. one of the most awaited events of the year is just a few days away and I’m super excited to share with you some of the top choices for sportswear, trainers and backpacks discount codes form Slickdeals, a prestigious website to find coupon codes for many popular brands such as Adidas.


Adidas sneakers and sportswear best deals on black friday 2019 from slickdeals

Every year I'm waiting for Black Friday just as kids wait for candies, and there is a good reason why; Massive Discounts !!!!

In the preview years I did manage to scoop some great deals on beauty and gifts and sporting goods from large marketplaces, but that was extremely time-consuming to search for every individual item and sometimes they were out of stock by the time I decide to buy. This year instead, I decide to up my game and for Black Friday I use Slickdeals website trusted by millions of people worldwide to get the best deals from well-known brands.

That’s right, this year I decided to buy Adidas sneakers and activewear and I will explain further to this article why.

Just a few items from my Black Friday shopping list

I have to decide between these two pair of trainers before it starts Black Friday, but probably I will choose the beige ones. 


Womens running adidas ultra boost uncaged shoes white fashion trainers    Adidas ulta boost ash pearl women trainers


Despite the fact that I already have fitness leggings, I really love this colour and will get the sports bra from the right side to match a fully gym outfit.

Adidas ucotton leggings for womens dusted pink colour   Buy with massive discount adidas women activewear leggings and bras 1   

Because I need sportswear I keep my eyes on Adidas Black Friday 2019

Some of you already know me that I’m a very savvy person and I like to get the best online deals, but at the same time I want to look and feel great with the clothes I’m wearing and I don’t need to explain too much why Adidas is one of the best activewear for men, women and kids.

What I like the most about this sportswear brand is the quality of the products. Since I know myself, I have sensitive skin and Adidas cotton leggings and t-shirts are 100% safe for dry skin, utmost water absorbent for those hardcore workout sessions.

One of the main reasons I choose to buy Adidas gym wear is because I really need new trainers, leggings, bras and t-shirts.

The Adidas women clothing also have incorporate mesh panels into the design so they are all part of the overall look and afford maximum airflow and ventilation while workout. On top of this is sweat-wicking, moisture sweeping Climalite technology that effortlessly keeps you dry not only when working out, but even when you at home, practising yoga or any other kind of exercises.

As I mentioned on my YouTube channel, I will make more gym videos in the next few weeks, so I cannot miss out Adidas women's black Friday deals to buy a pair of super comfy ultra boost trainers. From the reviews I have read, these Adidas trainers are very light, perfect for my health condition ( post arthroscopy) and they come in a wide range of colours and designs.

To be able to afford these sneakers, I use coupon codes from Slickdeals and not only for iconic activewear brands like Adidas, but also for many other popular brands. Visit Slickdeals to find more about all Adidas Black Friday offers and get some more tips to fulfil your virtual shopping basket.

Take a look at the list I made for shopping on Black Friday for sportswear:

Coupon codes from Slickdeals helps to afford sporting goods from popular brands such as Adidas

I will take this opportunity to buy a few Adidas ULTIMATE 2.0 TEE for my brother in law, hopefully, it will solve his sweating problem (the technology incorporated in the fabric of Adidas ultimate 2.0 Tee is revolutionary. Made of moisture-wicking fabric with a soft, cotton-like hand feel, it allows you to stay dry and comfortable through the workout).


The technology incorporated in the fabric of adidas ultimate 2 0 tee is revolutionary made of moisture wicking fabric with a soft cotton like hand feel

                                                                 More colours, designs and styles available online

To complete the gym outfit for my brother in law, I will choose Adidas Tiro pants for men, made from similar fabric as the ultimate 2.0 Tee ( no matter how hard you train, this fabric will allow you to stay cool and feel fresh thanks to ventilated climacool® mesh inserts for maximum breathability, they keep the air moving until sweat is evaporated in the air.

For the white t-shirt, I will choose black Tiro pants, it matches very well and looks cool. 


Adidas tiro pants on sale black friday 2019 the best deals to buy with massive discount activewear

                                                              Insane discounts for Adidas at

There is something on my shopping list for all family members, my partner, my sister and nephews. To me Black Friday is the holy grail of shopping, I buy everything I need and wrap them nice to offer them as Christmas gifts.  I learned long time ago that is wise to buy Christmas gifts on Black Friday, you save so much money with deals on pretty much everything, from clothing to toys, gadgets, beauty products and even services.


A few tips to get the best deals on Black Friday and save lots of cash


Even if I haven’t got enough money on my bank account, I use my credit card to buy goods for Black Friday, and I always make the payment on time to avoid being charged commission. You should never buy with credit cards if you cannot afford to pay back what you have spent. In my case I’m organised, I keep a track of all the bills and spending’s and I have a stable income that allows me to use my credit card without fearing that I will miss a payment.

To make the best of Black Friday shopping, firstly I do a list with the goods I want to buy, then I check the prices, once, twice,  the options I have, and once I’m decided, I use Slickdeals website to get coupon codes that help me save even more while buying the goods I need.

The best thing about Slickdeals is that you don’t have to wait for Black Friday to buy with large discount, their website has listed offers all year round, coupon codes, deals for almost anything you need, that’s why you shouldn’t get in a panic mood if you couldn’t buy the things you want on Black Friday. Be realistic and buy if you really need those items and not because is Black Friday and Cyber Monday fever. There is always going to be new fashion seasons with better designs, upgraded gadgets, cool toys and revolutionary beauty products.  Stick around Slickdeals, follow and save their posts on social media to receive notifications for new discount codes.


Happy shopping folks!

I Hope Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be a fun experience and why not gather around with your family and friends and shop together online, while chatting with a cup of hot tea, Ambiental music and get opinions for each other. Group shopping is much more fun and a great experience to build new memories.


If you enjoy these Adidas Black Friday deals and suggestions, please share this article on social media and spread the word about Slickdeals, you will help your family and friends to save lots of cash!

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  • 1. Katy | 24/11/2019
Well done article. I was looking for Adidas Black Friday deals when I come across your blog and I will check Slickdeals to see what else they offer coupons for.
  • 2. Dean | 18/11/2019
I'm not that excited anymore about Adidas Black Friday. Despite the fact that Adidas offer great deals on Black Friday, I use many other websites to get coupons for Adidas and other brands all year round. I knew about Slickdeals for a long time, my daughter uses them, she seems happy with the deals she finds there.

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