December horoscope 2018

December horoscope 2018

December horoscope 2018

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December 2018 is for Aries a little quieter in family life, of course, there will also be some jealousy moments or reproaches from your life partner because you do not offer much attention to family members but also money-related arguments.
December 2018 is very good in regard to your professional and financial plan,  although you do not earn anything without effort. During this time, Mercury, the planet that governs communication and career, will help you clarify documents, credits, fees, etc.
Aries who have activities in the field of art will have unexpected financial gains due to the presence of the Sun.
It is wise to save money even if it's Christmas time and you have to buy gifts, be stubborn and avoid borrowing money to spend on presents for friends or relatives, it will only lead you to frustration and stress.
Your high ideals will bring disappointed because your dreams do not materialize the way you want.
In order to find peace of mind, it is good to make a charity gesture or to reconnect to your spiritual values.
You have a better mood and you are optimistic in the second half of the month. Possible health problems are easier to deal with if you ask advice from a good specialist.

Astrologer advice:
Be open to communicate and do not just act on your own beliefs, if your decisions and actions affect others too!



December is for Taurus focused on love, reconciliation, and separation, some love stories will be clarified in which powerful emotions will totally change your sentimental life.
For couples who have a stable relationship, this period will be appropriate to rediscover the flame of love but also for some intimate moments that have been postponed for various reasons.
From a financial point of view, things will improve after December 6, 2018, when discussions and plans for the future will take place. You will find ingenious methods of passive income but avoid investing in exaggerated promises.
In December 2018, you would benefit from the resumption of higher education or the pursuit of specialization courses that would release you from the status of employee. It sets a long-term strategy. Do not be seduced by the unrealistic dreams of others.
Some Taurus can enjoy success in the editorial, through a journalistic debut, or translating.
Optimism and a pragmatic vision of life help you in December 2018.
Sometimes you will be forced by circumstances to get out of your comfort zone and move faster than you are accustomed to. But you are doing better than usual in these situations.
Avoid excess food and do not hesitate to listen to your intuition, because it can provide solutions for a successful future and peace of mind
Astrologer advice:
Try to focus on the projects that you already started even if the results seem not to appear immediately.



In December you exceed all your limits in love, is possible to have plans for marriage. In professional plan, you are motivated, but you focus too much on the future and forget about reality. Try to be realistic and do not plan more than you can achieve.
At work, you can create good conditions to affirm yourself, present a good project for the boss, or advance on the hierarchical scale. Diplomacy and discretion can help you a lot at work, avoid being arrogant, and use your native abilities to communicate.
The biggest mistakes you can commit is that you refuse to listen to others, convinced that you have absolute truth. This can cost your financial and professional reputation.
In December 2018 Gemini is tempted to spend money on unnecessary things, just bringing waste and frustration to you. If you are not smart, you will need to use your credit card after December, so change your financial habits.
Stress may be a problem for Gemini in December 2018 if you are overwhelmed by obsessive thoughts about how to gain more power and influence.
If you get to the point where your inner commotion disturbs your sleep or affects your diet, you should contact a specialist. Do not neglect your health, especially if you have a chronic illness.

Astrologer advice:

Nausea can lead you to wrong decisions, so you need to find ways to relax.


Cancer's enjoy sentimental harmony, especially in the second half of December 2018. Cancer are open to dialogue and may wake up the desire to strengthen matrimonial relationships.
It is advisable to avoid distance relationships because they will only bring restlessness.
In December 2018 Cancer's are required at work, but they are easily coping with the challenges as you go through a professional development period. Do not forget to offer attention to your loved ones, organize your time in such a way as to create a balance between your career and your personal life.
Most Cancer's want to enter the new year with new projects, without making balances and retrospectives. For Cancer's looking for a job or looking for customers might be lucky, especially in the last decade of December 2018.
If you dare to take some risks, you will earn more money in the last decade of December 2018, when you enter into new contracts or set up profitable partnerships. If you have debt, make an effort to pay them as soon as possible!
After December 13, 2018, some aspects of your health can be clarified. You receive good news from your doctor or a series of analyzes that have cast out all sorts of suspicions you've been mourning since last month.
Avoid natural treatments and see a doctor if you have unexpected symptoms just before the end of the year! 

Astrologer advice:

During this time it is good to consult with a close person or psychologist to explain the love issues, otherwise, you will fall victim to a manipulating person.



December for Leo is a period for flirting, passion, pleasure, romance, but also for an active and possible social life and to know new people.
Financially in December 2018,  Leo's benefiting from activities related to property and real estate, but also those who want to set up their own long-term business. 
The stars give you the energy you need to start professional projects that involve effort, perseverance, long time and patience. It is one of the best moments of the year to decide which professional projects you go on and close - or if you want to opt for another job.
You will have some escapades to spend more in December, or even you might be tempted by pyramid schemes or other types of quick payouts. Avoid financial speculation and rely on what you have. Try to manage your resources with caution.
During this time your health is not the best, you will feel somewhat energyless, so give yourself time to expand your dreams for hobby activities, but avoid shopping therapy, because you will end up depressed when you will check your bank account.
Avoid going to spiritual healers and meet specialists with undeniable medical experience.

Astrologer advice:
Be discreet with ideas and plans. Choose carefully the people you tell your future plans. 



In December 2018, some Virgo will restrain their sentimental life because it is somehow difficult for them to find a mature and responsible partner, but things are not the same for all Virgo.
During this month, some Virgo even strengthens their couple relationship and have big plans for the future, such as marriage or the formalization of a relationship.
Professionally, you will have more time for your family, your job is not very demanding and it would be advisable to take advantage of this opportunity to go on holiday with your loved one.
You can progress through investments in various specializations, not chaotic, but setting up a professional touch. After December 6, 2018, you could clarify a number of aspects of long-term collaboration, the direction you want to go in the future.
Many Virgos can find that a series of partnerships and collaborations are enormous, perhaps even damaging, time consuming. There will be more difficult decisions in this regard. You enter the new year with a clear mind and wonderful long-term prospects. The family will be your greatest support in December 2018, you will receive wise advice that will protect you from malicious people.
In December 2018, you're stressed by financial instability and it's time to reorganize your life. Try to look at everything constructively, otherwise, you risk having digestive problems, stomach burns, and insomnia.
Friends and family are very supportive even if they don't always tell you directly with you.
To get rid of physical and mental agitation, to change its rhythm and the environment, it would be advisable to try some fitness classes at the gym among new people.

Astrologer advice:
In December 2018, avoid overspending and major financial decisions.

December horoscope


In December 2018, the sentimental life of Libra is sprinkled with many surprises.
In the second half of the month, you receive family support and find the emotional balance you need. Too many responsibilities will consume more energy that will lead you to frustration and quarrels with your life partner.
Professionally, you are a bit disorganized, you do not follow your own intuition and you will listen to the advice of a colleague who will put you in an unpleasant situation.
In December 2018 Venus, the planet that governs Libra is in the money house, and that's a good thing because you'll be inspired to pay your debts and taxes in a reasonable way.
With the Full Moon on December 22, 2018, it may be about ending a professional stage and starting a new project, or even changing the job.

Surround yourself with friends with the same hobbies, so you will find the balance and harmony that you need in December.

Astrologer advice:

Take great care when signing new contracts, especially with new collaborators!



In December 2018, Scorpio has an extraordinary power of seduction because of Venus that governs your relationships and guarantees your success in love.
For married Scorpio's, this period is favorable couple life. Your other half is eager to please you in any way, in return you should express your love and feelings openly and let the things flow.
On the financial plan, December 2018 predicts excellent profits, but also with excessive spending tendencies. Avoid financial speculation, online investment, and expensive Christmas presents for your loved ones. Be thrilling because the stars are on your side and have a long-term chance of winning, but also great chances to strengthen your professional reputation.
In December 2018, you are creating your own stress, especially through poor money management, or perhaps, you always focusing on money.
Try to determine what is really important to you and what are the priorities, so you will find peace of mind and balance.

Astrologer advice:
Embellish the changes that come in your life because it helps you both personally and professionally!



December 2018 begins for Sagittarius in harmony in couple's life, thanks to Mercury governor of partnership and marriage house, also at the end of the month is found in conjunction with Jupiter the Sagittarius governor.
For some Sagittarius, December 2018 will be a time when they will try to dominate the life partner, try to impose their ideas, it is advisable to avoid this attitude and to communicate openly with your other half. Professionally, you are unstable, you make mistakes that can put your career in danger. Try to detach yourself from anything else when you are at work and this will help you finish an important project.
Even if your health looks good in December 2018, take time for quality rest, so you can perform better with daily activities.

Astrologer advice:
Take time for relaxation and be cautious with money.

Capricorn horoscope December 2018


December 2018 begins with a romantic stage for Capricorn, thanks to Venus, which means love at first glance for the Capricorns alone. This month, Capricorns make good impressions wherever they go and whatever they do.
During this time you are concerned about business and the desire for expansion, especially if you are active in the online environment. Invest your time and money to promote yourself and be careful how you communicate with business partners or your colleagues.
Financially, things are good in December 2018, although you have some habits that harm your health and your budget. Some Capricorns are buoyed and have an influx of capital through which they will be able to pay some debts.
The Capricorn's health in December 2018 can be sensitively improved through natural treatments, but also through a discussion with a psychologist or a close person.

To relax and get mental and physical balance, you should try physical exercise and yoga.

Astrologer advice:
Be attentive to people you communicate with, whether is private or professional life.



Aquarius begins December 2018 full of optimism alongside your life partner who supports you in whatever you have proposed. Single Aquarius will take advantage of this period to socialize as much as possible and to experience new erotic adventures.
At the beginning of December 2018, Venus enters Aquarius careers' house, this helps you to overhaul some beliefs and ideas, and inevitably you will find answers to some of the questions you had from previous month.
Venus's presence in the home of professional relationships makes it easier for you to find a new job in another country, but do not forget to be cautious and define your financial expectations.
In December 2018, you are too excited especially at a professional level - which can lead to disappointments and melancholy states that affect your focus and inspiration.
Be careful what you are eating and avoid juggling with different diets because you could destabilize yourself physically. Now is ideal to start outdoor activities.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid making risky financial decisions, things are tough in December!



Pisces begins December 2018 with luck in love and with the possibility to find a life partner with a high social status. Pisces who have a serious relationship make plans for marriage and spend the end of the year in a romantic atmosphere full of motivation and future plans. 

In professional side, you will find that things do not work as well as you want, and even some difficult situations are related to company resources, you may be making calculation mistakes and this responsibility will have consequences.

Colleagues will support you and teamwork will help you gain your confidence and possible to have a promotion towards the end of December 2018.
In December 2018, most of the star signs are dealing with stress because of money, of course, this period everyone is spending more, be it for presents, holidays or taxes, but adopting a good financial strategy and spending as less as possible, you might realize how simple things are and how easy is to balance your lifestyle.
Nothing is more important than your health, so limit yourself to a small budget and money stress will be on the past.

Astrologer advice:
Prudence is advisable if you have to travel, especially in the interest of the service!

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