Escape the city life - adventures ideas

Escape the city life - adventures ideas

Are you feeling overwhelmed by daily activities, social life and city pollution? The good news we all are. We all struggle to battle routines, sometimes boring jobs, depression and many other things that make us unfulfilled.
I have decided to write this article after I've been asked some opinions on social media about what new adventures you could do to break the routine and gain back the energy your body so much needs.

Escape the city life adventures ideas by missmv

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 The same like you and many other individuals I sometimes feel tired of working and paying bills and daily activities. I always wanted to do more, to learn more, to do what creates joy to my mind and soul. 
I decided to share my list of future TO Do activities and hope this will inspire you to see other visions to recharge your batteries, to escape the city life and try new adventures.

Here is a list of activities that will make you pack your bags right now:

 1. Yoga local class or yoga retreat places:

Yoga local class or yoga retreat places

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So in the past, I’ve been practicing yoga and this created in my heart and soul a different happiness feeling which I cannot explain, only when you do yoga a period of time and your chakras are open you will start to feel fabulous changes in your body and spirit.
This my friends is on my list, to continue yoga classes because the energy you encounter there you won’t find anywhere else.

You might say, why you do not start to do local yoga class right now. Well, my head is full with other things and I couldn't focus on yoga. To practice yoga, you need to detach your mind from stress and junk thoughts. I like to do things one by one, if you try to do too many things at once, you won't be good at any of them.

Road trip around the world

 2. Road trip - travel around the world:


Road trip travel around the world to escape city life

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Next on my list is a road trip, I’ve always dreamed of packing my bags, fill the tank, take my travel documents and my partner and hit the road.
We have seen featured many awesome couples who travel around the world, more or less happy stories, but an adventure is an adventure, so you need to be ready for anything.
My favorite travel side will be Europe of course, but the other parts of the world are not excluded. 

 ♦ Starting from Italy, absorbing all Venetian romantic atmosphere and gothic architectures, followed by a stop to olive trees farms in Tuscany, next Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Romania and Greece, all these European countries are on my favorite travel destination. Of course, I would love to visit the rest of the world, but Europe is offering more freedom to travel, less expensive and probably safer. 

You can search on google for recommended places to visit in Europe and I'm sure all images and videos will make you instantly to hit the road.


 3. Retreat places - spa and detox:

Retreat places spa and detox

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Another thing I have on my list is a retreat place. A retreat place with detox program where you can eat healthy meals, do pilates classes, group meditation and spa services. What can you want more; yeah it can be many other things, but these are the most realistic things that an individual can do to recharge their energy and “restart their system”

I've recently discovered a wonderful place where you will be in professional hands to offer you the best diet and detox program like you never had before. A place like this is called Atasagon - they have locations in Romania and Turkey, the choice is yours.  Atasagon is offering a very detailed detox program with alkaline food, based on healthy and fresh juices. Once in a while, your body needs a proper detox in order to work properly and feel good again. Lack of energy sometimes can be a sign of heavy metals deposited in your body, maybe parasites, or overstress.

 ♦ From their website, I cannot see if they offer spa services, personally, I would love to have all in one when I join a retreat place. Maybe in Switzerland or Austria, you will find 5 stars spa with detox programs too and I will check that and update this article as soon as I can.



Spa service and retreat places around the world


What about an adventure with Orient Express train?

 4.  Instead of hitting the road, you might consider a breathtaking journey with Orient Express train:


Instead of hitting the road catch a breathtaking journey with orient express train

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I know what you might think, you need a large budget for such an adventure and it is indeed very expensive if you choose this option to escape city life. 

Once in a lifetime, an adventure like traveling by Orient Express train is definitely worth from my point of view. Train journeys are safer, more enjoyable, with epic views, is like a mobile hotel and the best part is, you will get to know new people and possible tie new friendships. ( no this is not like what you've seen in the film

" The murder on the Orient Express " )

By checking the cost of one ticket, we looking at around 2200 - 4500£ for a twin/single room and goes up to 40.000£ for a 5 nights hotel included crossing four countries.

For more detailed info you can check this website:


 5. Rio de Janeiro Carnival - this grand event will boost your energy instantly:


Rio de janeiro carnival this grand event will boost your energy instantly

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If you think you've seen all, you might probably be wrong. Rio de Janeiro Carnival is one of the biggest place on earth to party and boosts your energy. Surrounded by millennials, all that atmosphere, the vibe, samba music, sophisticated costumes, and delicious food will help to forget about your daily routine and stressful social life.

Go for it, find some good friends and have fun, life is too short to miss all these beautiful places.


6. Cruise ship holidays - well now we talking about a different level to enjoy your life:

Cruise ship holidays well now we talking about a different level to enjoy your life

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I do want to experience a cruise ship one day, but first of all, I need to learn to swim :)) because I'm way too scared of water.

Cruise ship holidays are cheaper than Orient Express train, with prices starting from as little as 700£/pp 4 nights Caribbean, of course, you have many destinations to choose from, but I give you an idea of where you could go to escape the city life and start a new adventure.


7. Geneva car show - the largest and most influential car show 


Geneva car show the largest and most influential car show

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Geneva car show is one of the largest and more influential events for car junkies. Every year car manufacturers are displaying their latest models, rare and collectible cars that you probably won't see on the roads. You will be privileged to discover news and future auto concept, meet professional people, bloggers, famous YouTubers and why not take this opportunity to make new friends.

Don't forget to take a camera with you to capture every detail of the latest car models. My partner and I love cars and this show is between my priority list, but going to Switzerland will be an opportunity to visit more places and not just Geneva. 


If you guys have any other ideas please suggest them and share this article with your friends if you like it.



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