Look stylish with a 5 pounds outfit

Look stylish with a 5-pounds outfit

Hi everyone, so today I want to introduce you to everything5pounds.com a UK based store where you can find all kind of fashion items for unbelievable prices.
I've been offered as a gift 4 fashion items from their store, and I gladly accepted, because I want to show you guys that you can look stylish with outfits on budget also.

Look stylish with a 5 pounds outfit

Look stylish with a 5 pound outfit

I have created a video on my youtube channel to see more details about this products, how they fit when I move, so check it out and let me know if you like how I styled this clothes.

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See this budget outfits in motion

Everything5pounds haul - How I style outfits on Budget - How to look chic with 5£ clothes

With a bit of imagination you can look stylish even with a 5 pounds outfit

I do not have a specific fashion style, I love to wear anything that is comfy, friendly with my skin and of course I have to look good in those clothes.
So I choose from everything5pounds website, a cool bomber jacket with embroidered details that make it stand out, a pair of brown/mustard color animal print trousers, sunglasses and a very cute bag.

Everything5pounds clothes can make you look stylish 

 Animal print trousers from everything5pounds fit me so good with a white blouse


♦ I love all these fashion items, I did my best to style them with other items I already had, as seen in photos and video. The bag is the one I had a little issue,  is very cute, the design is well done, but it has a weird smell which makes it a bit unpleasant( on the tag it says leather manufactured in India, but honestly, I know how leather smells and I frankly can say is not). I have applied to this bag a white fluffy pompom to make it even more adorable, but as much as I like it, I will not wear it in public places because of its smell.

Learn how to look stylish with outfits on budget  With a little imagination you can look chic even with a 5 bucks outfit

This is the jacket and bag from everything5pounds.com

Overall I was quite surprised to see what beautiful outfits you can find at everything5pounds store, they sell a large variety of fashion items for men women and children and sometimes they even have generous discounts; what can you ask more :)) just to stay hours and shop online.


Despite the issue with the handbag, from now on I will buy clothes from their store, after all, I show you how good you can look with a 5 bucks outfit.
Thanks for reading guys and please let me know if you shop from everything5pounds.com and what was your experience.

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