Swimwear ideas on budget - video included

Swimwear ideas on budget - video included

Swimwear ideas on budget ( trying 4 different types of swimming costumes on budget)

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog
After I uploaded the first fashion video on my YouTube channel featuring 4 different types of night out outfits, I had a lot of good feedback, I even received some advice about filming and editing videos which I'm so grateful to all of the support and I cannot thank you enough to all of you.

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I'm wearing a super comfy polyester/lycra swimsuit 


Every Sunday I will try new outfits

I did find some very good friends via social media, with my easy going personality, cheeky sometimes and professional when the situations require, I'm very good at keeping things, especially relationships.

Now the second fashion video I have done on my YouTube channel was about swimming wear ideas on budget. In this video I tried 4 different types of swimming costumes, from high waisted bikini to one-piece swimming wear, all these clothes being purchased from eBay and each one of them didn't cost more than 10£.

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I love shopping from eBay, is very easy and most of the time you can find very trendy clothes for a bargain price and here I want to add something really important which will enlight many of you guys.
These eBay clothes are sold by Instagram shops for higher prices and sometimes they try to make these clothes look expensive and glamorous, thanks to the editing skills of many fashion Instagrammers.

Before you purchase clothes from Instagram brands make your research and you will find exactly the same clothes for half price or less on shopping platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress and many others. 
Why I choose eBay, is because they offer cashback through Nectar card. Nectar card is by far the best cashback platform I have ever try, you can use it in many other shops, to buy petrol, food, clothes and many others, just type Nectar Card on google and discover all benefits about it. I only know it works in UK, so I have no idea if is available international.

Swimwear ideas on budget by missmv com

When I buy clothes online, I'm a bit anxious because every time I order something it happens to receive the wrong size, or size doesn't matches, quality is low, but most of the time, I did receive very good items and I will write an article to show all items I have purchased from eBay fashion.
Swimwear that I featured on my youtube video is totally bought from eBay, I couldn't be happier when I saw the quality of those items, shipping was fast and on top of everything I got cashback too.

Check here my latest video and let me know which swimming costume you like the most.

Sunday 27th January, I will try 4 different types of gym outfits. Please subscribe, like and comment on my YouTube channel to receive notifications for new uploads.

Swimwear ideas on budget ( trying 4 different types of swimming costumes on budget)

Swimwear ideas on budget ( trying 4 different types of swimming costumes on budget)

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T V Fox
  • 1. T V Fox (link) | 20/09/2019
I'm not surprised you described one of your swimsuits as “super comfy”. My late mother was a dressmaker. She always said that any garment made with polyester or a polyester blend fabric would always be comfortable to wear.
  • missmvmaria (link) | 23/09/2019
Actually polyester fabric is not that comfortable. Polyester swimwear is not only irritating your skin, but the quality is not always the best.

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