The disappointment I had at Vintage kilo Sale

Hi everyone,
Today I want to share with you my experience at Vintage Kilo Sale in London Camden Town.
Before I go to this event, I was quite happy and excited, that I might find some good looking clothes. I mean proper vintage clothes.

Missmv com the disappointment i had at vintage kilo sale


The disappointment I had at Camden Vintage kilo Sale

The night before travelling to London, I have checked the train to see what time I can get there and surprise..... there is no train connected from Northampton to London directly, like it used to be. I had to either catch the bus to Milton Keynes, or drive there, so I can be able to get to London.I didn't want to drive directly to London, after what happened in the last few weeks, with M1 being shut down, because of a suspect package on the road and people sitting in their cars more than six hours, I decide to travel by train. I was a bit shocked to see that, no train is connected to London directly and I drive to MK earlier in the morning at 9 am and catch the train to London.

What make me more frustrated is that my journey from Milton Keynes to London, took me more than an hour, which is unusual and I had to listen two annoying ladies that was chatting behind me and spilling out from their throat some grotesque noises. 
Yeah, the lady behind me had a proper men voice and what I notice, is, when somebody call her through face time, she was forcing herself to change her voice, so it can sound feminine. Well didn't work. At least not for me, was the most annoying sound I have ever heard. I don't say that she was doing something bad, but at least keep this kiddish practice for doing at home and not in a public transportation.


KDA Hate expresses my frustration

This makes me remind immediately about the song of KDA Hate

Here are the lyrics of this song, which you will understand my frustration and why I love it so much. Check it out: 

"I've been thinking a lot lately about hatin' what eats at the heart of hate Because you know, I hate people everyday I hate tourists on Oxford street, I hate children on the tube I hate slow walkers stopping me gettin to my train, i want to grab their faces say with all that rages "get out of my fucking way" but I don't, because I know my hatred is a ghost it's quick flick switch a brief lit wick it's fake shade of hate just a frustration of place I mean dont get me wrong im not a saint, I just like a fair few people but thats not the same as hating Thats not the same as wanting to stamp on their faces haters always gunna hate they say and in some places if you aint got hatred you aint got status so lets play in the face of hate hate me for a moment hate everything I am hate me hate me because I am different to you hate my words and my brothers too hate me for my body, the ends and my fingertips hate my skin, my pigmentation, hate me for the sensations I share with another in bed hate me for my violent moments, hate the tears I've shed and the hopes I've shared, hate me for my fears and dreams hate me for the man I might yet be then take your hate away and make it something great nurture your hatred feed it and mold it like clay stoke on its embers til it's coals go red sculpt it like glass being blow until it fits the shape of your soul and hate will heat you in the cold hate will be there when you're alone and at this point I would speak of the crimes of hate, screaming "ugly" at a women in a magazine and for a woman in Iran stoned because she was raped and yes this poem is about hate crime, but its also about why it's about Cameroon, Uganda and Russia it's about a neighbor hating another men deciding on abortion rights and europe losing the right wing fight, the right wing fight it's about LGBT it's about immigrants it's about antisemitism in hungary, and pegida rising in germany it's about orlando, it's about UKIP and britain first it's about the (unintelligble) francais, and a black boy shot on the streets in the USA its looking at the human race that sometimes seems consumed and wasted.... by hatred and standing up to that and saying "I am not afraid"

My day didn't start very well Sunday and once I get to Camden Town, the only thing that make my day was the weather. Lovely sunshine, no rain and no clouds. Couldn't ask for more.
On my way to Cecil House, where Vintage Kilo Sale have their event, I could see lots of people walking with bags full of clothes and I tough Oh God, must be really good clothes there, if everyone has bought so many items.
When I arrive at the door, I had to wait ten minutes because it was too busy inside. I paid 1,5 GBP entrance fee, which I don't see the purpose and.... surprise.
Once I'm inside, I discovered that there wasn't vintage clothes at all. It was pure second hand clothes, all over the place. Unorganized, ripped clothes and mostly large sizes. Completely disappointing.
 I said to my sister: What the heck is going on here ? And we quickly search around, but no luck for us. I just bought a nice yellowish sparkling blouse, that cost me according with their 15 GBP / per kilo, my blouse cost me 2,85 GBP.

Here are some pictures with the sparkling yellowish blouse that I have bought at Vintage Kilo Sale.

22627597 1038088832998891 1851151627 n

22554481 1038088819665559 1014123820 n

Not bad but, it worth all this time to wait on the queue at entrance, wait on the queue to pay the item ? Sincerely, no, it didn't worth my time. They should state clearly that, this are SECOND HAND CLOTHES  and not vintage. 
Vintage clothes are something completely different, but they misleading people with their informations. When I get out from the buiding, I could see a queue at the entrance for about 100 metres long.  :) :) :)  I laught inside me and I said to my sister, if they know what is inside, they wouldn't wait here anymore, but curiosity makes people to do crazy things.

Missmv and my sister at london vintage kilo sale 
Yeah, they were curious to see if they find vintage clothes and not second hand. 
Another  thing that catch my eye, was some girls putting clothes on them inside the shop, taking pictures and after they left the clothes on there. This makes me think, how artificial is everything. This girls, are bloggers, maybe professional bloggers, or amateurs, taking pictures with something that they don't own and posing like they have bought those items. Not nice girls.
Be honest like this article that I write here. Some of you might find it offensive, but I don't really care. This is pure the truth.
Coming back to the subject, if you find something better then me, leave your comments bellow.


disappointment I had at Vintage kilo Sale missmv at Camden Town yellowish sparkling blouse Camden Town Vintage kilo sale kda hate original song

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