The London Vintage Kilo Sale

The London Vintage Kilo Sale!

I don't know if you have heard about the The Vintage Kilo Sale in London, which this event will happen on 15 October and I will take part of.  

The vintage kilo sale

The London Vintage Kilo Sale Event

I always loved vintage clothes and I am happy to take a trip to London to attend this event, because of two reasons, one is because I love London and I will take a walk on Oxford Street, which I simply love it and second is because I am sure I will scoop some cool retro clothes for a bargain price.

From their Facebook announcement Vintage Kilo Sale, they will sell clothes with 15£ per kilo, which is a great deal and rarely you can find something like that in normal Vintage shops. I use to admire vintage outfits on Camden Town in London, but the price put me off immediately and didn't want to pay few hundreds for a dress, which probably I could wear it just one time. Is very possible that in one kilo, I can get two items,or depends of the size and wight, but , to be honest, I love the vibe and excitement from the face of people who attend these kind of events. Shopping is relaxing me and help me recharge my batteries.

Cheap retro clothes for sale in london

I will go at this event with my sister, my best partner for shopping and my best friend for fun and great memories.  We both like to find some unique clothes, something different than what I usually see in high street shops. 
Different cut, different style, probably every women is dreaming to own some clothes that nobody else have, so the best option to find this spectacular outfits, is the vintage shops. 
I will write another article to show you girls, what goodies I have bought and I will post pictures too, so stay close by and follow me on social media to see my latest photos.


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Treathyl Fox
  • 1. Treathyl Fox (link) | 18/09/2019
I love vintage stuff. I have a board on Pinterest that I labeled “Everything Vintage”. Vintage fashion for women is a particular favorite. My mother was a dressmaker and the fashion reminds me of dresses she used to make for her customers.
  • missmvmaria (link) | 19/09/2019
The vintage fashion show was a second-hand clothes trade and they called fancy to attract more people. I was disappointed because I barely could find something for my size, but was a good day in general. Will check out your Pinterest page and I will follow your boards.
  • 2. Sorin | 18/03/2019
Love it. Thank you for keep us up to date...
  • missmv1 (link) | 22/03/2019
Thanks for taking the time to read the article Sorin.

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