The secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothing

In this article I will reveal how most of the bloggers and maybe some of your friends can afford to buy designer clothes, bags, watches and shoes.
After I left Vintage Kilo Sale event, I head with my sister at Camden Town market, with the hope that we might find some nice clothes.
The streets where full with people and I enjoyed the atmosphere around there. Walking on the streets of Camden Town, I've seen lots of fake designer clothes and bags and  brands like: Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Channel, Adidas, Nike and these are just few of them.

Fake louise vuitton bags in camden town

Various fake designer bags in Camden Town. This is what many bloggers own.

Don't be jealous when you see somebody owning a Louis Vuitton Bag, it might be a fake one, bought from Camden Town. 

The secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothing

Prices starting from 20 to 45 GBP, but negotiable. Not sure how legal is to sell these kind of clothes, but is not my business. Is authorities business
This revelation, show me how these girls that posing themselves with expensive brand clothes and bags, make people think that they are wealthy and can afford original brands. 
Well, no they can't. They buy cheap fake Armani, Versace and Adidas clothes and bags.

The main reason why bloggers buy fake designer clothes, is for publicity, to attract brands that want to promote their original clothes, which cost few hundreds, or even thousands and another reason is that we people have a good feeling when we wear designer clothes. Others they just like to show off in front of their friends, to impress, or just to look cool. 
To be honest, I don't really care what brand I wear, as long as clothes suits me well and I feel comfortable wearing that items, I buy from second hand shops, online and high street shops. If I like it and I can afford, I buy it. It doesn't matter from where is coming that outfits.

So, now  that you know how these Instagram stars can afford expensive clothes  you can go to Camden Town market to dress yourself with the latest trends from Dolce&Gabbana, Nike, Adidas and so on. Good luck girls.

Fake nike at camden town market

These are Nike fake trainers found on Camden Town Market. 

  () Here, is my outfit from Sunday.


My yellow hat and skirt  that stand me out from the crowd

Weather was perfect to take some photos at London Eye park.

You don't have to wear designer clothes to look chic

yellow hat and gfashion skirt with blue top perfect combination

River Island black boots and leather jacket my outfit for Sunday

Missmv and my sister taking pictures atlondon eye park

Me and my sister  creating image memories 

My outfit is quite chic, with my yellow hat bought from Camden Town market for 20 GBP. The guy ask 45 GBP, at the first time, but I did negotiate with the seller, he was a nice guy and me being cheeky and flirty, I make him sell this hat to me for 20. Beautiful designed hat, produced in England, so quality is the main reason I bought it, but also to make my outfit more complete, because of my yellow skirt, everything was fitting very well.
 * I bought my skirt from is a shop in London Mill Hill, once a year I go there to renew my wardrobe. I buy online too and I receive the items next day, if  I order in week days. Quality of gfashion clothes is fantastic, with European sizes, not Chinese. I have many clothes from gfashion and I love them all.
 * The blue blouse I wear, I bought from a high street second hand shop and I paid 3,50 GBP. Fabric is very good and is almost new, not worn at all.

 * Tights I bought from Next and my boots from River Island. 
 * Jacket is from last year from River Island.

Hope this outfit will inspire you and personally I felt like a star dressed like that. Sunday I receive many compliments about this lookbook and  give me  confidence that I'm doing something good, the way I dress. Yellow was and still is my favourite colour of 2017. This year, I bought and I create many clothes in yellow colour.
After all, it was a nice day, arriving home very tired and still thinking at The Vintage Kilo Sale event. 
From now on, I will be more careful at what events I will make my way.
Hope you enjoy my article and leave your opinion below.   

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