The secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothes

The secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothes.

We all love designer clothes and bags, but how can we afford to own such expensive items with the minimum wage salary?

In this article, I will reveal how many bloggers and social media influencers can afford to buy designer clothes. We all know that designer items are quality made, be it clothes, handbags or shoes, brands such as Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, and many others are so popular amongst bloggers and influencers, but how do we know if these items are authentic?  

How bloggers and social media influencers can afford designer clothes and bags

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The secret of how bloggers can afford designer clothes

I know how you feel when you see a Louis Vuitton handbag or Christian Louboutin high heels, yeah, you see, admire and start to dream for the moment when you will own such luxurious fashion items.

Being a woman is inevitable to join social media, read a blog, go out for a party or event without noticing a designer outfit or handbag, especially these days when luxury is promoted everywhere, online and offline.
We all deserve luxury clothes, but the price tag will instantly put you off if you work for a minimum wage.
The society is constantly changing and so the habits of people to shop and spend their money. You probably want to figure out how to get your hands on designer outfits to feel proud wearing luxury brands so here is how many bloggers can afford to wear expensive outfits.

 * Keep reading to find out how bloggers and influencers can afford luxury items.

How bloggers and influencers can afford designer clothes and bags

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Discover how social media influencers can afford luxury clothes and handbags

1. Many bloggers are very popular so they getting approached by different brands to promote their items, either they receive free items or in exchange for a discount and they also receive a referral code to share it with their followers. Other than the gifted item, influencer gets a commission from every sale is made from their referral code.

2. Another way bloggers can afford designer items is simply because they can afford to buy it. Many influencers are coming from rich families, Instagram is taken over by rich kids from around the world who show off wearing Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors,  and others, these people are simply lucky to be born is a wealthy family, so they take this opportunity to create a name for themselves.

3. Many bloggers receive designer items for photo shoots, once the content is created they have to return the items back to brands. ( it's a win-win situation for both, the brands and the blogger/influencer)

4. Many bloggers and influencers are buying designer outfits, they take photos and post them on social media or blog and after they return the items back to the shop. ( this trend has been exposed in 2017 by many newspapers)

5. Another practice many bloggers they do is, they exchange designer items between each other, probably you seen often different influencers collaborating.

6. A cheaper option to buy designer items is eBay, many influencers are selling these luxury clothes, bags, shoes, and watches for half price of what they value.

7. Recently on Instagram are poping many pages where people are selling fake designer items, most of them are shipped from China. Although these items in photos look authentic, they are very low quality. You might be surprised to see that these people are selling fake designer items for half price than original once. You should ask yourself if is worth to pay a premium price for a fake Burberry handbag or to buy a less expensive brand.

8. Now, this might not surprise you if you ever been to Camden Town, but not everyone knows about fake designer items that can be found on the market at Camden Lock Pl. 
I have to admit I was really thinking to buy something while I visited Camden Town, but I quickly realize that those items were poor quality, so I skipped this temptation and I saved money to buy something else.

I have to admit I have never spent more than 200£ for a fashion item. My shopping habits have changed in the last few years and now I calculate better when I decide to buy something specific. 
I would love to own luxury items, but others are my priorities and I focus on different things in my life. I don't mind what brand I wear, or if I wear a second-hand dress or bag, as long as I know how to wear it, I'm happy.

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