February 2019 horoscope

February 2019 Horoscope.

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February 2019 horoscope

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February 2019 horoscope

Aries are starting February hungry for flirt and seduction games. You need to be careful because these games can bring trouble into your life.
Aries who want stable, long-term relationships are supported by Venus in finding their love through professional relationships or in career enhancement.
The period 17-19 is also favorable for a marriage proposal or to try and stabilize your marriage. Possibilities for career development are countless in February 2019, is up to you to make them fruitful - you have to build your energy constructively and be disciplined.
Group activities and joint projects make you shine especially until February 19, 2019. Your rebellious attitude can cause trouble, especially between 11 and 14 February, when Mars meets with Uranus right in your sign.
Impatience, some aggression, and the need to revolutionize the world could bring you into conflict with influential people or maybe even with the boss. You may lose the trust of those you should have worked with.
In the first two weeks of February 2019, Mars supplies a lot of energy, which should be put to work not to turn into fatigue, agitation, frustration, stress.
Avoid hurry and impulsivity especially between 11 and 14 February - the period when you are more prone to injuries, cause easy conflicts, and you may lose importantly or just dear friends to your soul.
If you have any health problems, it may increase in the last decade of February 2019. Call for specialists and appropriate treatments and you will successfully overcome any problem. 

Astrologer advice:
Avoid conflicts of any kind, keep your calm in any situation especially in discussions with your friends.


In the first half of February 2019, some Taurus are melancholics and dreamers. 
You are more eager than ever to use all your knowledge and wisdom to strengthen your marriage. If you are alone, you can use all your resources to attract a partner from another nationality or from the academic or legislative environment.
The New Moon from February 4, 2019, is an important moment with an impact on your career and professional reputation. It is time for new business plans, for long-term career projects, to develop new strategies to build your reputation or consolidate it. Indulge yourself - leave aside your fears, frustrations, and doubts about your qualities.
It is recommended that from 19 February 2019 be cautious about a predisposition towards risky investments or avoid making illusions for the future. Intuition helps you make the right decisions for your finances.
As of February 14, Mars transits the Taurus sign and provides you with the energy you need to feel strong and confident in your decisions and actions.

Astrologer advice:

Get involved in group projects! Control your outbursts of aggression and try to elucidate their causes!



Monthly Horoscope


From 10 February 2019, Mercury and the Sun wound up Virgo home, which means that your avenue is heading towards the evolution and strengthening of the couple's relationship, enjoying harmony and the possibility of correcting older problems.
The New Moon on February 4, 2019 activates your career, and this is a good time to think and initiate new projects to reorganize projects or even change jobs.
Work relationships are better in February 2019. You could conclude new contracts and partnerships, enjoy fruitful negotiations, impress with business ideas that combine pragmatic and creative visions. It may be a good time to take older business and collaboration ideas or to seek specialist advice on career guidance.
Financial speaking, in February 2019, Venus, the money governor of Virgo, inspires you for pragmatic and balanced decisions - perhaps even a predisposition to be stingy or calculate everything too strict.
The New Moon on February 4, 2019, opens up a very good time to change your lifestyle, start a diet or follow a healthy program.
You could practice methods to help you balance yourself physically and mentally. Reorganizing your personal space could lead to the mental reorganization you need to make the best decisions.
Regarding health, you have more fears than clear diagnoses. It is even possible that these fears prevent you from correctly understanding your symptoms and what the doctor says.

Astrologer advice:

Make time for yourself (for your needs and desires) after the Full Moon on February 19, 2019! Reorganize your priorities!



Between February 11 and 14, 2019, the Mars-Uranus conjunction may give rise to instability in couple life and perhaps even quarrels.
In February 2019, some attractions can turn drastically into serious relationships.
Professionally, creativity is encouraged, or even the launch of an individual project or a hobby that can become your business. The New Moon from February 4, 2019, fully supports you in this respect. Do not worry - even if your household responsibilities seem to occupy you all the time, you will surely find the time for your professional ambitions.
Financially, Libra's that have real estate business could be in advantage positions and the second half of February 2019 could bring good news if you were waiting for a loan to buy a house, or to renovate the existing one.
Whatever your plans, much of the income goes towards your house spendings, but you can count on family support. Health is one of the main concerns this month; but there is no need to exaggerate with worries or treatments.
On February 19, 2019, the full Moon is taking place, which activates its health house. An older affection could reach a peak time - you may have a crisis or an illness, but the stars are not favorable. Rather, it shows what has remained untouched and favors personal rebalancing.

Astrologer advice:

Do not let the instability of partnerships, whatever their nature, degenerate into conflicts!



In February 2019, Scorpions find the most appropriate words to declare their love, to approach a person who is attracted for a long time, or to respond to the romantic advances of others.

On February 14, 2019, Mars enters Scorpio marriage house, which may cause disagreement or controversy, especially in old couples. Until February 14, 2019, you have a lot of energy to turn toward the professional side. It is possible that between 11 and 14 February 2019, with Mars-Uranus conjunction, you will have the impetus for change. It is not a bad thing as long as you have a well-established plan and do not act impulsively and accidentally.
It would be a good idea in the second half of February 2019 to orientate your energy towards business partnerships, collaboration, and competition management.
From a financial point of view, there are not many changes this month. It is, however, advisable to avoid financial speculation in the second decade of the month.
The New Moon, which takes place on February 4, 2019, opens up a wonderful time for inner exploration and reconnection with your own emotions and needs. You feel the need for a safe space and you can try to redefine what you understand by safety and security.
You may feel more vulnerable, but this is a good time to understand that the support system is within you and is not provided by others. Find time just for you to think about the future in the long run.
Until February 14, 2019, Mars agitates Scorpio's health home. The energy Mars offers can easily turn into annoyance, frustration, and stress. So, use conscientiously and constructively the gifts you receive from the stars and adjust the rhythm.

Astrologer advice:
Managing partnerships is a real challenge for you in February.

Gemini horoscope February 2019


At February 4, 2019, Venus transits Gemini's house, this favors strength in your relationship without losing passion. Perhaps, on the contrary, this is the element that contributes most to an approach that goes from physical to emotional state.
In February 2019, professional ambitions grow and you have every chance to reach all your goals. New opportunities appear, but also the opportunity to put into practice the highest professional ideals.
The Sun joins Mercury and Neptune on February 19, 2019, supporting you in asserting the qualities and knowledge you have, but also in the relationships you have with the management of the company for which you work or in relations with various government authorities.
In terms of money, you can have earnings through wisdom, documentation, and pragmatic weighing of risks. It can be said that February is lucy financially - a month in which you receive benefits, support or perhaps a fund you are hoping for.
Planet Mars which transits your house could bring some trouble after February 14, 2019, you might get frustrated, resentful, maybe even planning a revenge that consumes all your energy.

Astrologer advice:

Do not neglect your family! Full Moon on February 19, 2019 may mark a time when you need to deal with a private life crisis or pay more attention to your loved ones or to a real estate project.



In February 2019, Cancer has some good moments in love, and alongside their loved one, you could build some wonderful things and long-term projects.
You feel safe with your life partner because you know you have someone to rely on, to advise you, along with building a stable and enriched future.
Speaking of the professional side, in February 2019, some Cancer's are more daring, more revolutionary, more willing to take important risks. In the second half of the month, you have an advantage with group projects and take the initiative to put things in motion, and the online environment can help you a lot.
The New Moon from February 4, 2019, takes place in Cancer's financial house, and the Sun - the governor of Cancer money - transits this house until February 19, 2019. It is time for new investments or finding new solutions to pay off a debt.
In the second half of February 2019, you might feel fatigue sensation, but you are pleased that your efforts bring successful results. Make time for proper rest or activities that relax you along with your loved ones.
In the second half of the month, the inner tension vanishes and you realize that certain conflicts were only in your imagination. Friends can play an important role in your relaxation.

Astrologer advice:
It's time to listen to the advice of your life partner or close people.




In February 2019, Jupiter continues to watch over the house of Leo's love, which means that you look with optimism and joy in everything that happens in your love life. However, around February 22, 2019, there may be controversial discussions about money or secrets that haunt your long-standing relationship.
The presence of Venus supports you in collaboration with colleagues and even the subordinates. If you are a business owner or have a higher position in a company and you are in a subordinate position, in February 2019, you should be directly involved with your employees/colleagues in the smallest activities. Some Leo's rediscovering their pleasure in working, in being useful, in serving others.
On February 14, 2019, Mars begins transiting Leo's house, providing you with the energy you need to put into practice your highest aspirations and to verify your beliefs.
In February 2019, Leo will understand the importance of partnerships and collaborations in obtaining income and other consistent benefits.
This period is good to remove from your life what is worthless, for example, all kinds of vices or unhealthy eating. You could try to get rid of toxic people from your life and obviously those who represent a bad influence, the co-dependency relationships.

Astrologer advice:
Find solutions to pay off your debts and try not to make new ones.

Sagittarius February 2019 horoscope


In February 2019 some Sagittarius can meet a bold and distinguished person who will address without reservation and who will light up your imagination.
Venus - the planet that governs career and health of Sagittarius - enters February 4, 2019, in the money house and supports you in your efforts to earn more through your hard work. You may even show a more financial gain, though your temptation to bet, to risk, to speculate, especially until February 14, 2019.
The Full Moon from February 19, 2019, activates Sagittarius' career, and your work gets the attention of those who are in the right to evaluate it, and it would be good to prove your skills. You could get an unexpected proposal of professional collaboration.
After 14 February 2019, it is advisable to manage the surplus energy with care and constructive ways. Go to the gym, do more outdoors activities, join a sport or go dancing classes.
Due to the Venus planet, in February 2019, it is very possible to spend on doctors or more complicated investigations.

Astrologer advice:
Try to demonstrate value in a pleasant and creative way, without creating conflicts or removing those near you.




The zodiac of Capricorn enjoys the presence of the planet Venus at February 4, 2019, so moments of flirting and new love on the horizon. In February 2019, you are in a better, cheerful and open mind to interact with potential romantic partners.
Capricorns who are already in a fresh relationship should avoid to become too sober or take things too seriously.
Many things in your career depend on your image, how you behave with collaborators, business partners, and the chiefs. Luckily, Venus, the governor of your career house, is involved in a harmonious aspect throughout February. As a result, you have no trouble conquering others, confirming and affirming authority, skills, and professionalism.
On financial plan, things are quite prosperous, the New Moon on February 4, 2019, puts your money house into action, which can open a time when you can find new ways to value yourself and new ways to earn money.
It is possible that in the first part of February 2019 you will stress a lot for problems related to the house, family or expenses related to them - but your health is good in general.
Jupiter watches the house of Capricorn and inspires confidence and optimism. The last decade of February 2019 could bring some controversy about health or controversy on this issue.

Astrologer advice:

Do not be afraid of financial stress, channel your energy to find new sources of income! You will for sure!


On February 4, 2019, the New Moon takes place in Aquarius, and the impact is felt on the individual and relational basis. You will need to find a way to balance your personal need for independence and be receptive to your life partner. It can support you in your individual steps.
The New Moon on February 4, 2019, opens a time when you could evolve both personally and professionally - is a good period to change your job if you do not like it.
In the first half of February, you should collaborations, partnerships, group projects, or developing an online project.
On financial plan, things may become particularly unclear, it is very likely that everything you communicate on financial issues is misunderstood for you and your business partners. Do not make hopes of collaborations or business.
The money situation is a little complicated in February, you can get money from your bank or another type of funding, but avoid giving money to your friends because you risk being tricked.

Your energy and optimism are great in February 2019. You feel like you are progressing, new horizons are opening, things are evolving.
In the second half of February 2019, you might be confronted with a series of inner fractures, or with negative emotions accumulated over time. Find support and do not overwhelm your loved ones.

Astrologer advice:
Great attention with money! Ideally it would be to postpone any kind of negotiations, signing of acts, investments and transactions in the second half of February 2019.

Pisces horoscope February 2019


The New Moon of February 4, 2019 may mark a new affective start, but it may rather relate to an already existing relationship. At the very same period, the New Moon activates peoples' relational axis and will raise the issue of compromise - brings you to the point of understanding the idea of balance between you and your life partner needs.

Pisces who want to get out of dysfunctional relationships could now make a decisive step in this direction.
In February 2019 Pisces has significant earnings, especially in the first two weeks of the month. But during this period things can change from day to day because of  Mercury and Uranus that crosses Pisces house on 11th and 14th February 2019. Unplanned spending may occur, but, by carefully calculating everything you will pass over these critical moments.
Until February 19, 2019, the Sun is transiting your house, so you may have a period of interiorization, self-reconnection, and the things you believe in spiritually.
Allow yourself time to rebalance, to regain your inner voice and to make peace with you.

Astrologer advice:
To restore relational balance, listen to what your life partner has to say.


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