Here is how I spend one evening from my life

Today I'm going to show you how I spend one evening from my life and hope will inspire you.
So after I arrive at home, first thing that I do is lightening an Yankee Candle with Cinnamon aroma, that is my favourite and gives me a positive vibe. 
After, I prepare my salad from (tomatoes,parsley,walnuts,olive oil, lemon juice and salt), eat my dinner, then I jump into the shower so I can ease the stress out of my body and relax a bit.

Here is how I spend one evening from my life

Feeling fresh after shower 

Cinnamon stick candles missmv how i spend my evenings

Scented candles are not missing from my home


I usually wash my body with Dove shower gel, which is my favourite one and leave my skin soft and smooth. For my hair I use shampoo and conditioner from L'Oreal. What I like at this brand is that is cleaning my hair perfectly and leave it soft, easy to arrange.
Once I'm done with pampering myself in the shower, I check my social media pages and I enjoy a cup of tea while I read my favourite  magazines Elle,Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Autocar. I am the kind of girl that like to have comfort and feel cozy, that's why I always invest money to buy something new in the house, doesn't matter that is rented, I decorate and arrange the way I like it to be. We have a saying back home that " People sanctifies the place", which I believe is true. 
So let's go back to my magazines.
What I love at these magazines, is that I keep myself updated with the latest trends from fashion, beauty products and  perfume samples, which I am happy to test something before I buy. 
So yeah, everything come together, stories from well known reporters and people, but also latest trend in fashion.

My favourite monthly magazines

My favourite magazines  


Lamborghini plans to build a four door model by 2021

On Autocar magazine, I find news and reviews about cars, which is one of my passion and I'm very into fast and expensive cars. I found an interesting article about UK Car Production that has enjoyed an extraordinary renaissance since the financial downturn, with 1,72 million units build last year.
The UK has become the world leader in creating hugely desirable, innovative and on-trend models, from Minins, Nissan Qashqais, Range Rover Velars, Aston Martins and Honda Civic Type R. The UK government should be doing everything is possible to position UK as the world-class leader in producing these cars. These article has been written by Mark Tisshaw.

Another cool info that I have found in Autocar magazine is about Lamborghini, that plans to build a four door model by 2021. Lamborghini commercial director Federico Foschini, stated that this concept has already begun. So great news for people who have money to spend on luxury fast cars. You will soon enjoy taking for a ride extra two people in your flashy car.

Lamborghini plans new four door model by 2021


Aston Martin is working with Red Bull to create a new model Valkyrie

Another giant company Aston Martin is working with Red Bull to create a new model Valkyrie, a super car that looks like from Science Fiction movies.
Miss mv checking aston martin cars on magazine

Dreaming for an Aston Martin :) :) 

Ford GT the flashy beauty that will make you turn your head after her on the street - Like you do when you see a sexy girl :)

What catch my eye so badly is the yellow FORD GT. For the price of 420K Euro, this beauty can be yours.... but hey, not many people can afford to spend their money on this super car. Personally, I have to win the lottery to be able to buy a super fast car like FORD GT. The design looks like Lamborghini, it's speed isn't as strong as Mc Laren 720S, but I will be so proud of myself to own a car like this one.

Ford gt yellow

This is Ford GT which cost 420K Euro - I don't mind to have one.

But what I own and I love the most is Volkswagen golf DSG model. Is fast, is economic, looks sexy and is turbo.What else I want more? Well, I'm a human being and I like to have big dreams and want more, but for now I enjoy driving my "bulldog"  ha ha. I like to call my car like that because the turbo sound that is making, sound like a Bulldog. 
I hope in the future I will have time to upload videos about my road trips, to show you the list with most dangerous roads in my town, but also to show you what my Bulldog ( Volkswage Golf DSG) can do, how is picking in 10 seconds 100 miles per hour, which makes me feel so proud to own a Volkswagen golf DSG.
The thing with DSG is, that is semi-automatic. Gear is simple and no clutch. Very comfortable seats, perfect brakes, acceleration is fantastic and I can beat anybody with a car that have gear box. The point is, by the time a driver with manual gear box, is changing the gears, me in 10 seconds, I already have 100 miles per hour. Yeah, great car to escape from dangerous situations,for example when joining motorway, or busy junctions, this car is helping me a lot. 

Missmv volkswagen golf dsg model

My beauty. With this vehicle I move from A to B and I enjoy road trips too. From London to Northampton I did less than 40 minutes.So you calculate what a Volkswagen DSG  can do.

Insurance company has squeeze all pennies from my pocket.

I don't have long time since I got my driving licence, but I am very comfortable to drive and I'm more experienced than many other drivers on the road. I am planing to keep this car for long time because is really worth all the money. I bought it second hand and because I'm a new driver, the insurance company made me squeeze every little penny from my pocket, but I am happy. Honestly I couldn't dream for a better car, to a new driver like me.
You can see some pictures about pedals and my car how looks like. 

Volswagen semi automatic inside view

Gear has got only 
P- Parking
R- Reverse
N - Neutral
D- Drive
S- Sport 
On dashboard, when I accelerate I can see how speeds are changing. 
Is pretty cool. Compact car, suitable for anyone, who can afford it. DSG cars are usually a little bit more expensive than manual, but they perform better, save more fuel and are becoming more popular. I'm not talking about totally automatic cars here. I don't like automatic cars, they feel quite uncomfortable, when you accelerate and brake, is feeling weird and less in control. Semi-automatic cars, like Golf DSG are powerful and faster than automatic cars.

Volkswagen semi automatic inside view of pedals

I can drive manual cars too, but why should I waste my energy with a manual car, when I can enjoy driving. I show you the reasons earlier and if you thinking to buy a new car for yourself, I suggest you choose a semi-automatic Volkswagen Golf DSG.

Sorry if  you expect me to talk in this article about make-ups, body lotions and more girly stuff. I am like a tomboy and boys things are attracting me way too much.

I hope I didn't keep you bored with this article and If you share the same interests like me, I would like to hear your comments bellow about how you spend a typical evening from your life.

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Thank you Jerry for enjoying my blog. It means a lot to me to make time to read my articles.
Jerry E
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Lovely post..... It so nice to pamper yourself. Such a relaxing inspiration.
Thanks for sharing!
  • missmvmaria (link) | 19/09/2019
Although that is an old post, I'm glad you enjoy my blog content.

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