Here is how much I paid for car insurance as a new driver

Here is how much I paid for car insurance as a new driver.

I should write this article long time ago, exactly after I bought my car and I search for the best car insurance, but I had too many things happening and didn't have the opportunity to write about this important part of my life and maybe important for other new drivers too. 
Before I take my licence, I knew already that insurance will be very expensive for new drivers, but I wasn’t expected to pay thousands.

Here is how much i paid for car insurance as a new driver 

Basically car insurance is based on many factors, like your driving record, your credit score, the car you choose( manual or automatic gear box), whether you own a home, your insurance company will give you better deal if you insure your home and car at the same company.
Another factor that car insurance is based on is age, the older you are and the more experience driving you have, the less your insurance will be. Teens and retired people get in more accidents than those in the middle age.
New drivers are seen as high risk drivers and will get some of the highest premiums rates, you like it or not. So better start saving money if you planing to own a car and be fully legal and insured.
To search for car insurance, I use website like but all insurance options were quite expensive, more than 2000£ and I use different websites to find the right car insurance for myself. 

Gocompare another good insurance company for new drivers

I suggest to avoid direct line if you are a new driver, if you don't want to waste your time.

With I felt quite discriminated the way they treat new drivers and here is why. After I complete all information requested by their website, at the final step when I press to see offers and rates, their website just rejected me, redirecting me to their homepage. They sent me to their home page, without any message. 

I was surprised to see this because, they investing huge money on TV adverts and online, but they have no interest to offer insurance for new drivers. I didn't panic, I just continue to find the right insurance company that can offer me good rates, so I find one. , that little guys from tv adverts, cute and very appealing, they prove to be the best option for me.

Comparethemarket was the best car insurance for me as a new driver

Prices for car insurance were exactly the same as, but  give me a wonderful offer. 2000£ car insurance if I pay for whole year, plus free cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday, for a year.How cool is that.....Since I bought my car insurance I have seen many good movies, calculated could cost me around 500£/ per year.

In other words, I'm 29 years old and car insurance for a new driver like me cost me 1500( plus 500£ cinema tickets), still expensive, but probably next year price will drop down. If you don't enjoy going to cinema, this might not be the best insurance for you, so keep searching and is better to do this proces with somebody that have more experience with car insurance.

Take some time and think before you complete all the fields of insurance companies, because a little mistake can cost you hundreds of pounds. I forgot to mention about my car that is DSG gear box and this thing reduced the price of my car insurance. Paying monthly for car insurance is also much expensive, but I choose to pay for whole year to save more, everyone knows better their financial situation.
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T V Fox
  • 1. T V Fox (link) | 20/09/2019
You are a single person who was a new driver and your insurance was expensive. Imagine if you were a parent who had teenage children who had reached driving age. Our insurance company automatically increased our premiums based on the assumption that our children would be teenage drivers. My children were not driving at the time. We had to fill out and sign forms certifying that they would not be driving our vehicles so that our monthly insurance payments would be decreased.
  • missmvmaria (link) | 24/09/2019
I was wondering sometimes how parents with many children's can cope when they are adults and need car insurance, plus taxes, gas, and other spendings. It must be very hard to support your kids when they adults, that's why I don't want to have childrens :))) I'm selfish, but in a good way.

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