April horoscope 2018

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April horoscope 2018

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April begins with Aries dominated by Sun, which gives you sexual force, strong feelings, romance, and lots of love opportunities. In April, the passionate instinct influences you. You will have annoyed or unpleasant moments in the first decades, but that will not last for long. For the Aries career, April 2018 is tough, is an ambitious and decisive month. It is the month in which you can prove the strength and tenacity, where you can defeat unnecessary difficulties so that you can rise above them with a victory. Mars, the master of Aries, was in the home of your career and social status - strong, exalted, but having to face the trials of Saturn and then Pluton. From a financial point of view, the stars are kind to you in April, and your efforts will be rewarded. Since Mercury is in Aries, some health concerns may arise in April 2018, more serious in the first part of the month.

You need lots of attention to stressful situations. The second part of the month can bring positive solutions and developments. After April 15, you can do a lot in terms of treatments, therapies, body care, and improve life hygiene.

Astrologer advice: Control your harmful impulsivity! Calm and planning!


The presence of Venus in Taurus increases your seductive power, puts you in a good state of affairs, is good for fun, flirting, perhaps a new love.
Jupiter blesses you with his beneficial presence that improves relationship house. Theoretically, you should keep it in constant happiness.
Basically, there may be some stressful moments, because Mars, the master of Taurus couple's house, is in a bad mood. But the problems are not as important as they look.
On a professional level, April 2018 is announced to be active for Taurus. Mars, the planet of action and initiative, gives it an impetus to Saturn, the master of Taurus career.

Mars is willing to fight and compete but is well positioned and forms a good look with Taurus, which means it should have a positive influence.
In addition, the master of Taurus, Venus, in an advantageous and productive position. Relationships, in general, and collaborations, bring money and wealth.
You have a cheerful and optimistic disposition, a great openness to socializing and fun.
Your energy is very low in the first two decades of April 2018, that is preferable to relax and rest. The period is good for medical procedures (regular checks, solving certain health problems.
The last decade takes is improving and your energy level will be at the maximum. 

Astrologer advice:
Do not spend on unnecessary things and give up the culinary temptations!


On the scale of sentimental fulfillment, April 2018 has little to reach.
Venus, the planet of love and the master of Gemini love house, was in a position that deprived you of free will and you have no control over some situations. This means you are forced to accept everything comes in your way.
Mars, the master of Gemini relationship house, was in a difficult position, plus Saturn and Pluto are creating tension around you.
Sun and Mercury were in a lucky house that promises Gemini support from high-ranking people (bosses, authorities) but also from ordinary people such as friends, disciples, audiences, fans. You enjoy popularity throughout April, but especially in the third week.
Jupiter, the master of the Gemini careers' house, is not disturbed by anyone and gives you enthusiasm for work. The money is not what it will be, because Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are in one of the Gemini' financial houses, which means that, the risk of damage is very high.
It is recommended to take care especially in relation to financial environments (banks, tax, insurance, etc.), but also in terms of common goods or incomes made in partnership.
This month the Gemini health enjoyed Jupiter's protective presence.
On the other hand, however, the master of Gemini's health house is not well positioned, which may raise some issues especially during the first half of the month.
Consequently, it is advisable to do so in order to prevent problems, and if they occur, resolve them quickly.

Astrologer advice:
If need be, ask for the help of others, because you will receive it!

April horoscope


 April 2018 is not a comfortable month for Cancer.
Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, all are in Cancer's relationship. These planets are harsh and you have to be careful. Therefore, it is possible to go through a sentimental test, or the couple may experience difficult moments caused by external factors, which may end up in an impasse (occupational, health, etc.) that affects you indirectly.
The optimal strategy for such astral configurations is to use their energies to prevent them from affecting you. Therefore, it would be best to get involved with your partner, in a difficult project in which you will put all your strength, tenacity and ambition into the fight.
The good news is that no matter what complications you are confronted with, there is support or solutions thanks to Venus and Jupiter that protect Cancer relationship.
Cancer's career house is very active in April 2018: there's Uranus, Sun, and Mercury field. This combination leads to the idea of success achieved through renewal, ingenuity, reinvention.
Located in the eleventh house of Cancer, Venus provides you with a good image and excellent contacts with public, community, or a group. However, collaborations are not your strength this month, with Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, in Cancer's relationship, may talk about competition, rivalry, dissensions, confrontations, attacks, litigation, or lawsuits.
So, it is advisable to take care of contracts and partnerships, especially if important material interests are at stake.
April 2018 is a month that takes you out of the comfort zone. In addition, the tension on the relationship can affect you so much emotionally that it can damage your health.
It is recommended to rest, relax. and avoid any situation with potential conflicts and aggression.

Astrologer advice:
Carefully sift your professional decisions, especially during the first half of the month!



With Venus at the zenith, in April 2018 Leo relations are under the reflector.
There is interdependence between your relationship and your career or social position, or you may have an attraction for someone of high rank, possibly a celebrity. 
The location of the master of Leo couple's house indicates another kind of interdependence: between the couple's relationship, on the one hand, and the obligations, the responsibility, on the other. It's like you do not have too much freedom of mind or decision, or you should follow some rules or imposed conventions.
April 2018 is for Leo a hard month, which require a lot of work, with busy or even critical times, which require firm action. Success depends greatly on patience, organization, and planning.
Throughout April 2018, relationships can influence your professional life.
You are successful in creative activities.
Traveling, working at a distance, studies and culture are areas where you can have excellent results, especially if it is not a completely new initiative.
From a financial point of view, you are entering a more productive phase since the middle of the month.
In April 2018 is recommended to be careful not to exhaust yourself, to supervise the proper functioning of the body, and if something does not go right, you need to see a doctor.
It is advisable to use protective equipment to avoid injury, including work.

Astrologer advice:
Negotiate! You do not want to impose your will, nor do you accept that someone else will impose it on your face! Negotiate, because you can reach an optimal solution for both parties.


Between Jupiter, the master of the Virgo Couple's House, and Neptune, there is a harmonious relationship that installed a romantic euphoria by November 2018. If there are affinity and good communication then, things are resolved.
In April 2018, Venus, the planet of love, places itself on the axis of knowledge of Virgo ninth house, in opposition to Jupiter. Now it's about value scales, cultural needs, or common spiritual queries. Love flourishes, there are many chances that you might find love while traveling.
Sexuality is tense, and require absolute affections. If is not doubled by communion, it can become a source of stress, frustration, and trouble.
In April 2018, Mercury, the master of Virgo career house, is in the financial house, accompanied by the Sun. Therefore, in April, money, business, investments, relationships with banks, tax, ... access to funds or the recovery of goods is placed in the forefront.
Venus, the master of Virgo financial house, is at home, strong and stable, and tries to take advantage of studies, relationships with cultural, scientific or academic backgrounds, work at a distance or online, collaborations with foreigners, business trips, import-export activities. The master of Virgo career house is well placed, but it is a bit pressed by Mars.
Your health is not that great in April 2018, even if you admit that or not, you must take care of your body and don't ignore the signs that your body sends you.
Practicing harsh or risky sports are contraindicated this month, but a moderate form of exercise is recommended. Reading, walks and conversations have a relaxing effect.

Astrologer advice:
Take a study or research, seek to decipher something with profound, but twisted and mysterious meanings!


Libra relationships are very important in April 2018, when Sun crosses Libra couple house, and where Mercury carries out the relegation cycle.
Love and marriage polarize your attention and mobilize almost all your resources, pushed by Mars that make you take to resolve some issues about your house, property, and family. 
No matter how powerful and romantic your relationship is, somehow the reality of life brings you to the ground. Communication is essential.
Things get clearer in the second part of the month when you get involved in collaborations, managing your finances and properties. Just like summarizing the Libra concerns in the professional-financial area in April 2018.
Big effort on real estate, land or headquarters. Similarly related to agricultural or natural resource exploitation. Partnerships and alliances that go through a period marked by reckoning and re-evaluations.
On the one hand, increased expenses, late payments and possible blocking or suspension of some income. On the other hand, material, gift, additional resources and a possibility of making some profitable purchases.
April 2018 puts a lot of pressure on Libra.
The Libra is bombarded by opposition and quadrature, provocative planetary aspects, which forces you to react and mobilize. Maybe sometimes you worry more than necessary.
Fortunately, Libra health house is protected from negative influences by Venus, which try at its best. The most important thing is to be calm, to make things simple or try to be more relaxed.

Astrologer advice:
Do not waste the money, collaborate and listen to the advice of your partners, close friends or family members. 



Sentimentally, in April 2018, you count among the most favored creatures on the earth.
Venus, the planet of love is right in your house,  where is patronized in a strong and efficient position, offering you all the best: love, tenderness, attractiveness, love initiatives, peace, and harmony in the couple. 
April 2018 is a demanding working month for Scorpions but can be fruitful and significant for the coming period. The Sun, master of Scorpio is in career house, which means that success is being built through hard work. You may have to fit within limits, comply with imposed rules, or entrust tasks that are not easy to accomplish.
Some situations may also evolve differently from the original plan, or you may have to come back to some details. However, it is a good time to consolidate your specialist reputation.
Collaborations are promising throughout April 2018, and money is coming to you as a reward for your hard work.
Regarding your vitality, April is a very stressful month, which requires much more work, than previews months. You lucky that Jupiter supports you.
However, with the Sun and the retrograde Mercury located in Scorpio health house, it is not excluded that some problems arise or that you may be more interested in medical checks, treatments, therapies, lifestyle hygiene and so on.
Throughout April 2018 there is a predisposition to psychological strain and injuries while traveling, or by inappropriate handling of dangerous objects or substances.

Astrologer advice:
You have to put more soul and passion into everything you do. Check the technical condition of machines before interact with them!



The sun puts fire in the Sagittarius house of sex and passion in the first two decades of April 2018. Mercury stays in this house all month - retrograde in the first half, directly in the second. Also in the house of passion was the electrified Uranus - but with him, you've been used to for the past seven years.
This combinations gives you butterflies in the stomach and open the appetite for new experiments, but on the other hand, can give an unexpected turn of events.
Some events in March and April 2018 invite you to a more in-depth analysis of issues related to love, eroticism and children.
With Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the second house, April is a month with a huge financial stake for Sagittarius. The three planets are all harsh, and if they join forces, they can give you big troubles about money, maybe even serious blockages or losses.
But the combined energies of Mars, Saturn, and Pluto can give birth to an extraordinary determination to make money, which can go from tenacious and angry efforts to complete scarcity.
When it comes to material matters, in April 2018 you see things in black and white and you have definite attitudes. This month you work with pleasure and you use your creativity and talents.  All April is excellent for advertising, launches, promotions.
April 2018 brings more energy and dynamism, especially in the first two decades. It is suitable for physical activities like hiking, dancing, tennis.
Venus, located in Sagittarius health house, favors relationships with the medical and therapeutical environment, but also with beauty salons, massage, cosmetic procedures and everything that helps you feel better more enjoyable at the end of the day.

Astrologer advice:
Seed some plants, adopt a pet, try a new culinary recipe!


Venus, the planet of love, is for Capricorn in both, sex and passion house in April 2018, which means you are waiting for a month full of sensuality, romanticism, and erotic elan. You have an openness to flirting and adventure, and amorous occasions are more common.
On the other side, Mars, the planet of desire, is in Capricorn, trying to defeat the resurrections, complexes, and frustrations induced by the presence of Saturn and Pluto in your sign.
With such transits, the Capricorn sign could be subjected to a strain, an extra stress. Relaxation, the source of happiness and balance of the period are in creation, fun, holidays and, above all, love.
If you have a family, your home and your loved ones are the priority, and the children are a pleasure and delight.
In April 2018 you are proving an ambition and a fascinating determination.
Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn. These three planets when they focus on something, they don't stop until they don't achieve the result that they want. One is the master of your sign (Saturn), the other is the planet of initiation and action (Mars), and the other is the planet of focus and control (Pluto). The combination is harsh, decisive and ruthless, even scary.
Fortunately, in April 2018, this combination is well supported by two beneficial planets, Venus and Jupiter, Venus being the master of the Capricorn career house. You need to focus and eventually, you will succeed.
Throughout April, you looking for real estate, housing, office, headquarters.
Money comes easier in the second part of the month.
Because Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are in your sign, April 2018 is a tense month, and in some situations, it can even become dangerous. It is very important not to expose yourself to the risk of injury and protect yourself from infections, contamination, intoxication, etc. It is generally recommended to be calm. 
Rest and relaxation are particularly necessary. Creative activities or the practice of a hobby have a beneficial effect, provided that the hobby is not soliciting your health too much.

Astrologer advice:
Reorganize your work and don't neglect family priorities!



The essence of the relational life of Aquarius in April 2018 is based on communication and mental communion. In this respect, the master of couple house, the Sun, and the master of the eroticism house, Mercury, become allies.
Conversations, impression exchanges, messages, and sharing of intellectual interests make it easy for you to get closer to your partner or lead to a new love if that's what you want. 
Maybe it does not always work very easily, but this is a learning lesson, a truth to be discovered, a subject of depth: to learn to communicate with your partner about anything, including the most sensitive and intimate things.
With Jupiter in Aquarius career house, by November, things are sorting in one way or the other in your favor.
In April 2018, it may not be too easy for you, not to have as much freedom to choose as you want, to experience some limitations. That's because Saturn, the traditional master of your sign, and Mars, the initiator's planet, and the master of Aquarius's house, are not comfortable in the twelfth house.
Fortunately, Saturn and Mars are in agreement with Jupiter, that even under restrictive conditions, good results still appear. The most important thing is to adapt mentally to a situation.
Communication, journeys and intellectual activities are under reflection. Money is not a problem for you this month.
The period is sensitive: the twelfth house of  Aquarius is highly loaded, which can be harmful to the immune system. There is a risk of negative health outcomes that are subversive, silent or risk of illness or injury that may leave you for a while.
It is strongly recommended to avoid abuses and overstressing. It is time to adopt a disciplined and prudent lifestyle, from which to eliminate any risk factors.
Be careful when traveling. 

Astrologer advice:
Be calm and optimistic, search for the company of wise people!


The master Pisces house, Mercury is not in the happiest mood in April 2018. 
Peaceful sentimental relations are under stress, most likely because they have to cope with over-demanding finance or joint affairs. It may be an external pressure that does not affect the well-being of the partners or an internal problem that external factors only make it clear.
Located in transit through the third house of Pisces, Venus, the planet of love, says problems can be solved through negotiations, diplomacy, and humor.
Money is a priority concern for Pisces in April 2018.
Because the Sun and Mercury are in the Pisces second house, you are struggling to find new ways to increase your earnings, get involved in any business, or you have bigger spendings, you buy, sell, or calculate more than in normal times.
It may all have to do with a collective action, an organization, a group of friends or a partnership. If it is, it would be preferable to think twice before putting your money into this kind of actions.
True satisfaction comes from activities in which you use your brain, speech, and skills. Throughout April, meetings and travel journeys are enjoyable.
With Venus in the third house of the Pisces, in April 2018 you have an excellent disposition, characterized by optimism, humor, and goodwill.
Physically, you enjoy a good physical resistance and you don't seem to have any health problems.
On the other hand, the surprise factor, which can be manifested in the second decade of April, when the Sun, the master of the Pisces disease, is in conjunction with Uranus, must not be ruled out. 

Astrologer advice:
Use the power of persuasion, with which now, you can do miracles!

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