August horoscope 2018

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August horoscope 2018

Thanks to the Sun in the Aries house, until August 23, you enjoy a passionate month. Some discussions with the partner will bring the subject of legalizing an unofficial relationship. Because of precarious communication, some conflicts will be born, perhaps because of pride.
Mercury intensifies things with his presence in the home of intimacy and finances, which will make things even tenser.
On August 7, Venus enters the Aries partnership home, which pushes you to make new decisions in regards of couple life, pay more attention to your life partner and show your affection by different methods, either by buying a small gift or even go on a holiday in which to relax and reconnect.
Of note is the partial solar eclipse that takes place on August 11, in the Aries love house and gives you an exciting opportunity to renew the romantic plan, to change for the better after a period of crisis.
With Saturn and Uranus in Aries's career, there are new, well-thought-out strategies with long-term effects that will require patience and avoid excessive spending on entertainment or to impress a person who is particularly interested in you.
For socio-professional level, seems like things do not go the way you want, and that's because of the influence of Mars and Mercury, both of which are retrograde until August 27. This period is very difficult, you will have the impression that your professional merits are not recognized, you need to show self-discipline and maturity in addressing your professional situation.
Many Aries understand during this period that a long career is not built overnight, and planning and good time management is needed.
On August 23, the Sun enters Aries career house and help you reorganize the program, streamline your work, and relieve relationships with colleagues. It is time to use your creativity and talents without reserve to make you noticed.
From a financial point of view, things are good, but you should not be tempted by financial speculation, quick enrichment schemes or unjustified spending.
This month, you are not in the best physical and mental form, but more optimistic and more forward-looking than the previous month.
The situation will improve considerably from the last decade in August when Sun and Mercury are backing you from the health home.

Astrologer advice:
Learn to plan everything more carefully and avoid impulsive decisions, especially financially and sentimentally!


August is for Taurus a favorable time for flirting and fun.
This month will be discussions about leadership in the relationship with your partner, small things that can damage the connection, so it is advisable to leave the pride aside and to provide support to your life partner when needed.
From August 23, 2018, the Sun enters Taurus love house, so you enjoy more emotional stability. If you do not have a life partner yet, you have better chances to find
it during August.
If your actual job does not satisfy you the way you want, it is time to start a business that represents you, but not before you compute everything with great care.
Patience and diplomacy are recommended in dealing with bosses, business partners, and even competitors. By August 13, partnerships may be affected by conflicts and quarrels.
On August 7, 2018, Venus enters Taurus career and health houses, but it is not harmoniously looked upon and conflicts with colleagues or subordinates might inflict and the reason for that is regarding your pride. You may feel that you are not appreciated how you deserve, although the reality is better than you think.
August 2018 may be good for reconsideration of contracts, although this could trigger animosities. All the bad things happen for good reasons, and there is no point in losing your optimism and confidence in your own forces.
From a financial point of view, the last decade of August 2018 is more favorable, but in the last few days, you may feel the temptation of spending higher than your budget allows. As much as you want some things for your home, is recommended to make a clear budget and fit into your real possibilities.
In August 2018 you need more than ever to believe in an ideal, to dedicate yourself to higher goals, to find your dreams. If you act on these inner calls, the difficulties and the conflicts will not demoralize you, and you will have a good, fulfilling state.

Astrologer advice:
Pay more attention to the family, try to evaluate how you see the future of your family and what decisions you can take to improve your personal life. 


August is governed by Venus since August 7, this means you have success in love and a greater power of seduction.
Throughout August, it is possible to have a new love or a person who remembers you about an ex-lover.
Financially August is a good month, with stable incomes the same as July, long-term negotiations and investments are favorable for Gemini.
Some payments may be delayed or you won't receive the money you expect from dividends or inheritance in time. Be patient and take the time to make some savings or money investing strategy.
August is a good time for salary negotiations or to supplement your financial income.
In the second half of August, some events force you to take a more realistic look at your professional career. You are in a position to see as concretely as possible whether your ideas are applicable or just utopias. The general astral atmosphere favors change, but it is not recommended to rush to make decisions. It would be better to give yourself the time of thought and mental and emotional stabilization.

Astrologer advice:

It would be advisable, however, that by the end of the month you also have time to rest, in a quiet environment, with fewer people and fewer stimuli.
Beware to shake your head ahead in financial speculation and in underutilized investments!

Jupiter, in the Cancer love house, nourishes the highest romantic ideals. Jupiter's harmonious look with Neptune favors dream, the need to receive and give love, the need to be in a relationship that really means something.
Some Cancer's are willing to risk their actual marriage for an amorous plan, throw in extra-marital relationships or with married persons. It may be that in a circle of friends you can go over a former love and regain the passion flame.
Singles seem to have benefited by this astral conjuncture, which promises to revive their love life.
Towards the end of August, there will be discussions about money, and this can put Cancer in conflicting situations. But there are issues you can not avoid.
There may be controversy and dissatisfaction in terms of salary or some money you are convinced you are.
Mercury is retrograde until August 19, 2018 right in Cancer's house, so negotiations and signing of contracts or financial responsibility are not favored in the first two decades of the month. In this period it is preferable to reveal certain documents, perhaps even to renegotiate the current employment contract, but it is not advisable to hurry to sign a new contract for a new job.
The Cancer's money house is activated on August 11 by the Sun eclipse. This energy helps you earn your financial independence, so it's even recommended to explore the labor market or the opportunities to associate or participate in group projects or joint investments. There is a new opportunity to win a new source of income. Plan carefully your budget and do not spend money except on what is really needed.
Cancer's will have discussions about investing, reinvesting profits or distributing dividends. Mars the planet that governs Cancer's house it hasn't got big plans for your career until August 27th. You will not have big plans for the Mars planet that governs Cancer's career until August 27th. After 24 August you will start receiving good news but on the other hand part, you should pay more attention to the family, act calmly and speak openly about what you feel and want to do.
In the second half of August 2018, you might be able to book a short vacation or retire to a place where you can find the balance of your emotional energy.

Astrologer advice:
Do not lose your patience and despair when you dealing with some issues regarding your life partner! Also be cautious with money, because the risk of being scammed is quite high!


The first half of August is for Leo suitable for outdoor activities, for travel, for reconnection with their life partner, and this because of the solar eclipse from 11 August.
The second half of August is favorable for Leo's who want to end an old love, in a discreet manner. This month the grace of stars helps Leo's to take advantage in trying to find solutions for couple problems. During this time you can easily solve a situation that has created the distance between you and your life partner.
Saturn is retrograde in Leo's career house and is harmonious with Uranus, located in the house of your career and reputation. Therefore, the professional plan is advantageous, but things progressing slowly. If you're hoping for a promotion, it's unlikely you'll get it now. You should focus to strengthen your professional reputation and make it remarkable in the eyes of your bosses, despite those who want to compromise you.
August is appropriate to change your job, if you can prove your skills and knowledge, you have better chances of finding a better job.
Mercury, the planet that governs Leo's house, returns on August 19, followed by the Sun, who enters your money house on August 23. Therefore, it can not be said that great financial progress is taking place in August. It is advisable to be careful how you manage your income and expenses, especially home or children expenses.
You are confident in your own forces and willing to fight for what you think is right.
In the first decade of August 2018, attention is being paid to a predisposition to injuries caused by wrong handling of machinery you work with.
In the second half of the month, it is possible to move from excitement to fatigue. It is recommended to be persistent in work, but without ignoring any health problems or aggravation of older affections.
The last days of the month are favorable for relaxation. It's time to recharge your batteries and work on everything that matters about body flexibility and bone structure.

Astrologer advice:
Take advantage of the astral energy of August to negotiate and exchange ideas, but also to build a long-term plan!


August is complicated for Virgo, especially on marriage, partnerships. It is recommended that you approach everything from a new perspective, less conservative or fearful. Generally speaking, Virgo's who dare to venture out of their safe space can enjoy a special romantic story or revitalize romanticism in marriage.
The governors of the Virgo, Jupiter and Neptune partnership houses are in harmonious relationships throughout August 2018, favoring good understanding, constructive dialogues, unconditional love, and mutually beneficial decisions.
During this time it is possible to reunite an old love, which does not seem to delight you. But the reunion gives you the opportunity to point to a situation that may not have ended as it should in its time.
August 2018 begins with some professional frustrations to which you should respond with a lot of calm, it can be your boos be or work colleagues.
On August 7, Venus, the planet that governs Virgo house money, goes into the house of wealth, earnings through work and personal resources in general. This increases the chances of gaining more finances, but do not forget that you need to be careful about spending on children, or some personal projects which are not your main priorities.
Mercury, the planet that governs Virgo's career, returns on August 19, so it is advisable to take things slowly and patiently, not to ruin, confuse or transmit misleading messages to others. You could benefit from collaborations with foreigners, a journey in which you can review some of the business strategies. During this time you can easily discover logical errors and vicious circles in your professional plans.
The solar eclipse on August 11 helps you get rid of fears and old subconscious limitations.
By August 23, it would be a good idea to make an internal balance, to find peace with yourself and to leave behind any paranoid thoughts. You should give yourself time to soothe the mental flow and to reconnect with yourself.
You may be more prone to injuries in the first week of the month and with a more fragile immune system until August 23.

Astrologer advice:
Control your anger and do not make radical decisions regarding your profession or money!

The love affairs are very intense, especially until August 23, when the Sun crosses Capricorn's intimacy house. You feel the need for profoundness, seriousness, you are willing to assume long-term love commitments and have the same claims from your loved one.
The solar eclipse of August 11, takes place in the intimate house and gives you the energy to break off from a toxic relationship or to change something in your marriage, possible to restart from scratch, with more mutual trust and loyalty.
Venus, the planet that governs the house of love and flirting of Capricorn, enters August 7 in the socio-professional and matrimonial status of long-term projects.
With Venus and Saturn in Capricorn house, these aspects suggest that you are not responding to how you should, or that you have no courage to express your feelings towards the person you feel attracted to. This month, you shouldn't mix your love and professional career, as it might get you in serious troubles. 
In the first half of August, investment in professional development seems impossible. You can face a severe lack of funds, and those who owe you money, they don't seem to pay off their debts even if they claim to be your friends.
Mars relegated to the Capricorn money house until August 13, during this period, there are no indications of investment for home and family or real estate initiatives. Also, salary negotiations are not recommended.
The Sun Eclipse of August 11, is a call for financial gain. On the other hand, a moment of crisis can inspire new solutions to an old financial problem.
In the second half of the month, you can benefit from speculative investment or gambling, and any gains you make will be used to pay some debts, taxes, and so on.
After August 23, 2018, you might receive some finances perhaps in terms of a divorce, an inheritance, a maintenance pension, etc.
In August, your health is not very good, lack of energy and fatigue could aggravate or awaken older affections.
It is recommended not to ignore the body's signals, especially if you have problems with your blood sugar, pancreas or thyroid gland.

Astrologer advice:
No matter how complicated the family issues are, try to keep your optimism and self-motivation!


Until August 23, the Sun crosses Aquarius' partnerships house, intimacy, and shared resources, bringing to light a number of older issues that need to be resolved by mutual agreement.
The solar eclipse of August 11, even activates the Aquarius partnership house, opening up renewal prospects. So it's not hard to give a new impetus to marriage, with more openness to your life partner needs. But just as well, you can point to a non-working marriage, choosing a new relationship.
Some Aquarians may decide to marry or take on more life-related responsibilities.
Jupiter, transiting the career house and the social reputation of Aquarius, therefore, group projects, collaborations, and cultivation of social contacts benefit you, but on the other hand, you may have the tendency to count the authority or the opinions of others. Disagreements may arise with regard to investments, the distribution of earning or reinvestment of profits.
Some Aquarians may have the impression that they are braked by others, or that they are investing unjustifiably in a professional partnership.
The solar eclipse of August 11, encourages the renewal of professional contracts and partnerships, or the closure of those who do not perform properly to quit their job or to end collaboration with this kind of people.
Jupiter along with Neptune in Aquarius career house, in August 2018 are harmonious in appearance, giving insight and inspiration, but also the predisposition to make new plans for some professional projects and benefits which you can get. Is recommended to have some money aside, because August may be very unpredictable.
The financial situation may improve after August 23.
Internal fractures create a certain irritability, which can increase in the second half of the month and the risk of weakening your immune system is very high. You should try to support it with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
In order to regain your mental tone, it is advisable to spend time doing activities that bring joy to your soul, things that you truly believe in.

Astrologer advice:
Prioritize any kind of partnership and be more open to new ideas, concepts, and needs of others!


The love life is full of events, surprises, but also controversy. The differences in principles and beliefs between you and your life partner are more visible in August and seem to shade the common future or the long-term projects - but this situation does not last long.
On August 19, Mercury, the governor of Pisces partnerships, resumes it's direct action, and differences of opinion may become constructive. Luckily, astral energy supports the restoration and harmony in Pisces couple life.
Beginning August 23, the Sun illuminates the house of partnerships and marriage and is in good relationship with Saturn and Pluton in friends and entourage house. During this time you could be more successful with people who like you and support you, with patience you can reach important goals.
Mars, the planet that governs the money house, is in a retrograde way until August 27, encouraging the upkeep and reorganization of financial priorities. In the first decade of the month, you could even try refinancing, rescheduling some debt or a loan.
From a professional point of view, you have to make a lot of effort to get everything you want and you should review some contracts or think seriously about the prospects offered by the current workplace. It is a good time to get a new qualification or change your job.
The solar eclipse of August 11, takes place in the Pisces career house and supports any renewal, even perspective. However, decisions taken under impulse should be avoided.
From another perspective, in August, maximum attention is paid to collaborations and contracts with foreigners and litigations that may derive from common rights.
The astral climate supports you, you are optimistic and inspired, creative and eager to find deep meaning in your work. However, from too much enthusiasm, you may tend to put more effort than necessary.
In the second half of the month, you may feel more tired and uncomfortable. If you start to have pessimistic thoughts, it might reflect as fatigue and tiredness. You need that to get plenty of rest and relaxation. If you haven't read a book for a long time, now is a good opportunity to start reading.

Astrologer advice:
Be very careful with money and with people you want to associate with!

On August 7, Venus, the planet that governs the Libra house, begins its transit which is a plus for your seductive power.
You are in a conciliatory disposition, but you may have the tendency to ignore some family issues or a love affair that you would like to make official.
The second half of August is not good enough to get involved in a new relationship, but it favors to reevaluate your actual situation with your life partner.
If you are single, it would be better to give yourself more time for self-knowledge and to define your relational needs, but not to get involved in any affairs.
With Jupiter in Libra's money house, everything shines in this chapter. But in August 2018, Jupiter is involved in tensions with the Sun and Mercury, indicating a predisposition to unnecessary or excessive spending. Desiring to consolidate a secure professional and financial future, you tend to invest too much in certain group projects or in relation to some friends. Do not listen to the promises of others and focus on what you know to do better.
Since the second decade of August, Jupiter has been in harmony with Neptune, located in Libra career house. This may indicate excessive job idealism but also very good possibilities to earn from an activity that satisfies you spiritually. So if you do not feel like enjoying the work you do, it is time to change your job so you can do what makes and gives you satisfaction at the deepest level.
The solar eclipse on August 11, brings the end of some collaborations, but also new opportunities for the future of your career.
You are full of energy with new ideas, creative, optimistic, but you may lack a clear direction. You are enthusiastic about the multitude of possibilities but is recommended to have more patience and less impulsiveness when deciding what projects deserve your immediate attention.
Avoid excess food, especially with regard to sweets.
You need to be more careful with your health, especially with your liver.

Astrologer advice: 
Take care of the predisposition to express yourself excessively harshly! When you feel like you are losing your patience, remember how you solved similar situations in the past!


Relatively, astral energies favor change for the better, constructive dialogues, and solving older issues that affect your couple's life.
Venus, the governor of Scorpio partnership house, enters August 7 in the house of sacrifice and healing. So you should make a balance sheet for personal and relational and be more tolerant and more forgiving with your life partner.
From the second decade of August, Jupiter and Neptune are in harmonious conjuncture, helping you to increase seductive power.
In the first part of the month, at work, you tend to behave provocatively and undiplomatically, so you have little chance of making notable progress, especially if you try to force things.
The solar eclipse of August 11, activates your career house and socio-professional reputation and urges you to renew. So, if you are not happy with the direction your career goes through, during this period you might be thinking about changes that you will implement in the last decade of the month. For some Scorpio's, the solar eclipse can bring a new stage in professional development but also the recognition of merit or the emergence of possibilities to advance. It's time to review your long-term projects and change your perspective.
Changes in your career may also be motivated by the fact that your earnings do not please you. As a result, it may be that the potential wage negotiations do not happen the way you want it, or you can get your hard-won rights with difficulty, maybe with confrontations. The last days of the month promise substantial gains, that it is recommended extremely caution how you manage your finances.
In the first decade of August 2018, you are prone to injury and this is due to the planet Mars, the master of the Scorpio health house who is retrograde until August 27th. The influence of Mars makes you more sensitive, more prone to allergies, colds, fever, and joints problems

Astrologer advice:
If you have to give exams, treat them seriously! Also be with your relatives!




August 2018 begins violently in the amorous chapter, with controversial discussions. In the first week, unofficial or incipient relationships may well be shaken by quarrels or misunderstandings about work or daily small duties.
As of August 7, Venus comes to help Sagittarius who are looking for love or who want to get acquainted with new people for socializing. This period is conducive to amorous adventures but less conducive to the establishment of a long-term relationship.
In the second half of the month, you should be careful, because the love adventures you throw away without thinking can cost you more than you think.
Mercury, the planet governing the marriage of Sagittarius, is in a tense relationship with Jupiter, the Governor of Sagittarius. You are very hard to be pleased and too suspicious.
From a professional and financial point of view, changes are announced for the better, though not at the speed you would like and not with ease.
Saturn, located in the house of Sagittarius money house, and Uranus, located in the house of work, both of them are united their forces for your interest so that you can enjoy professional and financial progress. You need to be open to change your mind in terms of earnings, salary, or how you self-assess.
On August 7, Venus, the planet governing Sagittarius' career house, begins the transit through social group projects, and the benefits of practicing your profession. So, it is important to get acquainted with important people for your professional future and to make your remark with ease.
Also, in August 2018, it is recommended to ignore intrigues, any whispers from the shadow, and any predisposition to contradict with others. You could come up with a leading person or a potential business partner.
Strong mental agitation can cause stress and fatigue. It is recommended that you dilute your effort carefully and make a priority list, so you will not waste your energy.
It would be a good idea not to get involved in debates and quarrels, especially in terms of money.
The second half of the month is much better for your health, you are enjoying a better tonus, because of healthier food.

Astrologer advice:
Treat family issues with caution and diplomacy, especially if there are disputes about divorces and legacies!

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