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December horoscope 2017


In the first week of December 2017, Mars, the master of Aries, is in the couple's house, focusing on your love or marriage, as appropriate, and urging you to take action or take a significant stance.
Venus, the planet of love and the master of the house of Aries love, transits Sagittarius, linking the sentimental life of studies, intellectual or cultural-spiritual affinities, distances and travel.
The conjunction that Venus forms with Mercury strengthens the above-mentioned predispositions and can bring back to mind a situation that has preoccupied you in the spring.
In the vicinity of Holidays, things move into another tone, which implies a more responsible or mature approach.
You may get good news.
December 2017 brings the Aries an important event on a professional level: Saturn enters the quarry's home where he will stay for nearly three years. There are years of foundation in which, if you have a clear goal, a good strategy and tenacity, you can build a solid and sustainable position.
The retrogradation of Mercury, the master of the Aries career house, and the conjunction between Mercury and Saturn, favors examining how your major goals are aligned with the framework and methods of work, and taking steps to bring them into line. Throughout December, studies, training, contacts with academic and cultural backgrounds, journeys and remote collaborations bring to Aries achievements and money.
The financial initiative is more vivid since the second decade.
The good appearance (triangle) that the Sun and three other Aries signs form is a sign of balance and resilience, especially in the first two decades of December 2017.
 On the other hand, Mars, the governor of Aries, is not even in the fullness of the forces, and the master of the disease house makes figures.
Therefore, in December your health depends on how you manage your resources. It is advisable to focus on priorities, to be more zen and to take care of yourself. 

Astrologer advice :
Keep the measure in terms of spending, investment and loans!


On sentimental plan, December 2017 is an exciting, active, and sometimes stormy month for Taurus.
With Mars and Jupiter in the Taurus relationship, you have intense and passionate reactions, you light up, you want everything right away. Expectations are high, and at times even too big.
If you have a hearty stomach, it would be better to quench you, not to make impulsive decisions, temper your accessions of jealousy or possessiveness, do not try to impose your will and do not bloody over the one who ignites his feelings, risking him / her suffocating.
If you have a more serious, timid or retained thread, Mars and Jupiter work in your favor: It give you courage, help you to take the initiative to direct the situation in the desired direction.
December is boosted by two big and long interests: financial and collaborative or teamwork. The Sun and Venus pass through one of the two financial houses of Taurus, in which Saturn is already in retrograde with Mercury. Under this configuration you may want to do a business or investment, receive a promotion, a subsidy, a sponsorship or a gift, have to deal with institutions like banks, insurance, tax, etc., to share money or goods with someone, or to gain from a partnership or goodwill to someone.
These situations can have complicated or unexpected evolutions. Collaborations are fruitful throughout December 2017, but must be handled with diplomacy. In December, you're agitating too much for others, and you tend to neglect yourself. 
You need balance and relaxation. You do well with the society of optimal people, but also with the company of someone to discuss with you everything you have.
Conflicts and excesses can affect your health. The last decade of December 2017 brings Taurus an improvement in general tone.

Astrologer advice :
Make some savings, think better before take any financial decission!

The Relationship House of Gemini, is very active in December 2017, so you can find yourself in the presence of relevant events.
Mercury, the Gemini master, is heavily involved because he is in the house of relationships, where he makes a connection with Saturn and another with Venus and where he relegates between December 3 and 23.
This configuration emphasizes the importance of love or marriage in your life and the announcement of circumstances that lead to reflection, analysis, and decisions regarding the responsibilities and possible issues for your mate. In addition, it emphasizes the major role that goodwill, trust and communication in the happiness of the couple.
The climate relaxes after 20, and the end of the year is in harmony. December 2017 is full of dynamism on a professional level.
Jupiter, who is in the Gemini work house, joins entrepreneur Mars, starting in the second decade. The engines go in full, efficiency is maximum, and the results are not delayed. Do not be surprised, however, if there are any incidents: Mars brings much energy but looks for the challenges and is a warrior.
Partnerships, cooperation, contracts, and clientele are defining the Gemini career path in December.  For this reason, communication with others must be as clear as possible, and the terms of interaction, as best defined.
From a financial point of view, after 20 December 2017 you enter into a new cycle, which will take about 3 years.
The energy is capricious, and the body must keep a certain balance in order to function pleasingly. Stress and the inclination towards unquality and lack of provision are the main enemies of Gemini in December.
The good part of the thing is that the time is excellent for medical procedures, and if you have some problems, you can now find it easier to solve.

Astrologer advice:
Do not rush to make decissions or judge others! Things are not always what they seem to be. 


 In December 2017, Cancer's sentimental life is marked by accountability or intersecting with professionalism.
It may be that you and your mate will assume an important task in common, something that is not easy to accomplish but can bring satisfaction over time. Or live a love affair with someone you come into contact with in your professional activity.
In other words, Mars and Jupiter amplify the sexual force, instill a fervent romance, and facilitate a passion or intensification of erotic life. So, you can expect a thrilling December.
A very busy month, with lots of activities especially on professional plan.
In December 2017 the Sun crosses Cancer's Career house, where Saturn is already in existence, and where Venus and Mercury appear - and Mercury is retrograde between December 3 and 23. So you have a lot of work, you have to solve complex problems and maybe sometimes it seems you are going hard, but you have the satisfaction and moments of glory.
You go through a variety of situations that are in fact meant to make you realize exactly how you stand, what you can and what you want, and behind them you draw conclusions and decisions.
So, an interesting ending year is announced, which could be repositioned favorably. As far as the Cancer's money is concerned, they come from work, but they come.
The Cancer Health Sector is highlighted in December 2017. There may be some unpleasantness, but you can just as well have a special interest in treatments, diets or physical form.
It would be a good time to adjust your lifestyle or to deal with older, neglected issues. Mars and Jupiter give you a surplus of energy, which you have to consume through a little.

Astrologer advice:
Make orders in cabinets, drawers and cameras, duo repair damaged tools or tools!


With Sun in the Leo house of love and sexuality, in the first two decades of December 2017, indicating unequivocally that the priorities of the period lie here. Venus crosses the same house to 25, and Mercury honors him with the presence, and in addition, a relegation that lasts between December 3 and 23.
Therefore, the picture of  December includes both the burning feelings and the need for new experiences, as well as the indecency, the perplexity and the contradictions.
You striving to analyze the situation through logic will bring some clarifications over the last decade. Until then, enjoy the best and most beautiful ones in these exciting, passionate weeks, overwhelmed with surprises and excitement!
Creativity is the greatest asset of the Leo in December 2017.
Now you can develop, monitor and exploit the most efficient talents, expression, representation and promotion capabilities. The areas with the highest potential are the art, the entertainment industry, the production of PC games, advertising, sports and hobbies, but opportunities can be seen in any other field.
Interests in house, property and everything in real estate and domestic comfort are also stimulated, leading to initiatives and energetic actions.
In terms of money, revenue can grow through ingenuity, speculation or gambling.
In the first two decades of December 2017 you are in a good physical form, and the morale is exuberant.
You may have some more philosophical flash or more serious concerns between December 21-22, and in the last decade some decrease in tone may be possible.
Therefore, it is advisable not to make excess holidays or to get too tired. Would you like to find someone to help with the season chores (it's much more enjoyable to give directions) or to take a mini-vacation?

Astrologer advice:
Try not to spend too much on gifts and fun!


In December 2017 Mercury, the master of the Virgo, was around Venus, the planet of love. Therefore, you have a more gentle than usually more receptive attitude to affection evidence.
The atmosphere is relaxed, intimate. Common concerns go around the home, the family, the dwelling. It can be about buying a long-lasting good, setting up a spa or something that would make the nest more beautiful and comfortable.
Communication are exciting and can have amorous potential.
The atmosphere becomes more passionate and more challenging in the last decade since December, when Venus comes into the house of Virgo's eroticism, and Mars approaches the master of the couple's house, Jupiter.
The retrogradation of Mercury - who is both the master of the Virgo and of the Virgo career house - produces some profound prosperity in December 2017. In other words, you are expecting an important, crowded month, sprinkled with obstacles and opportunities, with stress and achievements alike. There may be something in the middle and something about a building, a headquarters, a valuable asset, an investment.
Cooperation is important for Virgo throughout December, both in professional and financial terms.
December 2017 is a complex month that can give you some headaches. It is more about agitation and mockery, about anxiety and stress.
Mercury relegates while forming a pillar with the native Sun of the Virgo, and the impetuous Mars crosses the house of the Virgo. In this astral context, the most important is to relax, to make a plan of action and to approach methodically.
It is advisable to evade speed and imprudence, especially on the road.

Astrologer advice:
Do not mess around! Systematize your arguments and expose them calmly and civilized!

The first decade of December 2017 could bring to the Libra an unexpected change in sentimental life as a result of the opposition between Mars (the master of Libra's house) and Uranus. On December 9, Mars enters Scorpio, a very strong sign, and will be together with Jupiter, the Great Benefit, until January.
Jupiter's influences are favorable to relational life, which becomes more intense and more exuberant. Jupiter is renowned for the opportunities he offers, so it is advisable to be in the phase and to be greatful for his generosity.
December 2017 is a month with great financial potential for Libra's. Therefore, take a lot more courage and take the initiative, with the clear intention to increase your income and maximum levels to achieve what you have been proposing.
Throughout the month, and especially during the first two decades, there is an intense concern for information, intellectual activity, writing, study, computer work, speeches and  everything that involves the mind and communication, with great impact on the career.
There is a health concern in December 2017, and this may be based primarily on your desire to plan some regular checks now or to fix some of the older issues.
You may, however, have to deal with some troubles caused by imprudence, neglect or poor hygiene of life.
It is advisable to try to limit exposure to stressful situations and to evade intellectual strain.

Astrologer advice:
Attention to clarity in communication! Make sure that you receive the information that is transmitted by others correctly and that the others correctly understand what message you want to send!


With Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio, in December 2017 you enjoy a huge physical and, implicitly, sexual force. The astral configuration of the period of conquest and adventure, ignites the passion and predisposes to great acts, sometimes even mad, committed by love.
The conjunction formed by Venus with the master of the tenth house is a sign that sentimental life interferes with his career.
The conjunction between Venus and Mercury shows that sentimental life has an impact on thinking and decision-making.
The financial sector dominates in December 2017, just as much as the relational sector. Scorpio's second house is crossed by the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn, and the master of this house, Jupiter, even in Scorpio, is impelled by Mars. Simultaneously, the master of the eighth house, Mercury, is in the relegation cycle and makes a number of relevant conjunctions.
Therefore, finance is booming, it is an imperative need for action, for solutions, for making balance sheets, analyzing, making decisions, changing your mind, blocking, meeting the opportunity.
With Jupiter and Mars, even in Scorpio, in December 2017, there are splashes of vitality, trust and expansiveness. Physical exercise is necessary to spend on the energy surplus.
The Jupiter-Marte combination is particularly refreshing but cautious, it predisposes to excesses and risky actions that can negatively affect the body. Take it easy!

Astrologer advice:
Do not overspend, do not indebted yourself!


In December 2017, relationships are for you the axle around which the universe revolves. Venus, the planet of love, was in Sagittarius, like Mercury, the master of Sagittarius' house. In addition, Mercury degrades between December 3 and 23, drawing attention to the sector it governs. Therefore, things come to you, you do not have to try to force them.
From everything that happens in the relational plane in December you have to draw precious conclusions. Try to understand the meaning of every fact as it happens, but try to make the facts between them to see the whole picture!
You do not lack the evidence of love or favorable opportunities. You only need to know what to do with them.
As early as November, the master of the Sagittarius home began to work with your sign, as if preparing the ground for something important. December 2017 finds him here, executing that go-go specific to the relegation cycle, which forces the analysis, the detection of any errors that are required or the details to be set up in order to reach its goals.
The analysis process is welcome because it helps you know how you stand and build your plans for 2018 on a firmer ground.
Collaborations are defining for Sagittarius in December 2017 and should be carefully considered.
With regard to money, you make decisions in December-January. It would be better to take them in January when you have a clearer view of the situation.
You are in a process of reckoning, which involves the rethinking of things, and that can take you out of the mental comfort zone. The problem data changes and the new data implies a new analysis.
Throughout December 2017, periods of concentration should alternate with relaxation periods to avoid overload.
From a physical point of view you are in shape, but you get too agitated. There is some risk of injury caused by inattentiveness or bad coordination of the balls.

Astrologer advice:
Try to make a priority list and focus on what is most important!


For Capricorn, the first two decades of December 2017 are either more withdrawn or marked by discontent or disappointment, because Venus, the planet of love and the master of passion house and sexuality of Capricorn, was in the twelfth Sun house, a mysterious house that does not have a good name.
You may have some frustration, or maybe it's just not going to happen anything notable or, in an optimistic way, to enjoy the delights of a secret love. If you are in the latter case, take great care at your discretion!
On December 25, 2017, Venus enters Capricorn, to conclude that the year ends in a love and understanding atmosphere, and in 2018 it begins successful.
With Mars and Jupiter in the eleventh house of Capricorn, December is very active in the plan of collective activities. Associations, foundations, meetings, conferences, and events with the public are part of your current life. You are agile for a group project and you can even play the leading role in the group.
For the first two decades, another interpretation is possible: the one in which you analyze your professional life in loneliness, review the achievements, and the result is not too good.
However, the period is good to set forward the future strategies. The last decade of December finds you with the lessons you have done and with the conviction that next year will be more fruitful.
Resistance to the body does not excel in December 2017, so you must take care of yourself and not expose yourself to conditions that could be harmful.
Respiratory, nervous system, coordination of the hands, shoulders, arms and hands should be given special attention. and not only these.

Astrologer advice:
Stay more at home, enjoy the intimacy of your home, family, and old friends!


Venus, the planet of love, and the Sun, the master of the Aquarius couple's house, is coming to Saturn, the traditional master of your sign, but without ending it. Mercury, the owner of the house of eroticism, meets both Venus and the Sun, but he is relegated.  
Under the above configuration, in December 2017 seems to be very very close to happiness. For now, however, you can not grasp it with both hands. Something slides through your fingers, something is partially fulfilled, something needs to be done.
It is possible for you to make it hard, to make a game of "look it, it's not" with the other one and slip it between your fingers when it says it's ready, it caught you.
The situation is not yet well defined, and the outcome is expected in January. With Mars and Jupiter at the horizon, in December 2017 the engines are packed to the maximum, as if you wanted to solve everything for the last hundred meters of the year. Or at least you are taking the first step, you decide, initiate an action or a series of actions with a great impact on professional life, prestige, position. The fervent innovation, which will continue in January, is aimed at expanding, moving to a new scale. There is also an increase in social life, visibility, involvement in collective projects or group work.
Throughout December 2017, you will earn well, but you need to look after revenue from partnerships, relationships with banks, insurance, tax and financial environments in general.
Aquarius can expect to excel in the first two decades of December.  You feel good in your skin and you have a high mental tone. You have a lot of confidence in yourself, which can predispose you to imprudence. And you have a tendency to excess, which tends to increase.
In the last decade, the shape decreases. If you want to enjoy a holiday, it is advisable to be more thrilled throughout the month.

Astrologer advice:
You are strong, but it is not advisable to impose yourself with force.


The master of the Pisces couple house is retrograde in the tenth solar house between 3 and 23 December 2017, suggesting interference between relationships and careers, or a complex of circumstances that makes sentimental life to come to public attention.

You may also have a connection with someone in the higher echelon, or a link that comes from professional contacts. Or advance the grace of your partner's support.
The evolution of the relational situation at this end of the year can be complicated or unexpected but, thanks to the conjunction of Mercury with Venus, it can offer moments of satisfaction.
The second decade of the month has the greatest emotional load.
The Pisces career house is being transited by many planets in December 2017, making it particularly distinctive. The Sun, Venus and Mercury seem very interested in your professional life. The Sun wishes you all, on a podium or on stage, receiving praise, anyway, in a position that requires admiration or respect. Venus smoothens the way, pulling in the right path or relationships.
In turn, Mercury focuses on intellect, information, communication, and journeys, but sometimes it creates more complications because it is in retrograde. The advantage is that after Mercury resumes direct walking, you will have a much clearer picture of professional goals and strategies.
Financially, over the course of December, there is surplus, and departures, the Internet, studies and culture may have a mix.
You are in a modest form in the first decade of December 2017, but since the second decade you have a much better tonus. It's possible to be a little more complicated around 21-22, but it does not seem to be a lasting thing.
Over the past two decades, you have more energy, due to the approaching of the energetic Mars by Pisces master, Jupiter, but you can show more imprudence, anxiety, nervousness, and risk and conflict exposure. It is advisable to be weighted and cautious.

Astrologer advice:

Drink an extra glass of champagne ! 2018 begins much better than 2017: get rid of the negative influence of Saturn, the Great Malefic, and enjoy the positive influence of Jupiter, the Great Benefice. 

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