February horoscope 2018

Check out your monthly horoscope for 2018.February horoscope 2018. 

February horoscope 2018


The first decade of February 2018  Venus, the planet of love and the master of the Aries couple's house, in a lucky position that does not hope but helps in their fulfillment.
Communication brings harmony in couple life and participation in events that gather more people together can be beneficial to the emergence of a romantic bond if that's what you want. 

You are proposing or challenging your professional goals, but the ambition is great and success is on your side.
In the first two decades of February 2018, the Sun authority, rank, and prestige, was in the most favorable house, along with Mercury, the master of the Aries career house. Therefore, you enjoy support, protection, and popularity.
Mars, the master of Aries, wants to consume extra energy in various activities such as culture, travel or distance work.
From a financial point of view, February 2018 is generous but requires some more spending in the second and third decades.

The first two decades of February find you in shape, in full swing and optimism. 
The last decade, however, could cause complications, that it is advisable to care for yourself and not to be afraid. You could feel fatigue and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or psychogenic substances.

Astrologer advice:

 Start a new professional project! Express yourself!


February 2018 is a promising month for Taurus in a relationship plane.
Jupiter, is in the Taurus couple house, in a "reciprocal reception" with Mars, the master of the house - a good-bye configuration that makes Jupiter and Mars collaborate to your advantage. And that's not all!
In the second and third decades, a splendid trigon is created between Jupiter and Venus, the planet of love. Both planets are beneficial, they bring fulfillment and opportunities. Expect, however, to have to pass a hop before your dreams are fulfilled.
If at some point you need to make a choice, think well because appearances can be deceptive! If you strive not to idealize, to stand with your feet on the ground, it will be good. With Venus, the Taurus master, located in the house of his career, the first decade of February 2018 brings achievements and success. These are due partly to personal charm, but an important contribution is your determination, security in action, and the skill with which you will negotiate to achieve what want.

Collaborations, teamwork, clientele, and alliances are beneficial not only to success but to financial gains.
The material interests are very high in February 2018 and you can make a lot of money. But if you want to make an investment, take a credit or make another important move, it is advisable not to stand by and rely on promises.
You have a very high tonus in February. Venus, the Taurus master, crosses good houses, like the Sun, the symbol of the vital principle.
Theoretically, there should be no problem. However, a crisis situation is not excluded at some point in the second part of the month.
It is best to beware of infections or intoxications.

Astrologer advice:
Get out of society, attend public events, make new friends!


With Mars in the Gemini couple's house, February 2018 is a month full of passionate dynamism.
Ideally, it would be to engage in bold, innovative and useful couple projects.
If the relationship goes through tense moments, do not act from impulse! 
Looking from another perspective, in February 2018 there is a close relationship between Gemini's relationship and career.
Collaborations, associations, and teamwork are at the high price in professional activity of Gemini in February 2018. The period leaves enough room for competition and rivalry.
Challenges have the gift of motivating you to push yourself forward. Because the Sun and Mercury are in the ninth house, where an eclipse occurs, in February 2018, studies, culture and connections (travel, work at a distance or on the net, etc.) are at the forefront.
In passing her through the home of Gemini's career, Venus blesses you with opportunity after opportunity.
The last decade of February 2018 is the most favorable for success.
Money comes without too much effort, but you have to manage your head.
Through February 2018 Gemini have a lot of work power.
But there is a tendency towards indulgences and excesses that must be defeated. Everything is a matter of discipline, now, more than ever.
If you fail to impose a more orderly and more healthy life, it is good to know that in this respect you can rely on the support and guidance of others: the life partner, friends, etc.

Astrologer advice:
Use your creative and artistic skills in the professional field.


The Cancer couple life has a serious air in February 2018. With Saturn and Pluto in the Cancer couple house, connivance seems to be the burden of responsibility, the assumption of common interests, or a common effort.
You can look at the more mature things, want to discover some truth about your real relationship needs. Venus's transition from the first decade of the month predisposes to a detailed analysis of the situation, the disclosure of secrets or the attempt to understand the psychological springs of the pair.
The last two decades of February focus on intellectual, cultural, or spiritual affinities.
Finally, let's not forget that Jupiter was in Cancer's eroticism. Therefore, the sexual component of the couple's life works well, and the love offers are not missing.
With Mars at Cancer's career house, in February 2018 you have a professional initiative, energy, and lust. You notice yourself through efficiency, the speed of reaction and presence of spirit.
Expect, however, to confront yourself with urgency or with moments of crisis where you need to take control, act or even fight. If you want to make some career improvements, now it would be a good time.
February 2018 has a financial pronounce for Cancer. The Sun's transit, Mercury's transit and the Sun's eclipse urge business, investment, and access to funds.
You may receive sponsorship, gift, or other material advantages, but it is advisable to be cautious in dealing with banks, tax, and other financial institutions.
February 2018 is a crowded and stressful month. It would be good to maintain a balance between work and rest.
Because Mars is in the house of Cancer disease, there is a certain risk of acute or inflammatory affections and injuries.
On the other hand, February is appropriate for energetic medical initiatives, dental or surgical interventions and other steps that require courage and determination.

Astrologer advice:

Take a journey or learn something new in a field that attracts you!



In February 2018 you have some interesting events.
First, Mars was in Leo's house of eroticism, which announced an overwhelming sexuality and romantic impetus. Mars gives the water to the quest for adventure and desires of unimpeded passion.

It can bring love at first glance and very intense experiences, but the unfolding of events tends to be pretty fast, pushing crazy things or making tricks.
The Sun Eclipse that forms in the Leo couple's house also predisposes to unexpected happenings and can forestall the new.
The chance to fall in love is more likely to be looking for you in the first part of February when Venus is in the Leo couple's house.
The Leo couple house is transited in February 2018 by the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Therefore, collaborations and teamwork are the keys to success during this period.
Mars inspires a lot of creative energy and emphasizes artistic expressiveness, but it can also help you excel in sports, advertising or entertainment.
At the financial level, extra favors and gains are expected, especially since the second decade.
The presence of Mars in the Fifth house of Leon brings physical and sexual force. This transit also encourages outdoor exercise, hiking, dancing. On the other hand, it tends to stimulate the secretion of adrenaline and appetite for extreme sports or other risky actions.
As Saturn is in the Leon house, it is good to closely monitor all that is related to bones, joints, and absorption of minerals.

Astrologer advice:
Use imagination to embellish your home or enhance your comfort!


If the first decade in February is devoid of remarkable events, from the second-decade things are changing in better.
On Feb. 11, 2018, Venus, the planet of love and harmony, walks into the couple's house of Virgo. It is very good news for Virgo because Venus brings love, understanding, and good luck.
The chances of happiness are also enhanced by a triangle that Venus does with Jupiter, the master of Virgo couple's house. Most likely, positive evolutions are triggered by a traveling, meetings, and conversation. Mental compatibility is one of the determining factors.
The astral context is more favorable to relational life in the third decade when the Sun transits the house of the Virgo couple.
February 2018 brings the new Virgo's into a professional sphere because the sunshine of the 15th Sun is in the Virgo career house and is in conjunction with Mercury, the master of career house.
It is, therefore, possible to start a new project, change your workplace, work environment, working methods, etc. Or there may be an unexpected event leading you to something different from what has been so far.
Financially, the situation is improving progressively, and from the second decade, it is becoming very gratifying.
Collaborations, associations, alliances, and partner/partner support bring you money, provided you do not seduce your appearance and keep your lucidity. You must also do so in the case of investments.
Health is for Virgo one of the subjects of interest of February 2018. You may have some problems, but rather it seems to be your decision to do things to preserve or improve your health. You may decide to follow a treatment or diet or make some changes in your lifestyle.

Astrologer advice:
Make order in your wardrobe and get rid of the things you do not use anymore.



In February 2018, the appearance of a new love is not excluded.
Because Mercury is in the fifth house of the Libra and the Sun Eclipse is happening here, waiting for unexpected or unusual things to happen on the love land.
The greatest likelihood of their production is in the first two decades.
On the other hand, the most sensual and richest romantic and erotic time is the first decade, when Venus, the Libra master, is also in the fifth house.
Communication and journeys are relevant to Libra relationships throughout February 2018, as well as intellectual affinities.
Between work and couple life, there may be a connection.
Because Mars was in the third house of the Libra, in February 2018 the spinning wheels sped up quickly and brave ideas came to be applied quickly.
You have the power of persuasion, you argue with excitement, and your words are captivating and mobilizing. You have a lot of love to offer, get in touch with a lot of people, make new collaborations. 
The profession brings satisfaction especially in the second and third decades, when Venus, the Libra master, was in the workhouse. The second decade could be more generous because Sun comes into career house.
In addition, February 2018 is generous in financial terms.
In the first decade of February, you are in great shape.
The second and third decades find Venus in a medical home, so you may have some trouble, or decide to do some routine checks, resolve an older health problem or make some decisions about the hygiene of life or even physical appearance.
In other words, in February 2018, the stress is a bit high, and anxiety and irritability can be caused by hasty decisions, conflicts or injuries.

Astrologer advice:
You cannot give a verdict and you don't  necessarily have the last word in discussions!



February 2018 is a splendid month for love and marriage. All month, but more in the last two decades.
Jupiter and Venus are in Scorpio house of love and eroticism, bringing new sensations and take your love life to a different level.
This configuration has a great sensual load and promises Scorpio pleasures and fun, sentimental fulfillment, fortune and happiness.
It is the kind of time when you make declarations of love, love yourself, mingle with your partner or a possible marriage or even children.
Financial matters relating to the couple must be treated with caution.
Mars, the master of the Scorpio, was in the money house. Therefore, February 2018 is a month of financial initiative and action, in which you feel the incentive to make more money, to make your work more profitable, to invest or to make various transactions.
The things you can count on come from work. And they do not seem to be negligible at all. However, speculation, bets or attempts to make profitable investments predisposing you to lose.
On the other hand, it is not excluded to benefit from family support.
The Sun Eclipse can bring an unexpected renovation or event related to dwelling, property or durable goods.
The second and third decades bring professional opportunities.
The presence of Jupiter in Scorpio provides you with an enormous amount of energy. As a general line, Jupiter is predisposed to excesses all the time (until November 2018), and this predisposition may be more pronounced in February.
If health problems arise in February 2018, they are due to negligence, inattention, or mistakes of appreciation.
Most likely, you will be in shape throughout the month - even at the top of the shape, in the second part of the month.

Astrologer advice:
When it comes to money, be as practical and rational as possible!



In February 2018, Sagittarius crosses Mars, which means physical energy, desire, sexuality, passion.  
This month you got caught in a hot month full of love and emotions.
 Love is looking for you, you are asking for it ... Emotions are strong, and desires become urgent and are immediately fulfilled, regardless of the risks or consequences.
At the time of the Sun's Eclipse, Mercury, the master of Sagittarius' house, was near the sun, resulting, unexpected, overturned or new information, a journey, or you might receive an important communication.
February 2018 is a moon full of dynamism, which takes full advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit.
Mars, the planet of initiative and action, transits the Sagittarius, which means that you are ambitious, mobilize, go to action, prove the spirit of command, efficiency and decision-making power.
Together with new ideas, Mercury, the master of the Sagittarius' house, goes through the house where the Sun Eclipse occurs. The change floats in the air.
Venus, the master of Sagittarius' home, is in a strong, privileged position since the second decade.
In short, in February 2018 you can do a lot if you have a goal and especially a good strategy. As for money, they also appear, but they must be handled with care.
Mars brings you a lot of vitality and a good reaction speed: you move more, faster, feel the need to do sports, walk, dance, have sex, etc. It is very good to consume the Martian energy because if you do not, you can wake up with migraines, infections, inflammations, bleeding, muscle problems or even injuries.
Mars is a bit hasty, impulsive and imprudent, so you have to make an effort to steer your strength in the direction you want, so it will not be crazy.

Astrologer advice:
Take it easy, you do not have to answer all the challenges!



In the first decade of February 2018, in Capricorn's couple lives, the most practical concerns prevail money and responsibilities. You can still have a passionate interlude on 6-7 February or maybe a joint achievement in the couple.
On Feb. 11, Venus, the planet of love and the master of Capricorn's eroticism house, enters Pisces, a sign that gives a lot of strength. Therefore, the second and third decades are more romantic, they bring stronger emotions and, perhaps, favorable affairs. They are facilitated by a journey, communication, and intellectual compatibility.
Socializing, widening the circle of knowledge and sharing are the benefit of a couple's life: it helps you to start a new relationship if that's what you want, or it can refresh the existing one.
Money is for Capricorn a special chapter until 2020, as the master of the money house is right in Capricorn, but you become more motivated in the first two decades of February 2018, when the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Sun Eclipse will work in your favor.
You will work very hard to increase your earnings. Think creatively! You have a native strategic thinking, but now there is a need for mood and versatility.
Starting in the second decade, information is very important, because you will deal with exchanges, negotiations, calculations and intellectual work that might contribute to your success.
In February 2018, you feel quite well physically, as long as you balance your activities.
The state of mind lights up in the second decade when you start to see things in a more optimistic way.
Theoretically, you will not have to worry about many things in February, but the fact that Mercury, the master of Capricorn health house, can bring unpredictable situations, so is recommended prudence, especially in the second decade.

Astrologer advice:

Build Your Forces! In February 2018, it is not clear who is a friend and who is the enemy.


February 2018 is smiling at you.
The scenery is idyllic, especially in the first two decades, when Venus passes through your sign, along with the Sun and Mercury. With such a company, you cannot enjoy love!
You will receive compliments, indecent suggestions, romantic statements, more or less discrete adventures. Enough sensuality and things are arranged around you in the way to build the most amorous frame for love.
Part of the sentimental chance is perpetuating in the last decade of February, but the approach is more practical and more realistic.
The Sun Eclipse, which takes place in February 2018 in Aquarius, brings a fresh breath to professional life.
Mars, the planet of action, located in the eleventh house of Aquarius, sets out enthusiastic projects.
The Sun, which transits Aquarius, puts you in the light, puts you in command positions or in situations where you can prove organizational and administrative qualities.
In the first decade, Venus adds diplomacy along with your personal charm resulting in financial gains. Venus takes care of your money for the rest of February 2018, helped in the last decade by Mercury and the Sun.
Together, Venus, Mercury, and  Sun upwardly admire Jupiter, located in the Aquarius career house, so success is assured.
In February 2018, you are in an excellent physical form, especially in the first two decades, when the Sun was in Aquarius.
You are also happy to support the energetic Mars and Jupiter's  but be cautious, it can also bring excess., which is not always good.
Your mood is good in the first two decades, and even flourishing in the first, beneath Venus's horrific and optimistic influence.
The last decade is rather neutral.

Astrologer advice:
Do something special, original, to spark the admiration of others!




The first decade of February 2018 is quite, lacking spectacular events. In some cases, it could even be boredom, loneliness or disappointment, because the planet of love, Venus, and the master of Pisces couple house is in an area without a chance and comfort.
Gradually, however, the sky is shining. After Feb. 11, when the seductive and sensual Venus enters Pisces, happy moments, couple harmony, circumstances are favorable to the emergence or expansion of love begin to appear.
Also during this period, Venus is moving towards a favorable planetary aspect with Jupiter whose effects feel more intense in the last decade.
Determined and efficient Mars is in the Pisces career house, urges you to set new goals, fight to achieve them, to impose and to prove that you can do more in your professional career.
Mars can usually urge you to indiscipline or conflict with superiors, but in February tends to show a positive attitude, because this month, Mars has a special relationship with Jupiter, the master of Pisces career house. So you have all the ideas to solve brilliantly everything that you have in your mind, and even to make good money out of it.
The connection between Mars and Jupiter also brings voyages, remote collaborations or the Internet have an impact on Pisces professional life. Also, professional life may have tangencies with the university, cultural, spiritual, and legal world.
The period with the greatest professional success for Pisces is the third decade.
Although in the long run enjoy Jupiter support, in the first two decades of February, the Sun, was in a delicate position. You may experience a decrease in tonus, need more rest, because immunity might be low.
It is important to protect yourself, not to expose yourself to inappropriate living conditions, and avoid excesses. If you have any health problems, it is advisable to consult your doctor and follow his recommendations.
 You get back in shape gradually since the second decade, and in the last decade, you are already in full shape.

Astrologer advice:
Express yourself artistically or creatively, do a charitable act, love!

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