January 2019 horoscope

January 2019 horoscope in now on. New year start with love and chill for some, but conflicts for others. Discover what will be your horoscope in January 2019.

January 2019 horoscope

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January 2019 horoscope


Aries begins January 2019 with enthusiasm and optimism in love and career, you are eager to explore new territories and meet new people.

It's time for something new, for a new perspective, and your life partner seems to have a lot to say and suggest in this regard. Your partner will surprises you with more openness to adventurous common explorations or maybe a trip to an exotic destination.
Your career and reputation will take up most of you in January 2019. The results of your work may be among the most spectacular. The Sun Eclipse on January 6, 2019, activates professional sector, involving career or work changes.
In January 2019, Aries are advised to control their temperament and speak calmly to their superiors.
Conflicts with bosses or colleagues, challenge you to make good professional changes and open your way to new opportunities to increase your income, exactly what you wanted since long time.
In January 2019, pragmatism can save you from psycho-emotional imbalances. Lack of energy and the desire to advance professionally can make you become irritable due to overworking. It would be advisable to spare time for activities that you like, such as meeting friends.

Astrologer advice:
Give more time for spiritual pleasures, for families, and for reconnecting with loved ones. Do not sacrifice what you love for professional achievement.



January 2019 for Taurus is a troubled sentimental period. You can easily move from passion to anger and vice versa.
Controversial discussions will begin in the second decade of January 2019.  There are great differences between your life and your partner's beliefs, and this may lead you to interesting personal discoveries and, ultimately, to a common denominator. Single Taurus are willing to seek love in other environments than before or to respond to the advances of people whom they would otherwise have ignored. You could be attracted to older people or who have experience of life and authority.
Taurus in January 2019, are determined to create stability in professional life and increase income by defraying self-employment. In January 2019, collaborations and joint projects are favored, it is recommended that you carefully evaluate the entourage, the people with whom you have professional activities in common, but also the expectations that you have from these people. Illusions about receiving financial support can easily break down towards the end of the month. Some Taurus can receive a loan, funding, inheritance or substantial gift in January 2019. But there is a craving to spend on luxurious things.

The 21st of January 2019 Lunar Eclipse activates your career, is the most promising moment to make career changes, free yourself from unproductive professional activities and try new things beneficial to your professional status. Make use of the experience you have gained in order to move on to new projects and not creep into what you believe to be unshakable truths - you will be given the chance to test them.
Astrologer advice:
Be open to meet new people, either in sentimental or professional life, new horizons will open up through your relationship with other people.


In January 2019, Gemini's who are seeking love has a great chance of getting to know charismatic individuals who are particularly intellectually stimulating. During this time your home will be transited by Venus and Jupiter resulting in joy in a sentimental house, even synchronization with your life partner. Many relationships can be balanced, repaired or developed in January 2019.
Financially speaking, things are not at all simple in January 2019. It takes maturity, experience, perseverance and openness to collaborate with others so as not to commit serious errors.
The Sun Eclipse on January 6, 2019 could draw attention to your debts. It is even possible to get into a moment of crisis that forces you to radically change something from your attitude and you will make an effort to pay your rate and taxes in time. Pay attention to everything that comes from insurance and credit, or a general predisposition to live on debt.
In January 2019, it's risky to rely on the resources of your life partner or the money of others in general. But there are also Gemini who are recovering borrowed money or finding new sources of funding. It's about those Gemini who has shown financial maturity and financial moderation.
Professionally, your associations, partnerships and collaborations benefit you. An expert in your field of activity could break down quite a series of illusions about career and reputation, fame. But there are other opportunities in your path, perhaps a better job or a more advantageous collaboration. The emotional intensity of the moments you have to overcome in January 2019 may overwhelm you, but it might just be the necessary momentum to uncover unsuspected inner resources.
In the second half of January 2019, you need more rest more and allow more attention to health. High stress can push you to excess. A number of older conditions may manifest as acute seizures.

Astrologer advice:
Clean up your life and your soul. Change your perspective, it's time to eliminate poisonous people and toxic energies from your life, they just consume your energy and time.

Cancer horoscope January 2019


January 2019 is for Cancer a good time for partnerships, relationships and marriages.
Many Cancer's decide to marry in January 2019, although money could be a sensitive point in their relationship. The first week of January, Venus still transits the house of Cancer's love, it brings you more power of seduction. Avoid flirting and adventures with people with whom you have professional relationships, as your reputation may suffer.
Professionally speaking, in January 2019 you are going through a busy and stressful period marked by conflicts and bargaining negotiations. In addition, competitors or haters who want to spoil their reputation may be more aggressive than usual.
There is no need to discourage you, because Mars, located in your career and in socio-professional reputation supports you. Wake up your ambition and desire to succeed. Instead of consuming energy in disputes, you should focus to achieve your goals and not to get intimidated. In January 2019, it could be a real issue for disposition to make illusions about professional achievement, or maybe about a job.

Your career requires a lot, as well as some associations and partnerships. As a result, in January 2019 you need longer periods of rest, relaxation and re-evaluation. Otherwise, you are physically and physically exhausted because of conflicts that can leave deep, long-term traces. Consult a specialist if you feel certain affections, prolonged stress can send you to excess food that does not work well at all.

Astrologer advice:
Organize your priorities carefully and patiently! That's the only way you'll get through all the challenging events of January 2019.


Leo is starting January 2019 in force, being more seductive than usual - eager for adventure, conquest and passion. It's hard for someone to resist your charm this period. But there may be problems because you want to be admired for your opinions and beliefs.
The Moon Eclipse on January 21th activates your relational house. These astrological events could mark the ending of a relationship or the end of a milestone in an amorous partnership.
Venus is a creative and personal talent from January 7, 2019, and this transit favors affirmation or cultivation of a talent that can make you noticed but only in teaching and pedagogical activities. You are very inspired and can do a lot by your own strengths.
In your professional life, you might dream about sponsorship or funding, but you can handle the resources you already have. You could invest efficiently in training courses, which will open up your possibilities for long-term gain.
Health is a delicate topic in January 2019, it is recommended to change your lifestyle and rest enough.
It is important to look at the professional activities that you like. Try not to find a job just for salary, because you destabilize yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid fixed ideas, especially how personal relationships should look like. Many of the expectations can be narrated and you need to be flexible.


Sun Eclipse on January 6, 2019 promotes new beginnings for Virgo. During this time you will have some restlessness, maybe frustration with your life partner. Try to communicate your feelings to your loved one in a clear way.
Because Mars is in the house of common resources, it could crush intense passions or stir up conflicts in couple's life, topics such as fidelity or common expenses will be hot topics for Virgo in January 2019.
Mercury can be found by 24 January 2019 in the house of creativity, pedagogical activities, and financial speculation. As a result, success on a professional level depends on how you know how to value yourself in order to capitalize your talents. If you do not like your current job, you should start a business on your own and do what you are talented at.
Money could be one of the worries you have in January 2019, it will raise rates, pay taxes, and put pressure on your lifestyle, affecting collaboration with an employer or a business partner.
The inner buzz and nerves stretched can repeatedly bring you to the point where you can not find your peace and have restless sleep. These symptoms can get worse on January 21, 2019. Try to listen to your intuition and get rid of addictions and toxic relationships.

Astrologer advice:

Be careful if you want to control your couple life,  because you risk destroying it completely. Try to make important decisions in the second half of January 2019 when things get clearer.

Libra horoscope January 2019


Libra is starting January 2019 with tense moments in the couple's life, it will be difficult to get to common sense with your loved one.
You need patience and self-control to overcome this agitated period. Single Libra's should embrace opportunities to meet new people, to interact more, and it is recommended that in the last decade of January 2019 to be as cautious as possible in the relationship with a friend to avoid the confusions that can arise between love and friendship.
Even your career will not be too harmonious in January 2019, there will be tense moments in the workplace making you more firm in interacting with your work colleagues.
In terms of money, you get involved in group projects - maybe even taking part in a project with a social impact. Try to be more active in the online environment.


Despite the agitation and the conflicts of January 2019, you are inspired and constructive, and the exchanges of ideas bring optimism. Luck can surprise you in many ways, even in basic situations. Learn to socialize and speak openly about your emotions.

Astrologer advice:
As hard as family responsibilities are, try to keep family members around. 


In January 2019, Venus, which governs Scorpio's partner relationships, reveals openness, relaxation, and harmony in couple life. Scorpio's trying to retrieve someone can go through a process of disillusionment and eventually get to see things more clear with the reality of their love affairs.
Avoid sending confused messages to your loved one, communicate clearly your ideas and feelings.
Regarding your career, there may be changes in the company you own or in the company for which you work and in the first half of January 2019 it would be advisable to review your style of communication and attitude to avoid conflict with the bosses.
In order to find your way, to open a new career path or to enter into a new professional stage, you need perseverance, pragmatism, but also solid knowledge.
Avoid financial speculation and quick earnings schemes. The last decade of January 2019 is very good financially, but it also has a predisposition to large and impulsive spending on fun or shopping with credit.
Try to find solutions to manage as efficiently as possible the large amount of energy the stars offer you during this period. In the last days of the month you could find an optimal life and work rhythm - become more efficient and optimistic.

Astrologer advice:
Investments, finance, taxes and income statements are important.


In January 2019 Sagittarius awakens the impulse for adventure and flirtation. You can easily fall in love at first glance, but if you already have a partner, you risk to have arguments.
Ocassion flits and dating can bring joy in the life of single Sagittarius. The exception could be the last week of January 2019, when an older issue of money or fidelity creates conflicts in marriage. During this time you have brilliant ideas for career development, and this will be beneficial to your income in January 2019.
Financially, is recommended to act with care, to adjust your strategies and plans and define very clearly what is really needed. In this sense, you could receive particularly good advice from a life partner, from a financial consultant or a collaborator. You could benefit from joint investments or initiatives.
Transits of January 2019 predispose to excesses of all kinds.
Health is good and your morale is high, avoid exhausting your energy through extreme sports.

Astrologer advice:
If you are traveling especially in the days around the eclipses, is better to delay your journeys.

Capricorn horoscope January 2019


Capricorn in January 2019 enters a period of interiorization, relational and staffing. On January 6, the Sun Eclipse takes place in Capricorn, but it also has an impact on the partnership and marriage house.

In January, there will be tense moments for couple's relationship, money-related issues and financial dependence on one of the partners, or older fears about loyalty.
From January 7, Venus enters the career and reputation of Capricorn, resulting in career benefits, but also to make your professional projects known. Be very careful with those who make you financial offers. The second half of the month may be more favorable for Capricorns who are looking for a job.
January 2019 is agitated emotionally. You should leave the past where it is, forgive the unpleasant moments of your life and the people who have wronged you and focus on your family and your peace of mind.
During this time you are full of optimism and this will help you overcome any obstacle. If you have addictions, now they can get accentuated and get out of control.

Astrologer advice:
Despite your personal authority, your prestige, and your independence, life in two is more enjoyable so avoid loneliness and make space for love in your life. 



In January 2019, Aquarius have a lot to analyze and feel the need to retire somewhere far from the eyes of the world, and enjoy the presence of the life partner.
The Moon eclipse on January 21th activates relational house. Couple life becomes more strained during this period and some situations can be concluded, such as your future and commitments regarding your marriage.
Regarding your career, you have to conclude a series of projects to enjoy some new ones. Or maybe it's time to think seriously about resuming an activity that you abandoned in the past which can be a very good solution, especially if you do not have a job now or if you want to have another source of income.
A debt to someone or someone who owes you money will become a major problem in January 2019, try to avoid heated talks.
You need to give more attention to the peace of mind during this period because it will influence your decision-making style. 
The Sun Eclipse on January 6, opens the way to isolation and moments of solitude. This is the ideal time for you to clear your thoughts and to reconnect to your inner voice and your spiritual values.
After January 20th, you will feel that you have more energy and more support from others.

Astrologer advice:
The past is one of the most important resources that you benefit from. Even if some lessons are harder, the wisdom derived from them helps you to build a more harmonious future. Before you go hurrying to the future, carefully analyze your past.


January 2019 is a time when Pisces are concerned about the future of their love. Some of them may be very reluctant to make long-term commitments and take a decisive step towards marriage.
In stable couples, money can become a thorny problem and generate arguments and misunderstandings that can put the common future under question. Although Pisces will scatter optimism wherever they go, avoid relying too much on luck when you want to make choices about your career.
The Sun Eclipse on January 6, could open new perspectives on professional group projects, promoting your online business or refurbishing.
The Lunar Eclipse on January 21, marks a moment of crisis and you could be forced to make a series of decisions that you have postponed in recent years. Maybe it's time to start a business.
Money is a sensitive point in January 2019, and your determination to gain more can generate major conflicts with many people. This could be a dispute with your friends or a company you've worked with in the past and who owe you various benefits.
It's time to invest in your career, because the results will come sooner than you think.
With regard to health, you may have some trouble - especially after January 18. Select carefully a specialist to consult you.

Astrologer advice:
It takes a lot of patience in terms of financial negotiations or attempts to recover an older debt. Ask for advice from people with experience in such situations.

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