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The first week of March 2018 is not too suitable to create relations or to make too many plans in this period.
From the second week of March 2018 Venus, take action and become your guide to help you find your soul mate, or maybe a new love.
If you are already in a relationship, Venus brings harmony and happiness to couple house. Single? The Sun, master of passion and sexuality, push you to flirt more, to become more sensual and spread harmony around you.
In Aries career house, Pluto, Mars, and Saturn, challenge your tenancy when you try to focus. During this period, you enter into a professionally important time, marked by decisions, initiatives, and renewals, as well as incidents and fighting.
Not everything is as bad as it sounds, because Venus and Sun, bring you success and financial satisfactions too, but depends on how you manage every situation at your job. 
March 2018, is very complex for Aries in regard to their physical and mental health. You might feel weak with no energy, but everything will improve from last decade when your energy will boost. Be caution how you manage this energy. 

Astrologer advice:
Set your targets clearly and follow them strategically, with patience and perseverance!



In March 2018, Taurus is blessed by Jupiter to create harmony in couple house, but not everything is sweet as it might sound. Mars, the master of Taurus, will create some complex situations where you will be forced to analyze and take some important decisions in couple life.
Saturn the master of Taurus career house is well positioned in the long run and has a particular interest in education, culture, research or spirituality, as well as for business or professional travel or remote collaboration.
In March 2018, the Sun transit brings Taurus great chance, protection, support, popularity and success in activities involving the public, an audience, a network, a community. Collaborations can be profitable, but they must be treated with diplomacy. Is recommended to calculate very good financial decisions.
In the first decade, your energy level is very high, while in the last decade your vitality is at it's lowest point. You need to rest if you want to strengthen your immune system to avoid accidents or infections. This period you need to look more after your health.

Astrologer advice:
Through collaborations and partnerships, verify that the financial clauses are clearly set out!

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In the first decade of March 2018, Mars continues it's transit through Gemini couple house, maintaining passionate enthusiasm and making you engage very actively in relational issues.
You are the one with the initiative in the couple relationship.
March 2018, is dominated by Mercury and Venus, that brings you a new love, new achievement and lots of luck on the sentimental plan.
The whole month is full of opportunities for Gemini in terms of career, socio-professional status and success.
Mercury accompanied by Venus, brings profitable collaboration, money, and support. This success comes from a public project, an integration into groups that share the same aspirations or interests, a promotion from bosses, friends or family members that will help you achieve your goals.
A great achievement is about to happen in the second decade, thanks to Jupiter and the Sun.
In March 2018 you are in an excellent physical form and a good mood. Still, you are not completely protected from unpleasant experiences. Mars the master of illness house, might bring you a surprise in the second part of the month when Saturn join him. Keep your optimism and listen to your instinct of conservation and try to avoid dangerous situations.

Astrologer advice:
Socialize, make new friends, join an association or another kind of organization!


In the long run, with Saturn and Pluto in Cancer couple's house, relational life involves some responsibilities or goes through difficult times. Things become more visible in the second part of March 2018, when energetic Mars also enters the Cancer couple's house, playing a catalytic, precipitating or triggering role.
On the other hand, you can rely on the beneficial effect of Jupiter, which radiates chance in Cancer house the of love and sexuality. In other words, even if complications arise, problems can be solved and you eventually succeed.
Mars remains in Cancer's house until 17 March 2018, which means that the first half of the month is marked by determination and efficiency, but can also be punctuated by urgent or critical situations that demand boldness and speed of reaction.
The triangle that Jupiter, the master of Cancer's house, with the Sun, the master of money house, brings financial and professional opportunities, especially in the first two decades of March. These opportunities can be related to intellectual and creative abilities, to journeys, to communication and collaboration.
You should expect to face your competition, rely on superiors help or professional mentors.
March 2018 is a rather tense month, which puts pressure physical and mental on your body.
In the first part of March, there is a risk of acute illness, infections, inflammation or injuries.Be cautious!
In the second part of the month, there is a risk of weakening resistance based on fatigue, chronic illness and, in some cases, injury.
 Astrologer advice:

Avoid conflicting situations, especially in the second half of the month!


With Mars in Leo house of love and sexuality, the first part of March 2018, the erotic impulse is very strong and the romantic momentum is full of excitement.
In the first two decades of March, the sun, Leo master, triggers Jupiter, which announces the chance, happiness, and erotic satisfaction.
March 2018 is a thrilling month that can take you to the seventh heaven, but that favors love for love, rather than marriage or long-term relationships. 
With Saturn located in Leo's career house, you are going through a period of aggression and effort, in which things do not always go as fast as you want.
However, in March 2018, you can hope for a victory or achievement, which is accompanied by financial advantages, because the Sun, located in one of Leo financial house, forms a triangle with Jupiter. 
It can not be ruled out if that it is an achievement related to a property, a restitution or retrocession, or an investment in patrimony goods.
Venus, the master of Leo house, was along with Mercury in the ninth house, indicating a strong interest in the cultural, academic or legislative area, for professional travel, eventually for a job or a distance collaboration.
The first part of March does not differ much from the last part of February. The tone is not too great, but you have a native resistance, if you save yourself, you can do it well.
The second part of the month could become critical, as Mars enters the Leo home where you meet Saturn. Take great care because it is a dangerous combination! It is recommended that you take care of yourself, strictly follow prescriptions of physicians and avoid any excess or risk.

Astrologer advice:
It is time to engage in a spiritual or esoteric approach or to undertake a study, research, or investigation.


The first two decades of March 2018 are profiling in a very promising way. The Sun is in Virgo couple house, where he makes a happy trigon with Jupiter,  who is the master of the couple house.
This configuration can bring a sentimental fulfillment that probably involves a meeting, a discussion, a journey, or some common intellectual concerns.
Venus, the planet of love and union,  might announce financial interests that it shares with the couple, or a propensity to research, analyze, or investigate something related to the sentimental relationship.
Sexuality and passionate impulses go through a more dynamic period in the second part of the month.
Collaborations can offer great satisfaction in March 2018, given that a triangle is formed between Jupiter, the master of Virgo career house, and Sun, in the partnership home. You may be successful in trade, communication, or engaging in work with your mind.
 Travels are lucky, and negotiations lead to results that benefit you. You are agitated for the house or in activities related to real estate, construction, agriculture or natural resources.
Gradually, a financial component, marked by the advantages of money that come from others (partnerships, relatives, etc.) or connected with financial institutions, is becoming more clearly outlined. You may receive gifts or attract funds or sponsorships.
The physical tone is a thing of the past, but you have a robust optimism, you are humorous to enjoy what is good in life.
The enthusiastic Jupiter is in the Virgo house, and Mercury, the master of the Virgo, is all month accompanied by Venus. The proximity between Mercury and Venus can bring a certain indulgence, a tendency to indulge in delicacies that can round off forms or create inconveniences if you suffer from any affection for which those delicacies are contraindicated.

Astrologer advice:
Buy a jewellery, a luxury item or something beautiful for your house!


March 2018 brings you a lot of spiritual availability, an increased need to share feelings, thoughts, impressions, or information with a dear person, because Venus, the Libra master, was in the couple's house, along with Mercury.
In the last decade of March, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun help you to get more involved with each other and wins the desire to approach.
It feels a renewed adventure and is possible to make a change, facilitated by the triangle that forms between Mars, the master of the balancing couple's house, and Uranus.
The atmosphere could become more sober or tense after March 17, when Mars enters Capricorn, where she will meet Saturn and Pluto.
With the Sun in Libra house, in the first two decades of March 2018, you have the opportunity to remark, to strengthen your sphere of influence, to have more freedom of decision and action at a professional level.
You may have a remarkable achievement that will not only bring glory but also money thanks to the triangle formed between the Sun and Jupiter master of Libra, which is located in a house financial.
Teamwork, collaborations, and partnerships are enjoyable and beneficial. There may be new contracts or alliances or a positive restructuring of older co-operation.
The Libra physical tone is at moderate odds, and stress may increase in the second part of the month.
The first two decades of March 2018 show a growing interest in health, which seems to have more to do with resolving problems than with an illness.
If you know that you have certain issues to do (investigations, treatments, periodic checks), it is even advisable to take advantage of these first two decades, when you can enjoy goodwill relationships with the medical or therapeutic environment.

Astrologer advice:
Focus your attention to prevent possible accidents in the family or house damage!


March 2018 is a romantic month.
In the first two decades, the Sun crosses the house of love and sexuality of Scorpio, accentuating your passionate inclinations and erotic elan. Configuration is bringing a new love and is typical for periods of flirting, love, or sex life.
The first week was announced to be really excellent because Venus is still in the house of Scorpio love. With the Sun master of Scorpio career house, on March 7, Venus, the master of the couple's house, joins the house of work, seems that certain connections are created between sentimental and professional life. These could be concretized, with a partner or a colleague.
In March 2018 Scorpio's career house is transited by Venus and Mercury, to which the Sun has been added in the last decade. These transits talk about a favorable work environment, where you work with pleasure, you have good results, and your performances are remarked and appreciated.
It is a good time to exploit artistic or creative qualities, intellectual ability, and leadership, organizer or administrator skills.
In the first two decades, the Sun, the master of Scorpio's career house, is in a favorable sector that puts you in an advantageous light and gives you the opportunity to affirm.
In addition, the Sun makes a grand triangle with Jupiter, driving even more success into your way. With Jupiter in Scorpio, until the autumn you have confidence and vitality.
In March 2018, the position of the Sun increases the physical energy of the Scorpio's. The first two decades are particularly suited for sports, hiking, dancing, sex and other activities that demand vigor and enthusiasm.
On the other hand, March is suitable for medical procedures as well as for those who are in the form of diets, treatments or cosmetic procedures.

Astrologer advice:
In the second part of the month, beware of incidents that may occur in when you travel or the when handling dangerous objects!


In the first half of March 2018, the presence of Mars in Sagittarius inflates your feelings and urges you to come into play at the slightest challenge.
Beginning of the second week of the month, Venus, the planet of love, and Mercury, the master of Sagittarius' house, was in the house of love and sexuality. Putting things together results that March has a very amorous potential, and it is a sensual, very sentimental month. 
Now you can meet a new love or see how you can feel or relive an old love, have unpredictable erotic achievements, or you can indulge with new amorous experiments.
In the second part of the month, some complications cannot be ruled out. Mars urges you to act in the first part of March 2018, which is the most dynamic and most professional in terms of business.
Mercury, the master of Sagittarius' home, was in March all around Venus, the master of career house, which shows that there is harmony between the major goals and the daily work.
In addition, Mercury and Venus are located in a lucky sector, from where you can find yourself in a situation where you have much to gain. Sports and artistic activities are successful, and eventual launch or promotion campaigns are favored. Financially, in the second part of the month, you have more initiative, but there may be problems
In the first part of March 2018, there is an imbalance, a contradiction between the tendency to act and the need to evolve into a comfortable intimacy.
You have a lot of agitation and there is a tendency of impulsiveness, which can lead to conflicts or injuries. On the other hand, you have the kind of protection that makes things never go too bad.
In regard to health, you have a lot of energy and there doesn't seem to be any kind of problems.

Astrologer advice:
Keep your money, do not waste it, and do not get into risky financial operations!


Venus, the planet of love and master of Capricorn house of eroticism, was in Mercury's company throughout March 2018. The combination gives a note of prosperity, urges you to flirt and try new experiences.
Capricorn attractions are now moving toward agile and voluptuous partners with an agitated mind. Communication and mental compatibility have an essential role in choosing a partner, as well as in a good relationship. For couples of some age, the positioning of the Venus and Mercury planets indicates understanding, affection, and renewal in the home.
You may be successful in drafting a paper or collecting information, an exam or interview, a negotiation, a lecture, etc. Trade and business activities are also favored. 
March 2018 is a month in which you are very busy and you have all sorts of ideas. Ambiance and entrepreneurial spirit are accentuated after March 17, when Capricorn enters Mars. There is an interest in real estate, housing or homework and the family can support you in your career.
Money motivates you strongly, so you will do it.
In March 2018 it's hard to relax. You are always alert or in tension, and from the second part of the month, you have to face extra stress.
On March 17, Mars enters Capricorn, bringing you energy but also a bit of anxiety and irritability. It's the signal that you do well to make it easier, to leave it, to delegate some of the responsibility.
It is advisable to take care of yourself, to perform your regular medical check-ups, to follow the doctors' advice, to rest and to protect yourself from injuries.

Astrologer advice:
Try to see the good part of things and make some time for yourself!


March 2018 brings to Aquarius significant meetings, that can have sentimental relevance, possible relationships that are linked to the exchange of impressions and ideas, or to similar thoughts or shared intellectual preoccupations. 
Because Mercury, the master of the Aquarius love and sexuality house has been around the sensual Venus throughout March, the period has a great erotic load. Mental stimuli are those who act as an aphrodisiac, triggering desire, but the body responds with great intensity, giving sensations hard to forget. 
On the other hand, because the Sun, master of the Aquarius couple's house, is in the money house, the relationships are marked by practical, pecuniary interests.
Jupiter and the Sun in Capricorn financial house creates a predisposition for professional success and financial prosperity in the first two decades of March 2018.
It is one of those periods of the year in which Jupiter's promises materialize in full, bringing achievements that you can be proud of.
The problem is that not everybody enjoys your success, so be careful at details. Attention to backstage maneuvers, especially in the second part of the month! This month emphasizes the full potential of the intellect, brings precious information and brilliant ideas and is conducive to negotiations.
With Saturn, the traditional master of Aquarius, located in the twelfth house, you are in a period of about three years in which health calls for more careful care.
This is true in March 2018, especially after the 17th, when Saturn joins Mars. The combination can reveal hidden suffering, predisposes to fatigue, weight loss in the body, and crises or injuries that can limit their degrees of freedom.

Astrologer advice:
Join a course, learn something new, write, draw, do something with your hands!


The first week of March 2018 is particularly favorable to love: Venus, the planet of love, and Mercury, the master of the couple's house, is in Pisces. Nor can it combine more luck, happiness, fulfillment, and harmony in relationships! 
After the first week, Venus and Mercury go to the next sign, but they stay together, so the neighborhood of the optimist and sensual Venus is beneficial to Mercury, the master of the Pisces couple's house, for the rest of the month.
The feeling of sentimental satisfaction remains, but after March 7, the romantic note diminishes, making room for a more pragmatic attitude. Amorous or conjugal concerns are intertwined with material and perhaps professional ones.
In the first half of March 2018, Pisces career house is driven by Mars' presence. Leading leadership, entrepreneur, and fighter. You need a cause, a goal to be dedicated to. In the absence of such an objective, martian energy can manifest itself distorted, leading to indiscipline or troubles with superiors.
Probably things will be arranged by themselves because Pisces is transited by the Sun, the prestigious and great, which makes a very lucky triumph with Jupiter. This triangle brings opportunities, success, and prosperity.
Things are well on the financial side, especially in the first two decades and in the last decade, even if it may be marked by small delays.
The first week of March 2018 finds you in a form of a great day: energy, agility, adaptability, optimism, and goodwill. Vitality stays high at around the 20th.
The first two decades are, in fact, the most suitable for solving any medical or hygiene problems. 
The last decade of March may be more delicate, as the master of Pisces disease house is studying Mars and Saturn. In this part of the month, health problems may occur, so it is recommended that you take care of yourself.

Astrologer advice:
Set your target further, because it's time to do or plan something that goes beyond the boundaries you are now!

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