March horoscope 2019

March horoscope 2019

March horoscope 2019

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March horoscope 2019


In March,  Aries are open to socialize more and looking for any opportunity to find a love partner. An environment where you could meet interesting people is online. Equally favorable may be humanitarian activities, or you can meet someone at work.

The transit of Venus in Aries in March is favorable to couples already formed who have not been able to spend time with friends and acquaintances. Parties and meetings with loved ones can take you out of the harsh routine. 

Mercury is retrograde between 5 and 28 March 2019 in the house of sacrifices and subconscious. It is a good idea to make a serious professional balance, to think about whether the professional activity you doing is doing has a spiritual fulfillment or has become a burden and a source of stress.
You could focus on unfinished projects or you could make your work more efficient. It is important, however, not to exclude rest, because your energy can not increase due to discontent and irritation.

At the same time, planet Mars located in the house of money promises financial success and inspiration in the profitability of your activity. You know how to value and make yourself noticeable to your boss.
Mercury governs the Aries health home, which means you need longer rest periods. During this month it is advisable to pay attention to the spiritual side of life.

Astrologer advice:

In March, you should take the time to make order in your professional and sentimental life.



March is a time for Taurus to reconsider the future of an amorous relationship or how you look at love and the way you live your sentimental life. On March 6, 2019, Uranus returns to Taurus' house, so there is a 7-year period of personal revolution for Taurus. They will want more freedom and more independence, which can affect their couple life. Due to the planet Venus and Uranus in March 2019, Taurus find the energy needed to move towards a career that truly represents them - a career that brings independence and the opportunity to express themselves freely.

There are many opportunities for affirmation, and you know how to surprise others with some unique ideas that few would have thought about.
It is advisable to postpone financial decisions or important expenses in this period, especially online transactions.
Your health is good and you even plan new activities for personal reconfiguration.

Astrologer advice:

In March 2019, you should consider other ways to do things or try to act and look at it differently than usual.



Gemini will receive reproaches from their partner, these arguments are related to the fact that you put your career first.
March 2019 is dominated by Venus, which means it could be the right time for opening new horizons over the loving plan. It's time to raise your current relationship to higher standards or to regain a sense of friendship in your couple's life.

Professionally, it might be very helpful to rethink the idea of success or achievement in life. Many goals you considered to be defining your professional reputation may now seem meaningless. Some Gemini may have revealed their vocation and could thus prepare new strategies and professional plans.

Financial speaking, it is preferable to focus on identifying new income sources and paying existing debts, whether credits, taxes, taxes, etc.

Uranus transits the Gemini House in March 2019, therefore, inner agitation increases and, for some, it may be a destabilization of the state of health. This can be accentuated by overloaded stress, the accumulation of frustrations linked to the process of how your future plans evolve.

Astrologer advice:

Make time for family relationships.

Monthly horoscope


Some Cancers' in March 2019, prefer world fantasies to the detriment of reality. Your life partner will play an important role in keeping your feet on the ground.  

Due to the Venus planet, the Cancers house is activated in March 2019, so profound discussions are favored, that kind of communication that leads to creating or strengthening trust.
On a professional level, group projects, collaborations, and partnerships continue to benefit you, because Mars transits your house to socio-professional groups by March 31, 2019. 

You could even try to get sponsorship to improve your business. On the other hand, you may find that an investment made in recent years in the latest equipment, software or advanced technology is beginning to bring unexpected profits - even if so far fluctuating.

Cancer Health is as normal as it may be in March 2019. It may generate confusion about medical analysis or diagnosis. Between March 15-17, 2019, Mercury allies with Jupiter, this means, you can be more sensitive or controversial.

Astrologer advice:

Clarify some partnerships or misunderstandings in March 2019. It is recommended to make time for yourself, for rest, for relaxing activities.



March 2019 is dominated by Uranus, which means that single Leos' can find love in the professional environment or in the business circle. Love can be born suddenly, but just as suddenly it can end or prove unstable.

Leos' are very active in their career in March 2019, feeling to change, to innovate, to revolutionize what you are doing, and very unexpected collaborations can be born to open up special perspectives on the professional future. You should avoid major investments, signing contracts and financial negotiations, and a savings plan should be your priority.
The health of the Leos' in March 2019 is very good, but you could accumulate many frustrations because of delays that occur mainly in financial terms.

Astrologer advice:

Learn to be wiser, treat things with calm and patience, make order in your priorities and everything will work out well.



March 2019 is dominated by communication processes and the reevaluation of a love affair or how you relate in general. In solid, long-lasting couples, there is the issue of revising long-term plans. Nervous tensions or difficulties in your speech may be a problem. Maybe you'd better try to let things evolve in their own rhythm.

Mercury transits Virgo house in March 2019, which means you will not have spectacular career benefits or professional collaborations. There are also Virgo's who,  find that certain business partnerships actually hinder their ascension, their professional development. Analyze things with patience and do not rush to draw conclusions. It is not excluded to get a job offer in another city or a bit of unexpected luck. Venus transits the Virgo health house by March 26, 2019, which means your health will be vigorous, but it is good to beware of allergies and excesses of all kinds.

Astrologer advice:

The flexibility of communication is the key to success and a harmonious relationship.


For Libra, March 2019 will be a period to meet new people, new flirting that can easily transform into a love affair. Because the Sun activates your partnership house in March, you have all the chances to meet a potential partner with serious intentions.
There will be moments of jealousy between March 19-23, 2019, all because of Mars the planet that activates the house of pride and possessiveness.

The New Moon from March 6, 2019, takes place right Libras' career and health house, this means that there will be new professional initiatives, maybe even a new job. Avoid as much as possible signing contracts and verbal negotiations in March 2019, and carefully scrutinizing the promises made by dubious people. It is better to postpone the implementation of your projects during this period and give up professional activities that are no longer profitable.

Starting March 26 Venus brings fresh luck to your career, it is possible to pay a debt by striving for a better job. Mercury's retrogradation in Libra's health house could generate confusion in March 2019, an erroneous diagnosis, or just some symptoms that are in your imagination. Book a specialist and eliminate unnecessary worries.

Astrologer advice:

Money is a cause of instability in March 2019, avoids spending on credit at any price.



Mercury is downgrading between 5 and 29 March, as intensive passions and romance can lead to extremely complicated situations.
The New Moon on March 6, 2019, is also home to Scorpio eroticism, so they have a special impetus to enter into new relationships or to renew something in love life. In support of love, Venus comes after March 26, 2019, when he begins his journey through Scorpio house. Single Scorpions may have greater chances to find someone with serious intentions and couples can slowly navigate to harmony.

Career is the last thing Scorpions think about in March 2019, your mind is directed only at fun and dreaming for vacations and adventures.
There are also Scorpions who want to get into the professional hierarchy by demonstrating their skills.

Financially speaking, you are not necessarily inspired and willing to risk or spend too much on the fun, even wasting some of the savings made with effort over the years. Avoid financial speculation, because you could easily become a target of scams, in your desire make effortless money.

Once Uranus leaves Scorpio's house of health work,  you will regain your power of concentration and the stress will disappear by wonder.

Astrologer advice:

Be open to relational change and try to be more flexible!



In March, Sagittarius is more open to meditation, the need to rest more is due to Mercury planet. If you married, you may feel very well alongside your partner and together, planning to reorganize your house life. For some Sagittarius, March 2019, may be an opportunity to reconsider the possibility of moving with your loved one.

Professionally, you need to analyze closely the associations, collaborations, contracts. Some Sagittarius will realize that the current job is not exactly what they want to do, the re-qualification option is a perfect solution, or even to transform a hobby into a home business.

The family is real support in your financial situation, maybe for a real estate project, and that will allow you to pamper yourself with small shopping sessions.
Sagittarius will feel the need for more rest and laziness in March 2019, and the management of physical and mental energy can be difficult due to Mars in the health house.

Astrologer advice:

Do not force the course of financial partnerships, let things come by itself, even if you have many plans for the future.



In March 2019, some Capricorns, married or alone, may feel the need to reconfirm their value or power of seduction by flirting more often and perhaps even more ostentatiously. For Capricorns who are already part of senior couples, communication is particularly important in March 2019, and with the New Moon on March 6, 2019, you will find new ways to convey your message and wishes so that your partner will understand them correctly.

At work, some Capricorns may have some misunderstanding with their colleagues, bosses, and financial fiction will be as stable as possible during this period, may leverage gains from speculative moves. Try to be more friendly with those you work with, socialize more, this can open up new opportunities and create new relationships.
If you want to change your lifestyle radically, it is good to delay this month, because there is a risk of creating some complications for your health that you had weren't aware of.

Astrologer advice:

Be cautious when traveling with business, it would not hurt to always have a backup plan in any situation.



Mercury retrograde in Aquarius relationship and money house is a good opportunity to re-evaluate your couple's financial habits. House and family expenses, an important investment or a real estate credit could create a real obstacle in the relationship with your spouse/husband.

Some Aquarius can fall into the trap of buying someone's attention and this is a bad attitude when you want to conquer someone. If you feel alone, instead of buying a relationship, enjoy the company of friends.

Starting 6 March 2019, new financial ideals are favored, but also a new vision of how you gain and how you manage your resources. March is generally not a good period for common investment, you will have a financial gain but this will create misunderstandings and frustrations. For Aquarius who feel overwhelmed by their past or maybe a chronic health problem, it is advisable to look for relaxation methods such as reading or meditation.

Astrologer advice:

If you know you deserve more for your work, then ask more. Accept the help of a loved one or at least consider advice coming from someone close to you.



March 2019, is a time when communication issues and misunderstandings are at the forefront of Pisces. It is recommended to use the sensitivity you are capable of, comprehension and compassion to get close to the soul of your life partner. If you are alone, searching for love, be cautious with the people you meet, because you tend to create some illusions.

Professional speaking, you are very easy to notice in March 2019, although there may be a risk of over-evaluation. You make a good impression, you are confident in your own strengths and you can find it easy to work.

The financial situation improves after March 20, 2019, when the Sun begins its transit through the money house, can see real financial progress and it is worth trying to ask more for the work done. 

Good news is that Uranus leaves Pisces money house on 6 March 2019, and that means you should expect improvement in your financial situation in the next few months. 

In your career, friends can help you a lot, only if you are willing to learn something new, maybe even ask advice from specialists. In March 2019, you are excited, you have great plans willing to look after your image and the well-being of your body. In a word, spoiled, be it a massage session, or a short holiday, it can have a great impact on your health. 

Astrologer advice:

Do not try to impose your points of view, listen to the opinions of colleagues or specialists.



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