May horoscope 2018

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May horoscope 2018


Social life of the Aries is quite active in May 2018, which helps to break the couples monotony and good news for single Aries, who try to find their soulmate.
You have a rare power to be very convincing, attracting everyone's attention and manipulating people to reach your goals. However, in the 7th and 8th of May, you need to pay attention to a predisposition towards idealization and self-indulgence towards a person you feel attracted. This person can bring some risk or even loss to your finances. Maybe it would not hurt to remember that love does not cost.
Beginning with the second half of May 2018, although contradictory discussions are possible, Aries family lie is improving. 
May 2018 ends on an intense note with jealousy, constraints, or sentimental preface.
The first part of May 2018, especially the 7th and 8th days, can be marked by confusion in financial and professional terms.
Agitation and excitement do not help you at all, but increase the risk of an argument with colleagues and bosses, especially after May 11th. If you manage to control yourself,  you have the best professionally progress.

May May 2018 can bring you salary growth, additional earnings or good money-related benefits. If you are convinced that you deserve more for your work, it is time to ask for more. But do not expect to be easy! Make your calculations at home, go to the heads or associates prepared with statistics, graphs, concrete data, well-checked accounts, not just words, ambitions, and claims.
In the middle of the month, unexpected spending may occur, and it is recommended that you watch out for some entourage people.
After May 20th, it's best not to overspend money on things that you might not need, but try to put something apart or ask someone with some experience to help you invest properly.
In May 2018,  Aries have a lot of energy, but they may have a tendency to waste it on conflicts, confrontations, and annoyances.
It is advisable to make your efforts so that you do not get exhausted or a state of continual irritation and excitement.
If you feel like you want to fight everyone, it's time to redirect your energy to more intense physical activity: go to the gym, spend more time outdoors, climb the mountain, run. Otherwise, you may be injuring or causing important damage at home or at work.
You could invest in a martial arts subscription, fitness, dance, etc. or in a healthier lifestyle.
It would not hurt to take some vitamins and get enough time to rest.

Astrologer advice:
Make time to gather in your home, get involved in housework, and do not neglect your health!



In May 2018, it is necessary to show much tact to keep the sentimental relationship or marriage in harmony If you insist on keeping yours alone, especially when it comes to housing arrangements and necessary investments, tensions can continue to grow progressively. Thus, after 11 May, more frequent arguments may occur and is advisable to take into account the wishes of the couple. Fortunately, reconciliations can become particularly passionate.
Beginning with May 13, Taurus becomes more interested in the opposite sex and can enjoy flirting, adventures, or a revival of intimate life, especially if they are part of old couples, where routine and boredom are at home.
Many Taurus are able to reevaluate their marriage and become more conscious of what does not work harmoniously in couple life.
Solutions are out of reach, although your partner may have periods when it is not willing to make concessions. It is advised act with patience, to be conciliatory, to devote more time to open discussions, from soul to soul, to the person you love. If you do, May 2018 can end in a warm atmosphere of harmony and understanding.
With Mercury, the planet of Taurus money, in transit through the seventh house until May 13, 2018, the financial situation is not very clear, and you should be more careful about what you do with resources you have. It is not necessary to make big plans and it is advisable to be cautious because you are more prone to loss due to inattentiveness.
On a professional level, things tend to stagnate in the first half of the month and is recommended to make a reassessment of goals and direction in life.
On May 15, 2018, Uranus, the planet that governs your career and socio-professional status, entered into Taurus, announcing changes and overturns of the situation. You may feel the need to revolutionize something, to the surprise of those around you.
On May 17, 2018, the planet of action, Mars, activates your career and may feel that things are moving in the desired direction, but rather through collaborations and partnerships. It is advisable to be open to negotiations and concessions. 
On 19 May 2018, Venus, the Taurus master, entered the house of communication. Thus, the last decade of May is beneficial for meetings to make you heard, especially on a professional level. This period is profitable for business relationships, sign contracts, decide on the terms of associations that promise to be successful, clear possible misunderstandings with collaborators, business partners, or colleagues.
It is advisable to be as active as possible especially in the relationship.
The sun stays in Taurus until May 21, 2018, providing you with energy, vitality, and a predisposition to see things in an optimistic way. This is particularly favorable to people who have chronic health problems because they may have acute periods especially in the middle of the month.
There is no need to worry: if you care for yourself and listen to the doctor's advice, you will feel much better.

Astrologer advice:
Do an effort to resist unnecessary expenses! Do not expect to win money without fear or financial speculation!


Venus, the master of Gemini's love house, was in Gemini until 19 May 2018, so your love is shown without resurrection. This period you keep flirting, conquering, sentimental games, seduction, and challenges, enjoying meeting new lovers.
You should be careful not to send the wrong message because your flirting blush can be misinterpreted if you are married so that you can replicate the lack of confidence.
The temptations are high in May 2018, including extra-conjugal relationships, but it is recommended to think very well before taking any actions.
Jupiter, the governor Gemini marriage house, forms a beautiful triangle with Neptune, an aspect that paves the way for reconciliation, romance, and the discovery of common ideas and directions in the couple. Especially after May 18, many Gemini can enjoy the support and understanding of their life partner. Not everything is only milk and honey. On May 25-27, 2018 you may feel the need to be more reluctant, more stingy in the manifestation of love, or to have the impression that your loved one does not appreciate you and behaves selfishly.
Money can be a matter of dispute in the couple. There are boundaries, but this way you can figure out whether you build relationships on a solid basis or not.
At the beginning of May 2018, it would be a good idea to stay away from people who gossip with you, gossip about you, which may affect your socio-professional reputation. It is advisable to be discreet and especially mindful of the fact that between you and your associates and or your business partners there are unclear things, misunderstandings.
There's a lot of agitation in the workplace, more pride, more intrigue, and you might have to run around, which can make you nervous. The second half of May 2018 might be favorable for business trips.
Money can escape easily through your fingers, especially if you are influenced by others, especially by your friends. Do not be afraid to spend much on your credit and do not postpone the payment of rates or fees!
Certain benefits you might expect would be delayed, so it is advisable to be wise how you handle the longer your finances.
You can not rely on your spouse's or wife's income because it may be down or your partner may not agree with the investments you want to make. It is advisable to avoid financial speculation and gambling and not to spend money to the left and right to make an impression.
Stomach problems might upset you, therefore, it is advisable to look for activities and to relieve you. Perhaps it would be good for some meditation or massage, a SPA subscription, etc.
On May 21, 2018, the Sun enters Gemini, and your vitality and energy is noticeably improved. You have a better tone and a more optimistic vision of life.
But there are moments of physical weakness and stress caused by various fears. It would not hurt to make some routine checks and set up rest periods.

Astrologer advice:
Be thrilling, do not spend on your real possibilities and you will find that, in fact, you have as much as you can!



With Jupiter retrograde in Cancer love house, and with Saturn retrograde in the home of relationships, involve a lot of work, and you can not even expect spectacular results. Be patient, perseverant, and not be stuck in the past!
Until May 16, 2018, Mars is next to Saturn and Pluto in Cancer relationships house, is urging more involvement, more commitment, and maturity. If you start to feel choked and pressed,  is time to take a break!
The ups and downs of the situation may be more present between May 11 and 19, 2018, after which reconciliations are favored. It is advisable not to feel resentful but to try to mobilize your life and strive to work together to repair and strengthen the couple's relationship. It is a good time to look at things in the long run and to establish common answers.
May 16, 2018, Mars, the planet of Cancer love, enters the eight house and marks the beginning of a period when you could get up on your passions, fatal attractions, and extramarital temptations. Intimate life receives a strong impetus even in old couples, where hopes seemed lost, at least in this chapter. It is advisable to be cautious, especially with regard to the people you have just encountered, as there is the risk of getting into complicated, conflicting situations, or emotional choosing.
Venus, the planet of relationships and love, enters Cancer on May 19, 2018, encouraging a more active social life that can get you out of celibacy or drive away the monotony of couple life.
There is notable progress in the professional plan. Opportunities appear to sign new contracts or to attract new customers or partners. Maybe things are not as fast as you want. It is time to review some older understandings and collaborations, renegotiate the terms of impassioned contracts, and evade as much as possible litigation.
The second half of May 2018 is much better and favors group projects or projects with a social or even humanitarian impact.
At the beginning of May, the money is not as much as you like, so you could be tempted to turn to the limit of the law, especially in the last decade. Avoid complicating your life unnecessarily, because you can not get the desired benefits!
It is only from May 14th, 2018 that the situation seems to blow up and there may be additional revenue, possibly a consistent award. But it is advisable to pay the expenses. If it is difficult to decide, it is preferable to postpone the important financial decisions and large investments, especially since May 21, 2018. This is the time when the Sun, the master of Cancer's money, begins its transit through the seventh house and it increases the risk of loss of carelessness, neglect, but perhaps of greed.
Agitation in sentimental or couple life, as well as your efforts to be better or to understand how to do it, can make you mentally exhausted. Intention could lead to injuries caused by rush or desire to force things.
If you can not avoid confrontation, it is advisable to find time for relaxing activities that you like, for example, a hobby. You will be remounted.

Astrologer advice:

Pay more attention to possible legal issues you are facing, especially if it's about inheritance, shares, common goods, taxes, taxes, debts to banks!


At the beginning of May 2018, you might say that you are too busy with work and do not have time for your loved ones, the couple, the children, the house or for responsibilities. Open and calm conversations with your half can be beneficial and help you find together the best solutions for restoring harmony. It is important to demonstrate by facts that you are involved, that you are willing to put effort.
There may be Leo who tends to break up the relationship in the second decade of the month.
From May 16, 2018, Mars activates the relationship between home and marriage, and adds more enthusiasm, passion, but can awaken your domineering instinct. Anxious to bring marriage to a happy point can lead to conflicts, especially if you are in a relationship with a couple with older problems. 
Jupiter, the master of the Leo house, is still in a seemingly retrograde way, which indicates delays in trying to conquer someone, confusion about certain relationships that you are no longer sure if you are just friends or something more. Also, the family seems to disapprove your love life.
Career is at the forefront of Leo concerns throughout May 2018.
With the Sun in the social life house until May 21 and with Venus, the master of the Leo, in the twelfth house until May 19th, you will become very visible, remarked, you will get a promotion,  you will receive a distinction. With effort, you make a name, strengthen your socio-professional reputation, and open new perspectives for future success. Even the financial situation can be improved and felt. In addition to direct earnings, through work and effort, some Leos can unlock access to finance, loans, earnings through associations. 
The professional activities, the atmosphere and the rhythm at the workplace are particularly demanding throughout May 2018. You may often have the impression that you are fighting with windmills, that you are not progressing, that there are obstacles everywhere, that you can not rely on anyone other than yourself.
Mars' presence at Leo's home until May 16, 2018, provides you with the physical and mental energy needed to drive, to advance professionally. Most likely, you will have to do all of this by yourself, because you can not rely on others for the time being.
The efforts you have to make both in professional and sentimental life can exhaust you if you do not set up a clear program of relaxation and rest. You may lose your immune system or come into a vicious circle of unfounded worry and nervousness.
Fatigue can easily lead to inattention, where the risk of injuries can occur. It is advisable to be as careful as possible.

Astrologer advice:
Make time and family issues that you have neglected so far!


Virgo sentimental relations are more troublesome, more vicious at the beginning of May 2018. You passing pretty quickly from lack of trust, suspicions, and jealousy, to a predisposition to embellish long-term prospects.
Some Virgo dreams of formalizing a sentimental relationship, but it is not a good time to make such decisions. Moreover, it is difficult to bind something, for both Jupiter, the master of Virgo relationships, and Saturn, the master of the love house are in a seemingly retrograde way.
 You can take advantage of the particularly harmonious look between Jupiter and Neptune and try to communicate with more tolerance, love, and forgiveness, and with confidence in your loved one.
The second half of May 2018 is conducive to reconciliation, clarification, intellectual and spiritual harmony, and the discovery of solutions for couple life. Unites you could even go together on a trip, to disconnect stress and reconnect emotionally.
On May 19, 2018, Venus enters the Virgo eleventh house, favoring a more active social life, friendships perhaps even a love story with a person you've only been in friendly relationships so far.
Taking into account that Venus, the Virgo money house, transits your tenth house, and then May 19th, 2018, eleventh house, you see important gains in work, but perhaps through government programs or contracts with the state. Also, due to their professional achievements, they could become famous or in public attention, becoming more confident in their own resources, personal value and ability to obtain financial independence.
In the last decade of the month, earnings come from group projects or friends, who integrate you into a business or open your doors to important people for your professional and financial future. It benefits you from engaging in organizations, corporations, large companies.
Mercury, the master of the Virgo and of the Virgo career, is until May 13, 2018, in the eight house, then moves into the ninth house and is involved in a multitude of dynamic but not without difficulties. So to get financial support from others - be they lovers, friends, relatives or banks, government, etc. - you have to go through tense moments, sprinkled with arguments, controversy, suspicion.
Uranus, the governor of Virgo career house joins Mercury in the ninth house, starting at May 15. Consequently, the second half of May 2018 may be fruitful in traveling for professional reasons. May 16, 2018, Mars dynamizes the Virgo house of work, which adds boldness, desire to experience new working methods, but also a tendency towards rigidity in thinking and inflexibility in relationships with colleagues or subordinates.
Too many journeys can be tired and you can get over. A number of older conditions can cause you health problems or show signs of chronic pain. Therefore, it is very important to care for yourself without panic.

Between 13 and 19 May 2018, you are more prone to all sorts of accidents, especially at work. It is advisable to be cautious and avoid sudden gestures and dangerous situations.

Astrologer advice:
Watch out for unnecessary financial risks, pay your debts, and show more tact at work! Promote your business online more actively!



The Libra couple life is agitated in May 2018. There can be many unexpected changes regarding your home,but also with your life partner.
It is necessary to make judgments and disputes about a credit, or common budgets, especially after May 15, 2018, when Uranus leaves Libra partnership home and moves into intimacy home. And the fact that you are not too open to communication, to express what your needs are and what you can expect from your partner does not help much.
After May 15, the themes of couple life begin to relate to intimacy, mutual trust, shared resources and their management, secrets and extramarital relationships.
Mars, the planet of the Libra relations, passes through the fourth house until May 16, 2018, then enters in the fifth house of Libra, indicating the concern of your couple for housing, for the integrity of the family and for the children. With Mars in fifth house, passions can surprise, the partner draws you back to the beginning, and your power of attraction grows.
If you do not have a partner yet, you can easily find it, but it is advisable to take care of it because you can attract people who already have other obligations.
The critical period for Libra from a sentimental point of view is May 11-19, 2018, then things get lighter, more harmonious. Now you can discuss constructively unpleasant subjects, you can easily make more difficult decisions.
You are very preoccupied with finding a way to increase your income, but especially in the first decade of May 2018, you tend to illusions, to unhealthy optimism, to unrealistic estimates of possibilities to win. Money does not come easy but they come eventually, and it has to be managed with caution, so do not to waste them on unnecessary things that you think can improve your image.
Business partnerships or certain associations can become unstable, go through more troubled moments, and need a redefining or revising terms, financial checks, renegotiations.
But it also tends to show unexpected spending, which can destabilize your budget if you are not overwhelmed.
Career, reputation, and socio-professional status are promising after May 19, 2018, when Venus, the Libra master, starts transiting the tenth house. They are more likely to say, they are remarked or promoted beyond expectations, your efforts are recognized, appreciated, rewarded.
The personal life of Libra is loaded with a stressful agitation which can have repercussions on health. Fortunately, get support from your family, which can mean a lot to your morale.
Between May 13 and May 2018, it is advisable to be careful because there is a predisposition to injuries, injuries, falls. Take it easy!

Astrologer advice:

Do not deceive your life mate! If you are single, do not involve in an affair with married people, no matter how tempting the situation is!



In May 2018, Scorpio concerns is love, relationship, sexuality, passion, and romance.
Beginning May 13, Mercury stimulates the house of partnerships and marriage, urging dialogue, confessions, clarification. It is time to open your soul to the person you love.
Until May 19, 2018, Venus, the governor of Scorpio's relationships, is found in the eighth house, and the Sun lights up the house of partnerships until May 21. Therefore, a hot period of passions, fatal attractions and promises are announced, restoring intimacy and mutual trust in older couples. It is also possible to talk about marriage, renewing commitments, sharing resources for good relationship, mutual trust, and loyalty.
An important moment for Scorpio is Uranus' entry on in partnership and marriage house on May 15, 2018. This transition is long, until 2026, and marks a period of redefinition and revolutions, surprises and overturnings, ruptures or marriages.
The harmonious appearance between the governors of the house of Scorpio's love, Jupiter, and Neptune, inspires throughout May 2018 a romantic, dreamlike, perhaps too idealistic, love affair. You are willing to forgive, to make room for the other, no matter how hard it is to believe, you can become faithful. Therefore, caution is advised, especially in new relationships. Some Scorpio's compete in promises to impress at any risk losing your mate. The end of the month is favorable to Scorpio's who only want short-term relationships.
Throughout May 2018, professional development, good business, and earnings depend on partnerships, joint ventures, and investments.
On the other hand, Jupiter, the Scorpio's revenue manager, is retrograde. Therefore, as many benefits would come from the others, if you do not manage money correctly you will lose all investments that come from partnerships.

It is advisable to show yourself self-esteem and control your predisposition to the argument and the tendency to impose your point of view. Negotiation requires you to stay calm.
Beginning May 11, 2018, very good conditions are created to sign new contracts, get new customers, join or participate in a group investment, but misunderstandings are not lacking. Between May 13 and 19, a series of alliances or disagreements can shake the ground, and it can hurt something that works well, just out of pride. Narrower rivalries and controversies are born, and with Saturn retrograde in the third house, you can not find your words easily.
The concentration capacity increases after May 18, 2018, and leads you to financial decisions and good business. It increases your popularity and, along with popularity, increases your income too.
In the first half of May 2018, you are energetic, sociable and confident in your own forces. But nervousness and predisposition to excess from the middle of the month can exhaust you and cause digestive trouble.
Fatigue can be installed gradually, and it would be good to regularly withdraw from your family, spend more time at home, recharge your physical and emotional batteries.
It is not advisable to start repairing the house, especially if you are not good at it. You could hurt yourself seriously.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid possessiveness, jealousy and the need to manipulate! You can lose a lot, both sentimentally and professionally.


For Sagittarius, May 2018 is favorable to love.
It is a good time to make your feelings known to someone, to start the first contact, or to confess your love.
After May 13, 2018, you are more willing to make an effort, work for your marriage, or bring an amorous relationship to the stage where you can make long-term commitments with your loved one.

However, there are no disagreements about money or how much it is worth each other's eyes. You can reproach that you are not too serious about your career or that you can do more to increase your income.
As of May 21, 2018, the Sun lightens the house of Sagittarius' partnerships and is in good relationship with Mars, the planet that governs love house. Long distance love is favored or a solution is found for a distance relationship to work best. 
If you are single, during this time you could become acquainted with an interesting person to make you dream of marriage, with whom to feel like life is a real adventure of knowledge.
It looks like money has been giving you headaches for some time, and their administration is getting harder. May 2018 brings a series of maturity tests on revenue and resources.
Your professional and financial ambitions are great and is time to use your creativity, cultivate your talents, diversify your skills, talk to your boss if you have any discontent.
With retrograde Saturn, along with Pluto and Mars, in Sagittarius' money house, you have the opportunity to build patiently clear strategies for the long term, to think carefully what you have to pay and what you get.
It is possible that some of the money you expect may be delayed, or only partially paid.
Mercury, the Sagittarius' career planet, entered May 13, 2018, in the workplace, followed by Uranus on May 15th. If you do not like the activity you're doing, or if you want to change your business, now would be the right time. This may require a series of investments and you may need to strap the belt for a while, but your efforts will be rewarded in the long run.
The financial situation is improving in the last decade of the month.
Jupiter, the master of Sagittarius, is apparently retrograde in Sagittarius twelfth house, which may predispose to internalization, discretion, and meditation, but also to victimization.
Older health issues can be reactivated and it is advisable to give them proper attention. Ask for a second opinion, look for a well-qualified specialist, invest in your health!

Astrologer advice:

Attention to everything that relates to real estate and property transactions!  Being too optimistic estimates can lead to losses.



You might say that you only care about yourself, that you impose too many limits on your loved one. To feel safe, many Capricorns try to establish rules and boundaries relationships, but you need to act cautiously because you could trigger conflicts instead of being constructive.
With Saturn, Capricorn's master, who is retrograde in Capricorn, you are more confused.  It is advisable to evict any kind of decisive action in terms of couple life.
Beginning with May 15, 2018, Uranus will find himself in Capricorn's love house for seven years and promises unexpected things. You are more disinhibited, more keen for change, novelty and flirting in love life, whether you are married or not.
The Sun, master of Capricorn's intimate home, is located until 21 May 2018 in the house of love, flirtation,

You should start a diet or a healthier lifestyle and try to reorganize your program and life rhythm by May 21st, to find a balance between work, adventure and rest.
The family can help restore mental balance.

You have moments of romance, reconnection with your partner, discover that you are loved and appreciated that you have a share in everything that matters to you.
It's time to bring out the weapons of seduction, to express your feelings without hesitation to a person who likes it. If you are looking for love, it is time to act with more confidence in yourself.
Venus, governor of Capricorn's love house, has been in the house of partnerships and marriage since 19 May, bringing understanding and harmony. Give your loved one the opportunity to get you out of the bad state. If you feel alone, it's just because you tend to reject everyone.

Work well with pleasure, even if financially things tend to stagnate.
Until May 21, 2018, financial speculation is avoided, especially if you have the money of others, money from credits, or funds contributed by your associates or your life partner. For example, too high ambitions can lead you to risky gestures, and you might endanger a real estate if you do not manage a credit closely.
From May 16, Mars activates its house of money and personal resources, and as of May 21, the Sun illuminates its work and health home. Mars and the Sun, rise in each other and their energy leads you to professional decisions that increase your income, to more efficiency and diligence.
Put yourself at ease at work, find the most effective ways to ask for a salary increase or a reorganization of your work schedule. It is recommended, however, not to be excessively insistent.
Avoid getting angry and taking things as they are!
In the last decade of the month, workplace communication is improved, but business relationships with affiliates may be more strained.
You accumulate frustration and tension, and they can burst in an unexpected and destructive way or cause health problems. You might have some bone pain or scratch your nausea and traumatize your jaw.
It would be nice to have time for a hobby, for love, for activity, and to relax.
Astrologer advice:
Be more careful about family or home issues and do not rush to a move! Measure well any kind of investment!



The first two decades of May 2018 are marked by difficulties to with your partner. Things are more likely to arise, and money can be a sensitive issue.
Your partner might be unhappy about how you manage common resources, a real estate loan, or other home and family issues. Do not try to escape the responsibilities!
It is advisable to make time for family life for children even if you are more interested in going out with your friends.
On May 16, 2018, Mars enters Aquarius and tends to become too vehement in expression, risking to offend your life partner.
The situation begins after May 21, when the Sun, the governor of the Aquarian partnership house, enters the love house, flirtation and romance, and Mercury is harmoniously looked upon. It is possible to start a new love affair or to regain the appetite for flirting, playing. 
Your success with the opposite sex is exhilarating, especially if you are single. Aquarius marriages may be tempted by extramarital relationships, but these are not at all recommended.
Mars 'presence in seventh house until May 16, 2018, and Jupiter's retrograde transit in Aquarius' tenth house, indicated a favorable period for career development and improvement of socio-professional status. It would be more appropriate to make a balance sheet, a careful review of future aspirations and the financial impact with certain decisions may have.
Jupiter and Neptune, the governors of Aquarius money, are harmonious, amplifying their intuition, but also idealism or self-immolation. There may be a tendency to ignore certain financial issues and to focus unnecessarily on grandiose, long-running but unrealistic projects.

Between 11 and 19 May 2018, a real estate or business development could give you a head start. It may be a matter of partition or of complications. But for your luck, after 20 May, there are ways to solve, unblock and clarify, and you are welcome to get unsubstantiated support, uncovering unnecessary resources. If you master your nerves and anxiety, you can turn things in your favor. Otherwise, everything can be complicated and can turn into chaos. At work, you are more requested in the last days of the month, when the chiefs decide to test their knowledge and skills and give you more work. No matter how difficult it may seem, it is up to you to affirm and demonstrate that you are at the height of their expectations.
Physical form is much better after May 16, when Mars enters Aquarius, providing you with plenty of energy. However, throughout May 2018 there was a risk of infection or accentuation of the symptoms of chronic affections.
Towards the end of the month, it is recommended to evade excesses of any kind.
If you have to travel, drive cars or handle machines, you should be aware that you are more prone to injuries.

Astrologer advice:

Engage more in the life of the couple, try to understand the point of view of your life partner!




The money remains in May 2018 the sensitive subject of the Pisces couple's life.
You may have the impression that it is impossible to reach a common point with your life partner. You may not get the rent money or the rates of a real estate loan and have divergent views on the best solution. You might have high expectations from your life partner, but this is not the solution for your problems.  
To restore harmony in couple life, it takes a lot of tact, patience, and openness to what your partner wants too. 
From May 19th 2018, Venus activates the house of Pisces love, and your heart will smile again. Are you more willing to leave, to forgive, to seduce, to conquer?
A romantic gesture at the right time could rekindle the flame of passion in certain couples and many Pisces have the opportunity to regain the pleasure of intimacy.
The last decade of May 2018, is favorable for Pisces who have been struggling for some time to conquer someone. At the end of May 2018, even marriage plans can be made, only the date will not be set as quickly as it would.
The financial situation depends greatly on your ability to cooperate with a group, to get involved in  projects or to integrate socially. You may be too attached to your conceptions of the world and life and how things should be done, and that's why you are not easily accepted in certain circles.
Opportunity will shine after May 10, 2018, when unexpected partnerships or collaboration, new contracts, etc. may appear. But nothing works by itself, effortlessly, without flexibility, dialogue, and financial concessions.
May 16, 2018, Mars, the master of Pisces career house, enters the seventh house, which may mean an attraction to financial spirits at the limit of the law, to dubious business as well as a predisposition to spend too much, without limit, to forget the stress and grievances. The predisposition to exaggerated spending for fun, for the loved one or for the children is also accentuated by the presence of Venus in the house of echilibrum, starting May 19th.
Regarding your profession and career, it would be advisable to reassess your studies, possibly take up a specialization, take qualification exams that you have postponed or that you have dropped in the past to enhance the socio-professional progress.
You are not in the best shape and it may revive a series of pains and chronic affections that can depress you. Or, maybe, you're not worried about a deaf pain. Even if the issues seem small, it is advisable to take the appropriate steps as soon as possible.
In the second half of the month, nervousness can be increased, greater impulsivity, and the danger of injuries can exhaust you mentally.
Your return to spirituality or religion may be helpful.

Astrologer advice:
Friends do not have a good influence on you at this time, and it's hard to decide what you want. Be patient and cautious!

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  • missmv1 (link) | 19/01/2019
Hi Anastasia, thank you for taking the time to read my articles. I will look into the source of info you show me.

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