November horoscope 2018

November horoscope 2018

November horoscope 2018



November for Aries begins with tensions in couple life. Because of the planets that are transiting your star, November 2018 favors reconciliation and constructive approach to couple delicate topics.
The second half of November is full of optimism and the desire to conquer new horizons, both intellectually and amorously. 
In November 2018 you somehow have high aspirations, you are motivated to study or start a project involving intellectual energy. Now you have the opportunity to specialize in what you like to do, but also to review your professional goals and your expectations in terms of career development or to find a new job.

From a financial point of view, things are not very clear and you need to review the plans, to reassess the finances, reduce the debt, and establish a saving strategy.

After November 16, 2018, it is advisable to seek the advice of qualified persons or financial advisers. The Aries' enthusiasm is sometimes undermined by a crisis of victimization or confidence in their own forces.

On November 16, 2018, Mars the governor of Aries, enters the home of illness, therefore your greatest enemy is yourself, especially if you suddenly go from the idea that everyone is against you.

Since Mercury leads Aries health, it is advisable to be more careful with your physical and mental state, especially in the second half of the month.

Astrologer advice:

You should not have any expectations from others, try to be more realistic and calculate any movement with much accuracy.



In November 2018, sentimental life of Taurus is passionate and you will have more emotional moments with your loved one.
This month Mercury the governor of Taurus love house is creating some situations when you might fall in love with a person who has hidden intentions or try to profit financially from you. Some Taurus may be tempted to re-establish a relationship with a former partner, so be careful of the intentions of everyone who is trying to sneak into your heart.
Your financial situation in November 2018 is shaken and caution is needed, especially during the second half of the month, when Mercury, the money-generating planet, is relegated to the house of common goods (your family's budget). 
Since November 8, some Taurus start a healthy financial reorganization, you will receive support from close people, and association with others will be in your best interest, all you have to do is be careful about managing your finances.
Many Taurus are thinking of changing their jobs, but they cannot make this step because they are not decided what they want to do with their career, they do not have a well-defined plan.
Your energy will be consumed mostly by how you react to new situations, which means that your health will be vulnerable. It is advisable to reorganize your program and find a balance between work schedule, personal life and rest.

Astrologer advice:
Try to be patient with your life partner, do not try to be possessive, it's not the case. If you want a harmonious relationship, you have to talk openly with the loved one, without imposing anything.


November 2018 begins with important decisions for many Gemini. Decisions on marriage or the formalization of a relationship will be the main priority earlier this month. Another decision may be related to establishing a situation with someone who supports you financially, you will need to clarify whether it is just about friendship or it might turn into a love relationship. 
Thanks to Jupiter, some Gemini will have unexpected beneficial meetings with people from other cultures that can open your mind for new opportunities or new areas of activity.
On the professional side, the situation is on the rise from November 16, 2018, when Mars enters  Gemini career. This month, the tension between Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun indicate conflicts, misunderstandings, the contestation of some righteousness or signed contracts, perhaps even a conflict that can end up at justice court. It is recommended to meditate and pay attention to any information you receive.
Financially, it is good to be cautious about how you spend your money, avoid financial speculation, real estate transactions, or sharing processes.
Increased nervousness can make you tired and put you in conflict situations that get you to worry about and grind. Be cautious about eating, especially when you're agitated, avoid nightclubs, and try to make time for relaxation, meditation, sports and looking for men's balance by reading a book.

Astrologer advice:
Relationships with others demand a strong appeal. Keep yourself busy, be honest, patient and avoid major financial decisions.


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November begins with a romantic vibe for Cancer, you have a greater seduction power than usual, and you know how to value yourself in front of those who attract you. 
For couples who are in a long relationship will be a more quiet and conflict-free period, now is a good time to solve some unrelated couple issues.
Uranus returns for a few months in Cancer career and socio-professional reputation house, encouraging you to make important career changes and to look for new ways of asserting on the public stage.
From this month your star sign will be guided by Jupiter who urges you to personal development and enriches your skills or new qualifications. For about a year, Jupiter supports you to take the initiative and act specifically to find a job or to change your actual job with a better one.
On November 22, 2018, the Sun enters directly into Cancer's house, meaning your work will be rewarded, besides the gains you get through work, you are likely to receive support from others or access a credit. Avoid over spendings and calculate wisely your finances.
Because physical and moral energy is at an advanced level, you can accomplish many tasks in the second half of the month. It is recommended not to engage in too many activities at the same time, even if you are full of enthusiasm.

Astrologer advice:
Allow yourself more time for sports and group activities and avoid food excesses!


In November 2018 you shine, you make a good impression and with your irresistible charm it's impossible for people of the opposite sex not to notice you.
The Jupiter transition in your sign favors the creation of new love relationships or the regaining of passion in older couples and helps Leo create a more relaxed marriage atmosphere.
As of November 16, 2018, the transit of Venus will make it easier for you to communicate, negotiate, and plan ahead. Therefore, make the most of the information and documents available to you, and even think of doing a training course that will help you advance in your career.
Be careful when signing some documents, but also when communicating with business partners or colleagues, because conflicts may arise due to communication misunderstandings.
This month, Leo's should not expect big profits or support from others. In the second decade of the month, you may find that you can not rely on a fund you're hoping for and you have to limit yourself to what you have.
If you manage someone else's money or the finances of the company you work for, be cautious and avoid the temptation to spend that money because you will regret it later.
In November your health is very good, you are full of energy, you are optimistic and creative, but that does not mean you have to start too many activities at once, otherwise, all this energy will turn into the frustration that will affect your health.

Astrologer advice:

Money is the most sensitive subject of the month. Be prepared for unexpected spending and avoid major financial decisions!



On November 8,  2018, Jupiter enters Virgo family house, which means that the family atmosphere relaxes and succeeds in improving your living conditions and finding ways to buy or repair a new home.
The second half of November may have conflicts or misunderstandings with your life partner, due to Mercury-Neptune transit between November 13-20.
You will find that even a small misunderstanding will become a huge problem, so you will have to quickly find a method to calm the atmosphere in your home. It is recommended to keep your temper and avoid contradictory discussions with your life partner.
November 2018 is crossed by many planets that will shake your financial situation but also your professional career. This month you have to keep yourself balanced, write down all the expenses you make, pay your debts in time, try to spend as little as possible and even look for a part-time job.
If the financial situation is not as satisfying as you want, you should change your job. If you are active in real estate, be very cautious about the transactions, clients and documents you sign in the second half of the month.
On the health side, you seem to be quite optimistic, and this helps you get over pretty well about the financial problem that will not allow you to meet all your desires.
Try to sleep when the body needs and avoid fatty foods and acidic drinks. This month you will need a lot of calm.

Astrologer advice:
Make an effort to stay polite in conversations you have with your life partner and your boss! Calculate your finances with great care and try not to make debts, but on the contrary, try to pay your current debts.


In November 2018, money discussions will be an ample subject in Libra couple Life. However, many Libra know how to adjust their behavior to balance their personal lives and finances at the same time.
For single Libra's, the good news is that you know how to use your charismatic power to make yourself noticed and attract people of the opposite sex.
New Moon on November 7, 2018, is right in the money house, which announces a good time to identify new sources of income or to address in a new way the management of the resources you have. It is time to set a clear budget and decide what are the priority expenses.
Financially in the first half of the month, you are more likely to go ahead with your plans and projects, but it is advisable to pay attention to the tendency to communicate imprecisely because you risk misleading others.
In the second half of the month, workplace quarrels may occur, perhaps because of documents. The last week of November tends to become suffocating, and the high volume of work becomes irritating for you. When you feel that you lose your motivation, it is advisable to remember about everything that is good in your life, the people, the things and the situations that help you find your optimism and persevere.

Astrologer advice:
Pay full attention to communication, when signing documents and if you have to take exams!



In November, the couple's relationship for some Scorpio will come up with some misconceptions about money and reproaches about how much everyone spends.
It won't be too easy to go over this period, but once overcome, you will be able to find ways in which your talents will bring you increased chances of revenue growth.
You will tend to make plans for new acquisitions before receiving the salary or earnings you are hoping for. This month avoid financial speculation and spending on unnecessary things or to impress others.
The chances to improve your earnings are not missing in November, but the only issue is, you might fail to manage wisely your finances.
Regarding your career, you just tend to do what you like and increase your income at any price. Moderation is the key to financial and professional success.
With the New Moon from November 7, 2018, your attention will be directed to personal development and a reformulation of future plans. You are full of enthusiasm and confidence in your own forces, eager to start a new stage in your life.
Impulsive gestures and excessive attitudes can make you waste your energy, along with a chaotic life you live in. It's time to pull the handbrake and get some relaxing time for yourself. Book a spa or a holiday, will help you put your mind in order and also you will have time to reflect on your life.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid dubious collaboration and quick earnings.



With Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius house on November 8, 2018, you become more concerned about your own desires, so you may have a lot of talks with the life partner about principles and beliefs. It is advisable to listen to the desires of those closest to you if you want to maintain harmony in your couple's life and to avoid being left alone.
Some Sagittarius may find they do not have a clear idea of the direction to be followed in their career or life, but Jupiter's presence inspires you to new professional and personal beginnings.
Be careful to avoid misleading proposals between November 13-20, 2018, and properly analyze the information you receive. Despite some complications and negotiations that do not lead to clear conclusions, in the second half of the month you could benefit from the support of a group of friends or colleagues that encourages you or helps you find a job.

No large profits are announced on the financial plan, and it is most likely an old debt might put pressure on you, but the whole situation will be straightened starting with November 7, when some Sagittarius may receive a sum of money they have borrowed or which they won in court.
With Jupiter in Sagittarius, in November 2018, it's hard to be discouraged by anything. You have a good tone and enjoy others with your presence, even with your sarcastic humor. 
On the other hand, overflowing enthusiasm and confidence in your own person could lead you to risky gestures, the impulse to do everything right.

Astrologer advice:
Do not rush to get involved in new professional or personal partnerships unless you know the people you want to collaborate with. 


At the beginning of November 2018, you might be concerned about marriage and the implications of assuming long-term relationships. Some Capricorn's who are at the beginning of a relationship will have to meditate on the marriage perspective or the idea of making a decisive step towards moving together with the loved one.
If you do not have a life partner yet, it is not impossible to have an idyll with a person you know through professional activity or in a state institution.
With Venus entering your career house on November 16th, you are considering to make a change in your profession, perhaps by starting an independent activity.
It is recommended that you make a business plan and a good strategy before starting a side business. There will be chances of collaborations, partnerships or new contracts. Some of them can prove very profitable, but patience and much discernment are needed to identify those worth investing your time and effort.
In the second half of November, unexpected expenses will be incurred related to the house or to pay credits or fees. On 8 November 2018 Jupiter enters the house of chronic illness and healing, so it is advisable in this period to make a detailed personal balance and channel your energy to priority activities, avoid paying attention to small things and do not listen the advice of others, even if is related to your health. Jupiter's influence may be beneficial to health, to alleviating older suffering, or to discover new methods of treatment.

Astrologer advice:
Do not ignore potential health problems, even if they seem unimportant, consult a specialist and do not listen to the advice of others.

From November 8, 2018, the Aquarius house is crossed by Jupiter, which announces an intense social life for well-established couple relationship and change their daily routine. that could take out well-established couple relationships from the daily routine.
Some Aquarius will end a relationship that has not worked for a long time and will have total freedom for flirting and amorous games as it is characteristic of them. November begins promising for the Aquarius career. This is a good time to redefine business plans to attract new partners, collaborators, and investors to make your achievements known.
With Mercury releasing on November 17th, it is good to avoid major financial decisions and pay attention to calculations and how you express yourself, to avoid misunderstandings.
On November 16, Mars begins to transit your money house, which shows that you are determined to earn more and reach material stability as quickly as possible. In the last days of the month, there may be misunderstandings about the various amounts of payments you have to make or to receive.
To keep your tone and creative enthusiasm, it's advisable to be cautious and make logical decisions.

Astrologer advice:
This month, your biggest stress will be money, but things can be straightened out. If you feel like you need advice, get in touch with a specialist!


At the beginning of November 2018, you might want to think seriously about what your intimacy means to you and what you expect from your loved one.
Open communication and logical decisions are the keys to a successful relationship, it is advisable to give yourself freedom and personal space.
Career becomes a priority for most Pisces and strives for unparalleled chances of socio-professional development, promotion and success.  November 2018 is not a good period for Pisces to change their job or to discover new sources of income or winning methods.
Money generates tensions, especially towards the end of the month, both in the couple's life and in the relationship with business partners or clients. Financial instability can be quite high and it is necessary to invest as realistically as possible, only in projects that are truly worthwhile. You should not buy luxury items and avoid borrowing money.
The desire to do as much as possible in the professional plan can lead to exhaustion. You should get a detailed control to a specialist, try to detach yourself from professional and stressful activities. You can bring harmony to your health through sports activities, or a hobby. 

Astrologer advice:
Avoid real estate transactions, signing documents and new partnerships in particular in the second half of November.


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