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Aries monthly horoscope missmv 1 


On 10 October 2017, Jupiter leaves the house of Aries, after more then a year. Slowly, things will start to settle and become normal,but for the moment, is still place for actions. On first decade of October 2017,Aries will have lots of changes, passionate outbursts, challenges. Harmony and luck will shine on the period between 14-22 October. On first two decades of October 2017- around 22, your life will not be too easy,because March will be on Aries working house, from where will create a tension conjuncture with Saturn, the master of career house. You will expect to make a great effort, which is not that efficient as you might want, resulting in complicated situations,obstacles. You will pass all this situations with patience and tenacity, instead forcing it like your temper exhorts.
This period is very intens marked by interactions with other people, such as your competition, your colleagues, collaborators or associates.
On financial plan, the second part of October 2017 looks more promising, compared with first one and on the second decade, an additional gain may occur, a gift or other signifiant goods. In October 2017,can occur some health problems, esspecialy on the first two decades, may be worrying if you have low immunity or if you already suffer from certain conditions.In addition, imprudence wounds and painful episodes are not excluded.

Astrologers advice for Aries in October 2017
Organize a meeting, coordinate a common activity, make new knowledge!

Taurus monthly horoscope missmv


October 2017 bring very good news to Taurus.
On 10 October, Jupiter, the Great Beneficial,will join into couple house of Taurus, where will stay till November 2018. You will have a full year of expansion in sentimental life,new chances and expanding. First benefits of Jupiter, you will see them, from last decade of October 2017, where a happy event, an accomplishment and a great opportunity will occur. First decade of the moth, will bring you sexual force, erotic activity, passion and adventure. Looks like you have many things to do in October 2017. Therefore, you have responsibilities as well as an increased interest in professional activity, with great chances to remark. On financial plan, first part of October 2017, is not exactly very good,but the second part of the month, is announced to be a prosperous and lucky one. If you have different health issues, is recommended to look after your health very well and be very careful. Try to avoid any excesses. Whole October looks like you will have a great interest for your health, hygiene and how you look and is suitable for initiatives related to medical checks, contacts with doctors, therapists, coaches, etc.

Astrologers advice for Taurus in October 2017
You should join a gym, or go to beauty salon, buy a flower for your apartment or try a new new culinary recipe!

Gemini monthly horoscope missmv


Gemini start October 2017 with a great appetite for love,sex and new love experiences. Looks like you will have many offers, but this can be unstable and changeable.
Be careful how you manage, the temptations, impulses and opportunities of October 2017! If you take wrong decissions, Saturn, in Gemini couple house, might bring you trouble till the end of the year, when will leave and finally, your relationship will find peace.
Under the guidance of Jupiter, your professional life will rise,will become a new scope, in other words, will become better. You will work more, but you will enjoy your job and satisfactions will not take longer to appear. Some achievements or opportunities can come as early as the last decade of October 2017, when Jupiter forms a beautiful conjunction with the Sun. The first two decades are particularly favorable to creative-artistic concerns, sports activities and promotions. 
All October has an aura of chance for Gemini, but financially lucky is the second part of the month. In October 2017 you should have a high class tone. Rapid planets are in a house that gives physical force and, in addition, form good aspects with the Sun in the natal map of the Gemini. Your health will improve during the next year and since October will start to appear solutions to resolve some medical problems, or ocassions to improve your lifestyle.

Astrologers advice for Gemmini October 2017
Take advantage of your chances and avoid conflicts!



Cancer monthly horoscope missmv


Big happiness!. On 10 October 2017, Jupiter,Great Beneficial, comes into the fifth Cancer house, the one that write "Amour" and where will stay one year and one month.
It's about the house of pleasures, passion, adventure and adrenaline. Sexual vigour reaches amazing odds, and your heart is full of romantic eagle. The atmosphere tilts to love, and the stars plummet to her appearance. Around all the Cancer's  lives in an amorous story under the influence of this transit. With Jupiter in the fifth house since October 10, 2017, for over a year the Sun of Cancer will be well sustained and fuelled with force, chance and opportunities. The sun is in itself a symbol of status and magnification, and for the Cancers, in addition, he owns the house of money and has an essential dignity in the quarry's home ("exaltation").Jupiter, in turn, is the master of Cancer's house of work. Therefore, we have good signs for the future. October is mixed, and may raise some professional problems in the first two decades, due to the tense aspect between Mars, the owner of Cancer's home, and Saturn, which is located in the house of work. On the other hand, the conjunction of Sun-Jupiter promises creativity, advantageous circumstances, success and money in the last decade. Nerve tension remains high during the first two decades of October 2017 and may lead to irritation, hurry, conflicting tendencies, or risk of injury. Mars and Saturn's effect has an effect on one of Cancer's medical homes, so greater caution is needed on health issues. It is advisable to avoid stress and to care for yourself.

Astrologers advice for Cancer October 2017
You need to allow more time for some creative activities or a hobby!

Leo monthly horoscope missmv


Love is not really the bigest  interest for Leo in October 2017, esspecialy in the first two decades. The Master of Leo couple's house, Saturn, forms an adverse aspect with Mars, the planet of passion, but also of conflicts or various incidents. Therefore, things, doesn't go exactly the way you want and if you force them  or your rushing , situation can get worse. Some inconveniences may start from money or other values ​​or, perhaps, from children. The best thing to do is to stay a little bit proud and learn to negotiate, so you can find the middle way, the optimal solution for both sides. In October 2017, dialogue is your most valuable asset. The Leo's intellect is alive and powerful in this period, exceptionally well-equipped for conception work, for learning, assimilation, processing or transmission of information, for calculations, drafting, innovation, etc. And eloquence is at a great price in this period: the Leo's communication skills are well-acclaimed, and their persuasive power does not have the same. You can express as easily and fluently both orally and in writing.Money is a challenge in October 2017.You seem to be working hard to get them, but you can lose them or scatter them easily. More is recommended temperance and financial provision. The physical capacities of the Leo is not at the highest level during this period.The resources are somewhat limited, so it's good not to make too much effort or excesses.The key to the physical welfare of the Leo in October 2017 is the balance.If you have a good balance between effort and rest, between action and relaxation, if you have good hygiene life, you will feel good in your skin all month.

Astrologers advice for Leo October 2017
Invest in something beautiful or useful for the house in the last decade of the month!

Virgo monthly horoscope missmv


With Mars and Venus located in Virgo, the first part of October 2017 takes on passion and burning romance.  Love and desires take control, and all other aspects of existence either shape themselves around them, or pass in the secondary plane.The presence of Mars and Venus in your sign announces events with a high emotional load, but can also lead to very subjective decisions. On October 10, Jupiter, the master of the Virgo Relations House, enters the third house, announcing a period of about a year in which intellectual preoccupations, roads, and communication significantly aggravate the sentimental life of the Virgo. Strong will, ambitious plans, initiative and action - these are the effects of Mars passing through the Virgo sign until October 22, 2017. You prove your competitiveness and catch any challenge. You can solve many things in this interval, but for success it is necessary to avoid impulsive manifestations or fast decissions. Money has a major impact on October. The financial feeling of the Virgo is strongly stimulated and can lead you to business or other actions meant to leads to revenue growth, purchases, diversified transactions, or contacts with financial environments. On October 10, 2017, Jupiter enters the third house of the Virgo, favoring  mental activity, studies, writing, occupations that require much communication, movement, dexterity, mobility.  Mars's presence in Virgo makes you feel very loud in the first two decades of October. And, indeed, you may have more energy, more resistance, more dynamism. The problem is that Mars can predispose to irritability, impatience, and excess, and cause a risk of injuries, haemorrhages, infections or acute illnesses.The risk is heightened by what Mars forms with the master of the Virgo home. Therefore, it is recommended that you take it easy with everything.

Astrologers advice for Virgo October 2017
Go to a course, grab something new, write a paper, do a research!

Libra monthly horoscope missmv


The first part of October 2017 does not give you much relational satisfaction. Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the master of the Libra couple house, are placed in an inactive, inaccessible, sometimes inacceptable area.It would not be surprising to have a frustrating experience,or to live a mysterious, or even forbidden love.  From mid-month, changes are starting to take place.  On October 14 Venus enters Virgo, pouring grace on you, enhancing your charm and seductive power, relieving the surrounding  climate, making it more harmonious and more sensual.  October 2017 is a very active month. The Sun and Mars are full of energy, initiative and ambition; Venus is a chance-maker and is an expert in collaborations and relationships with the public; Mercury shakes the mind, it is inventive and full of ideas, excellent for communication, marketing and calculations and is eager for the roads. Jupiter remains in Libra only until October 10, 2017, and then goes to Scorpio. Somehow, things regain normal proportions, and agitation is slowing down. But Jupiter's placement in Scorpio is promising for Libra finances over the next thirteen months.The first part of the month could put some health problems on Libra. The presence of Venus, the master of Libra, in the twelfth solar house weakens the resistance, decreases immunity resulting in chronic diseases and hidden dangers.In addition, Mars emphasizes these trends. The position of the Sun in Libra could compensate for weakness, but it does not guard against dangers. Therefore, it is advisable to take care.

Astrologers advice for Libra October 2017
Be cautious about financial decisions, especially in the first two decades!

Scorpio monthly horoscope missmv


October brings an event of great significance: Jupiter, the master of Scorpio's love house and eroticism, enters Scorpio on October 10, 2017 and will it remains there until November 2018. This position announces an increase in libido, an increased romantic sensitivity and an increased likelihood of falling in love. In some cases, it may indicate an increase in fertility or an increased interest for children. However, love and sexuality, with everything that derives from them, are at the forefront. For the time being, in October 2017, things are mixed up.Venus, the master of Scorpio's home, is in a dynamic and passionate mood in the first part of the moon, so then to enter into an inactive, maybe even gloomy area. Jupiter's entry into Scorpio on October 10 anticipates a flowering period that will last until November 2018.  Jupiter is the Great Beneficial, the chance and career opportunities, the one who opens up horizons and tastes for adventure and grand projects. Jupiter promises you prosperity, both through its intrinsic characteristics and by being the master of Scorpio money. In October 2017, the success of the Scorpions comes through group, collective, or organisation-related actions (in the first two decades), through the goodwill of friends and protectors (especially in the first half of the month), by affirming talents, prestige and abilities leadership or organization (in the last decade). In the first two decades of October 2017 the position of the Sun does not promise to Scorpio a good tonus, but there is a compensating effect for Mars, the master Scorpio, which is well placed. In the last decade, things are the opposite: Mars is deficient, but the Sun, in Scorpio, gives you force. Somehow, everything is a matter of balance. If you take care of yourself and avoid excesses, you have nothing to worry about. If not, you can destabilize yourself.

Astrologers advice for Scorpio October 2017
Create something, let your imagination to work at it's best!

Sagittarius monthly horoscope missmv


October 2017 is generous with Sagittarius on soul emotions.  Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the master of Sagittarius house of eroticism, are in strong positions, which gives freedom of action, and Mercury, the owner of the relationship home, is in a beneficial home in the first half of the month and is in tune with a beneficial planet in the second half of the month. The picture of October is not calm and full of harmony, but dynamic, provocative, with changes in tone. What you need to remember is that, in a way or another, things are in your favor. Another feature of October 2017 is that Sagittarius' relations are tangential to the social environment, with visibility. Maybe they intersect with their career or are facilitated by participation in events that gather many people. For Sagittarius career, October 2017 continues in the forceful note of the previous month.Mars is competitive and determined, eager to impose, to advance, to prove its strength. He needs challenges, and if he is not offered, he is looking for or generating them.  Venus, on the other hand, smooths its way to the proposed goals, through diplomacy, personal charm and social relationships (sometimes also of an amorous nature). The Eleventh House of the Sagittarius is very populated in October 2017, which highlights the importance of collective action, which may involve associations, foundations, parties, political parties, various organizations, or anything public. On October 10, Jupiter, the master of Sagittarius, enters a troubled house, where he will remain until November 2018. Therefore, it is recommended that you take seriously to consider adopting measures to help protect your health. Vigilance must be double by the end of this year, while Saturn is still in Sagittarius, and especially in the first two decades of October 2017, when Saturn is in Mars.

Astrologers advice for Sagittarius October 2017
Weigh carefully the financial consequences of social or professional decisions!



Capricorn monthly horoscope missmv


In the first part of October 2017 Venus, the master of the house of love and sexuality of Capricorn, is close enough to Mars to contaminate its hot and passionate energy. Burning enthusiasm can be linked to a journey, with a distance or study, culture or spiritual values.  In the second part of the month you can see a connection between intimate and professional interests, between love and notoriety. October event, is the entry of Jupiter into the eleventh house of Capricorn, a lucky house that flavors socialisation and which, by reflecting the house love (180 degrees) could bring sentimental opportunities. Capricorn's Career House is well represented in October 2017, being transited by the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. All these transits induce a special interest in status and profession, vigorously stimulates the initiative and generates decisions. Obviously, achievements also appear: sometimes through diplomacy or relationships, often through intelligence and competence. 
Jupiter's presence here may be more useful than in the home of the career because it brings you chance, protection, support and popularity.  There is the probability of unexpected gains in the last decade. October is a busy month with a certain degree of stress. In addition, Mars and Saturn  may pose a threat to health in the first two decades, given that Saturn is in a vulnerable position. It is recommended to avoid cuts, burns, injuries, injuries, infections, inflammation. After October 17, 2017, you can easily find medical solutions and good contacts with the therapeutic environment.

Astrologers advice for Capricorn October 2017
Clarify your priorities and focus on them one at a time!

Aquarius monthly horoscope missmv


 Things are kind of stumped and there are fears about possible tribulations in love. But after October 17th, you are stepping into another era: Mercury changes the sign and heads for a conjunction with Jupiter, Great Benefice, and on 23 follows her example Sun. Last part of the month brings happy events. Financial concerns remain quite alive in the first part of the month. While Venus and Mars are still in the Eighth Aquarius House (up to 14, respectively 22 October 2017), money coming from partnerships, gifts, inheritances and relationships with banks or insurance is a challenge. Quite a lot of energy also goes to studies or travel, to culture or spirituality.
October 2017 hosts, however, a major event for your professional life: on Jupiter's 10th Great Beneficial,  enters the Aquarius career house. For a year and one month, Jupiter will be next to you, opening up your unspeakable prospects, feeding your dreams and ambitions, facilitating the achievement of your goals propose. Physically, you do not seem to have too much trouble in October. The morale, however, might be a little disturbed, and the stress and irritability, too big. In addition, Mars's relationship with Saturn, the master of the Aquarius, brings some risk of injury or acute illness, most likely caused by his own temerity or

Astrologers advice for Aquarius October 2017
Keep your budgets in order and do not risk yourself in large-scale financial initiatives!

Pisces monthly horoscope missmv


With Venus and Mars in the couple house, in the early part of October you have strong and impulsive feelings, and you tend to focus your existence on around the other. There is no  satisfactions, however, as implicit, because Venus and Saturn are struggling with Saturn influence: blockages, delays, inconveniences. Mercury, the master of the pair couple's house, does not even feel great in the first part of the month, and is subject to the worry. The atmosphere relaxes after October 17, 2017, when Mercury changes the sign. Moreover, on October 18 Mercury makes a superb conjunction with Jupiter, Great Beneficial, signaling a partnership or other happy event. The 20th may also be good news because the Moon, the master of the house of love of Pisces, makes a connection with Mercury and Jupiter. Great concentration of forces in the Pisces house, where the Sun is located (until October 20), Jupiter (up to 10), Mercury (up to 17), Venus (after 14), and Mars (after 22) It is a very active period for business, investments, acquisitions, interactions with financial institutions (banks, tax, insurance, etc.). It can happen an inheritance, restitution, or money or property coming from other people. Collaborations are well emphasized in the first part of October, but must be treated with much tact. On October 10, 2017, Jupiter entered the new house of Pisces, announcing the beginning of a flowering period of about three years, the first of which (until November 2018) mainly benefits studies, travels and relationships with cultural, legal and spiritual environments. The first successes in this regard appear in the second part of this period. The first part of October - and especially the first decade - is marked by a low vitality, a tendency to worry about anything and an exposure to conflicts or injuries. An improvement in the situation is felt after 10, when Jupiter enters Scorpio, where he exerts a beneficial, protective and supportive effect on the native Sun of the Pisces.
Re-entering form truly begins to occur in the last decade. It is advisable to save yourself.

Astrologers advice for Pisces October 2017
Make a trip, publish an article, build a blog!



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