October horoscope 2018

October horoscope 2018

October horoscope 2018


In October, the Aries' love life is intense, there will be moments of separation and reconciliation or the resumption of ties with people in the past.
This month, it is ideal to try to propose your love partner, or a revival of the relationship, to find a new vision of couple's life or a new project involving both of you to reconnect emotionally and intellectually and to regain the pleasure of being together.
Financially, you will have new financial income, but you will have to pay attention to the sharing of common resources, taxes, gifts or inheritance.
Avoid signing new contracts, especially if you are creating financial obligations. Also, loans of any kind and large investments should be avoided. It is, however, a good time to reschedule payments, to renegotiate some financial rights and to pay some arrears.
For some Aries, your partner will start some discussions about how much everyone earns, how much you spend and how much contribute to the common budget, this means financial instability, but also about the desire to become independent and to build your own future.
Mercury, the Aries career governor, is very active in October 2018, bringing new opportunities to find a job or to have important achievements in the current workplace.
The events of October 2018 have a great emotional impact. Your mood can oscillate quickly from excitement to exhaustion, you may even be so preoccupied with certain problems and you won't realize that you are working continuously without a break.
It is advisable to make some time for relaxing activities to recover from all emotional and physical stress you dealing every day.
Aries who have older health problems may find something useful about their treatment in the last days of the month.

Astrologer advice:
Money can awaken all sorts of temptations in you. Do not try to venture into experiments for a higher gain. Focus on what you can do!



In October 2018, you have many sentimental problems to solve, but it is advisable to avoid making final decisions. It's time to talk about delicate or old topics that you've been circumventing, but it can also be about reproaches related to infidelity. Fortunately, the second half of October 2018 is favorable to clarification, reconciliation, and stabilization in Taurus couple life.
Venus governs Taurus' career house, and its relegation through the partnership house, starting October 5, could help revise work or collaboration agreements. It is also time to make a balance of professional partnerships and associations. With the new moon on October 9, 2018, which activates your house of career and health, new projects and opportunities for professional renewal could be outlined.
For some Taurus, there may be dilemmas related to the professional future, long-term projects, financial dependence without certain partnerships. It is time to clearly identify your financial and professional needs and possibilities and to assert your rights with judgment.
In this period, you can benefit if you are planning to invest in real estate or sell a property that you want to get rid of.
The last week of October 2018 can bring an unexpected income, a new contract or the opportunity to get rid of a debt.
Regarding your health, Venus invites you to analyze lucidly the situation of your romantic relationship, to adjust your emotional and mental stability.
Avoid excesses of any kind, including excessively restrictive diets.

Astrologer advice:
In partnerships of any kind,  talk with calm and patience to support your point of view!



Gemini's who are searching for love, o are at the beginning of a relationship may be confronted with more complicated situations in October 2018, but the end of month helps them to find temporary solutions to the problems that have arisen.
As early as the first week of October 2018, you are concerned about accrued debts or credit or inheritance. It may be that these preoccupations are even your predispositions to speculation and unnecessary or neglected spending. Therefore, it would be good to take things seriously and to evaluate in a realistic way the possibilities of winning. In addition, it would be advisable to look for other sources of income or a better-paid job.
Improving the financial situation of some Gemini can also contribute to the creativity or capitalization of a hobby.
For Gemini's who have changed their jobs, they will have some conflicts with the bosses, or they will seem to be working too much. It is recommended to be calm and take advantage of the astral energy of October to have beautiful resolutions through sustained work.
You're kind of an uproar, and in October 2018 you can become frustrated because you're very busy at work. It would be good to find time for rest, but also to ask for doctor's advice when you feel it is needed.
By the end of the month, the opinion of a specialist may remove some fears about your health.
Astrologer advice:

It is advisable to favor long-term investments and to listen to the advice of specialists when you are in doubt . Speculative investments in hopes of quick gains are more than risky!

Monthly horoscope


October will be a good month for Libra, they will trust their own strengths, they will do many things in relationships with new people, but will also face difficulties because of your way of criticizing others and making them feel inferior.
There will be a few moments of jealousy in the couple's house, but it's not the case to make misconceptions about the life partner, try to make order in sentimental life.
Uranus, located in financial house of Libra, may indicate financial fluctuations caused by others. It is also possible to incur unexpected expenses, perhaps even a rise in rates or an extra charge.
It's time to cut your spendings as much as possible, do not to have expectations from friends, and be cautious if you have business or business links with foreign-owned or overseas firms.
In October 2018, you will feel the need to make a change in your career, to adjust your income somewhat in order to get rid of some debt that stresses you.
Because Venus, Libra's master, was in a seemingly retrograde way, it is possible in October 2018 to be more anxious than usual.

The new moon in Libra, which takes place on October 9, inspires you to new beginnings, both personally and professionally. It is advisable to act methodically and patiently, especially financially, so that you do not get discouraged by the results.
If you have small health problems, go to your doctor and do not leave your health in the last place in your life.

Astrologer advice:
The temptation to spend overwhelmingly to impress others is very high. Do your best not to exceed the resources you have! Also, avoid giving money to your friends!


Venus, the planet governing Scorpio's partnerships, begins to retrograde at October 5, 2018, meaning that you will encounter difficulties in dealing with your loved one, you may feel overwhelmed by your partner's wishes, but at the same time some Scorpio's are making plans for marriage or they want to formalize their current relationship.
At work, confrontations with bosses can occur and you will discover some enemies or colleagues which do not like you very much. Some Scorpio's may experience sudden overturns, especially if they have abused or violated contractual clauses or even the law.
Mars, the governor of Scorpio's career house, favors the approach of new professional directions, you should focus on things in the long term. Because Jupiter is right in Scorpio, in October 2018, money is preoccupying you but it's not hard for you to make them. Be careful with who you are doing business or sign contracts. In October 2018, relationships can prove to be energy consuming, both personally and professionally. 
You can rebuild your energy in the company of your loved ones and you should try to make a personal balance, to establish a more relaxed life rhythm, despite the pressures from the things happening around you. It could also help to change your diet.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid being domineering and arrogant!



In October 2018 many Sagittarius become very preoccupied to save their relationship or marriage and are willing to invest time and effort. If you are part of a couple that has had issues for a long time, it's possible to come to the conclusion that a break-up would be to the advantage of both.
Throughout October 2018, Mercury, the governor of the Sagittarius partnership, is very active in both harmonious and tense aspects. Therefore, it is possible to pass quite often from agony to ecstasy,  and vice versa, from joy and hope to despair and mistrust.
Considering that Venus, the Sagittarius governor's house, is starting to retrograde on October 5, 2018, it can be said that it is a good time to make a balance to see what you have gained over time and what kind of activities benefited you more.
Some Sagittarius will begin studies to improve their skills, building more chances to find a better-paid job.
If you are employed, you should strictly follow the hierarchical order, make no decisions without consulting with superiors, especially during the second half of the month.
From the financial point of view, things seem to be arranged, even if there are disputes and reproaches. There are opportunities to gain and increase the chances of financial stabilization.
In October 2018, because of the planets that are transiting your health house, you might expect fatigue, overtiredness and it is important to make time for yourself and review your expectations of yourself and others.
You should not lose your confidence in yourself and don't get influenced by those people who aren't believing in you and your dreams. 

Astrologer advice:

If your professional dissatisfaction is too high, do not rush to change your job yet, wait until you find something you are passionate about.


October horoscope 2018

October 2018 is a very sentimental Cancer. Some couples will move from friendship to a loving relationship, or some couples will become just friends after a long relationship. This month avoids making definitive decisions, at least until the last decade of the month, which is then favorable to sentimental achievements and stabilizations.
Big agitation in October 2018, both in the professional and financial plan. Money could generate tensions in the family due to controversy in terms of investment needed for living space, inheritance, maintenance, etc.
It is not excluded that as you plan to invest in the development of your career or business, you may be in a position to incur unforeseen expenses for the house or to support a family member. You should analyze your budget carefully, especially if you have to pay rates to the bank.
In all this agitation, however, you will receive money, you will discover opportunities for gain, sometimes unspeakable, maybe well-thought speculation can benefit you. It's important to intelligently manage your earnings and not expect everything at once.
Desires are very strong during this time, and it can be difficult to channel your energy effectively to long-term professional goals.
Anxiety and the desire to have immediate results, perhaps due to financial anxiety, may increase the level of stress that can weaken your immune system.
Cancer's with older health problems may face unpleasant or worsening symptoms in October 2018.
Therefore, it is very important to maintain your psychic and emotional balance, because it also depends on physical resistance.
In the second half of the month you are more prone to colds or respiratory virosis, try to protect yourself when you are in crowded places.

Astrologer advice:

Friends or certain entourage people can push you on the wrong path. Take care who you trust!



Relationships with others, and especially couple life, are the main subjects of interest to Leo in October 2018. It may sometimes make you think that life of your couple consumes too much energy, especially if you have an old marriage, in which they have been gathering tensions over the years.
Single Leo's are still quiet and not very interested in relationships, but rather in a personal balance.
The professional life of Leo remains loaded in October 2018 and can be the source of tension and unpleasantness.
You have a predisposition to disputes or controversy, especially when it comes to money or personal value. The feeling that you are not appreciated at work may be more prominent in the first half of October.
During this time, work-based effort can help you earn the respect of your superiors and colleagues, especially if you are at the beginning of your career and have to prove what you can.
Financially, things will evolve in a normal way, but you will have times when you will spend a lot, which will give you the impression that you never have enough money. It's good to save some money for the future.
In October, you will experience stress and much fatigue, but at least you will have the satisfaction of professional performance you have long dreamed of.
It would be very useful to give you periods of relaxation, solitude, restoration of mental energy, so as not to emit the energy of your frustration towards your close ones.

Astrologer advice:
Because you care about your professional life, you do not have much time for family, so pay attention and support to your family and try to balance your personal and professional life. 



In October, Virgo has an active social life and it is remarkable that they know how to socialize and make new friends, and even find a new partner
Some Virgo's will have some contradictory discussions with their life partner, but things will return to normal in the last decade of the month.
The money house is activated until October 10, 2018, by Mercury, governor of the Virgo and by the Sun until October 23, which means beautiful financial perspectives.
You could receive a new collaboration from a friend, or a group you've worked with. You can apply original and ingenious ideas that, in another context, you may not have dared to propose them.
On the professional level, you could have many achievements, especially in association or in collaboration with others. You can take a study or a specialization course that you abandoned or postponed in the past for lack of time or money.
You take things too seriously and forget to enjoy simple things, the presence of loved ones, the relationship with your loved one. Because Mars is at Virgo's career house, you are prone to take too much responsibility and it would be good to reserve time for rest.
To make sure that you can accomplish all that you have proposed, it is necessary not to give up the activities that relax and help you to restore your physical and mental energy.
Even if you are worried about financial fluctuations, you should stay optimistic.

Astrologer advice:
On professional level, make sure you to support your rights, to get recognized for your value and competence. Let modesty and take a decisive step forward!

October horoscope


In October 2018, Venus's transit gives you the opportunity to reevaluate the future of a love affair or to recalibrate your expectations from your loved one.
If you are part of an old couple, you can wait for a quiet time, which gives you a sense of security. Long-term projects are being developed to engage with your partner.
Considering that Venus is also governing Capricorn career, relegation to group and organization houses can cause problems around October 5.
It is time to reevaluate your professional collaborations and the socio-professional interests you are part of. Income from professional activities may suffer delays, so you should manage your finances wise in order to avoid frustrations that can put you under stress.
The new moon on October 9 takes place right in the career area, the socio-professional status and the reputation of Capricorn, which seems to announce a renewal, a professional refreshment. There are opportunities for new associations, to sign new contracts, to start in a new direction, etc.
Full of energy and optimism, coping with the challenges you have to solve and being able to focus on long-term goals. It is a very good time for recovery if you have been ill or depressed so far.
You may have a few days of misunderstandings and tangles that irritate you, it would be good to keep calm and act persistently in any situation.

Astrologer advice:

Traveling can cause problems. Prudence and attention are advised when choosing holiday destinations or if you have business trips.



In October 2018, some Aquarius may have passionate and challenging attractions. Thus, celibates have every chance to find a partner and exercise their seductive power, enjoying romance and intense erotic life.
Married Aquarius may sometimes have the impression that they do not have enough freedom of movement, sometimes they will feel jealous, but these reactions will only push away the person you love.
This month will be filled with planets that cross social and professional status of Aquarius, which means that you will have special professional opportunities, but that will take time to conclude. With patience and perseverance, you can lay the foundations for a new business or new cooperative or relationships.
In the second half of October 2018, you are willing to fight for what you want and, as a result, you might get a promotion or public recognition of merits or a contribution to a project.
Regarding of finances, the debts you have might give you headache, you should try to clear everything you owe for peace of mind, but also for your own financial good.
Aquarians who have invested or plan to invest in a real estate project may find that things are complicated or that they have to spend more money from their pocket. A re-evaluation of the strategy and of the long-term plans is recommended.
You tend to neglect your health. Even a seasonal cold should be treated seriously to avoid other complications.
Even if you have a lot of energy and you feel capable of many things, you need rest and practice meditation and make plans for future.

Astrologer advice:
Be more tolerant to the opinions and wishes of others, especially the couple!


For many Pisces, October may mark a time of reconnection with the loved one and the regain of passion, a time when reviving physical attraction, eroticism, and the desire to create a space where you feel safe.
Pisces that do not have a serious relationship are in danger of making a miserable choice. During this period it is preferable to look for new perspectives on old issues and to pay more attention to the needs of your life partner, a vacation would be appropriate for reconnecting the couple and refreshing your love life.
A financial issue could become so intense that it makes you think of a loan or to sell some goods. Money can also bring you into conflict with a friend or a group, especially if you are in a position to recover a loan.
In order to increase your income, you may need to renegotiate the terms of a collaboration or even break a disadvantageous relationship with a group or an organization.
The decisions you make must be in accordance with your legitimate interests, but also in harmony with your temper, so that it can bring you a liberation and openness of the horizon to your professional and personal fulfillment.
You want to do too much at once and you could end up disappointed by yourself, demoralized or exhausted. Fortunately, you find the inner resources needed to get better, so you can overcome difficult times faster than usual.
When you feel that stress is hard to bear, you should spend more time in nature or doing outdoor sports.

Astrologer advice:

If you want to be seriously involved in couple's life, treat your partner with respect.

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