September horoscope 2018

September horoscope 2018. Find what astrologers have read in the stars for you.

September horoscope 2018

September 2018 horoscope

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September is very agitated for Aries due to the planets that cross this sign.
Mercury crosses Aries house on 15 September, where some negative energies will create unpleasant moments in family relationships, it is good to communicate and find solutions to any problem instead of avoiding and running away from solving these problems.
September 2018 is very successful for Aries profession and money. The first two decades of the month, in particular, promise successes and decisive steps towards material stability, which inspires and motivates you to use your resources in a more efficient way and to value yourselves professionally and socially.
September is a very good financial and professional month, you will have many successes and you will find the inspiration to manage your finances in order to collect your earnings in the future.
You enjoy the opportunities and balance of financial and professional balance. It is a particularly good time for developing your business, trying something on your own or getting credit or funding.
If you do not have a job, luck will be on your side in September 2018, as you are good at negotiating, you speak with precision about any subject. Maybe is time find a job that you enjoy what you doing and your efforts will be rewarded.
The first two decades of the month are particularly conducive to reorganizing the rhythm of life but don't forget to rest, success depends largely on resting, healthy body, a clear mind.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid spending on luxury items and sort your current debts! An unworthy gesture can waste a lot of money, maybe even a gift received from relatives.



September is for Taurus focused more on love, on the love side, you will encounter quarrels and misunderstandings, jealousy and tension in the couple relationship.
Your life partner will reproach you that you spend more time at work, and this leads to quarrels and discussions. Some Taurus are aware that couple's life is neglected but, on the other hand, during this period the material plan and the professional one is your main priorities. You should save more time for you and your personal projects.
If you are single, at this time, you should not hurry for love. Professionally it is a good time to stand out with a talent, to launch a product or to promote yourself. If you are doing business on your own, it is very possible to conclude a particularly profitable business.
This month you will receive offers and collaborations with partners from marketing and advertising environment or with the legal system.
It is advisable to be mindful of how you communicate with business partners, collaborators, associations, etc. Especially in the second decade of September, it is very easy to create misunderstandings.
On September 22, 2018, Mercury, the Taurus money governor, joins the house of work, followed by the Sun on September 23rd, so you get a good impression on the job, or if you're looking for a job, you're more likely to find it. Your boss claims are growing and you may experience pressure and stress, but financial results can be very good, especially if you have original initiatives or ideas.
Uranus' transit in Taurus brings changes that can also cause stress to an unhealthy diet that can make you energetically unbalanced. Those who have bladder or liver problems would be well advised to treat them with more caution.

Astrologer advice:

Relationships with others can move from one extreme to the other. Be a diplomat, especially when you do not know what you want!


Gemini has a romantic and passionate time in September. You should be more attentive to the person with whom you intend to form a love relationship because you may experience miseries and situations filled with resentment.
September 2018 is favorable to professional efforts and financial gains. You could even afford to buy something you wanted for a long time.
If you work as an employee, you could expect a bonus for your efforts or you could negotiate additional benefits. If you are not happy with the current job, you could find alternatives, in September 2018 there are more chances to find something convenient. You have to search, be active and show your interest. 
In September, you can get a better financial situation, even if you have outstanding payments or unpaid debts, or if unexpected spending arises. Also, possible financial disputes or related to common goods have greater chances to solve.
September 2018 can be said to have the inner strength and balance you need to handle in any socio-professional and financial situation.
In the second decade of the month, it would be good to do more sport or more movement, because it helps to clear your mind.

Astrologer advice:
Be patient and diplomatic - with calm you solve any problem. Use September opportunities to raise your living standards, not for extravagant spending!



In September, sentimental life of Cancer is marked by intensity and passion. You may have extreme feelings, attractions and games of seduction, jealousy and sleepless nights.
It is not excluded that a sudden passion is born between you and a person in your entourage, a known person but whom you have just considered being a friend.
Single Cancer's may have the chances of finding their love online, on socializing or dating sites. A more difficult period could be September 15-22, 2018, when you are prone to risk too much or come into contact with dubious people.
Due to Mars, during this period, Cancers working in a financial-banking field, as well as those who are determined to make orders in terms of financial debts, etc. are benefiting.
In September 2018, you have the possibility to turn around situations that have been giving you headaches since May. Money and the benefits you get through your career or your socio-professional reputation may be a cause for dispute especially during the last two decades of September.
This month is recommended to avoid online transactions, virtual money and speculation because you are most likely to repeat a financial mistake.
Considering that Jupiter, the master of Cancer career house is located in the house of creativity and entertainment, it is not excluded that wherever you go on your vacation you carry your work with you. 
In September 2018 you have a lot of energy. Astral influence is stimulant and it is important to channel your energy to constructive activities to reduce stress and the risk of accidents.
It is advisable to avoid irritating, acidic or energizing foods and drinks and go for a light diet.

Astrologer advice:
Be very careful with money, because you can get into extremely unpleasant situations with legal implications! Possible litigation should be addressed with caution and attention to detail. Do not forget to be patient in everything you do.



In September 2018 for Leo, there are opportunities to resolve disputes which began in June, but they are not ending easily, you may have conflicts and you can not focus on making decisions. Your life partner might reproach you that you spend too much time on professional projects, and neglect your personal life.
Singles Leo's are not very favored in September 2018, nor do they even have the bustle of agitation. Most people prefer a quiet life with their parents or simply need more freedom of movement and avoid any kind of romantic approach.
Thanks to Saturn, this month you will have excellent prospects in the professional and financial environment. At work, you can easily be noticed but there are no conflicts, especially during the second half of the month. You tend to impose your point of view and this does not bring you any benefits.
It is recommended to be sweeter, approach any situation with the sense of humor, be calm and self-mastery. Otherwise, certain partnerships or professional associations may end up suddenly and unwanted.
From a financial point of view, you are advantaged by the transit of the Sun in the house of income and personal resources until September 23, revenues may increase, but spending on the arrangement of living space is considered.
In September 2018, Saturn, the planet governing Leo's health house, is coming back straight and is generally harmonious. Therefore, physically there is no reason to worry.
Leo's who suffer from old health conditions may have improvements in their health status.
What can harm or unbalance you is a predisposition towards aggression and hyperactivity. Energy surplus needs to be consumed in a constructive and risk-free way, for example through sports.

Astrologer advice:
Beware of the predisposition to create tensions wherever you go or to initiate unnecessary changes.
If you manage to control your excitement, you can have significant gains on all levels.


In September Virgo will be able to defeat their retribution and shyness and enjoy a more active, more engaging, lively love life. You express yourself more easily and make your feelings and desires known much more easily than usual. 
If you are single, in September, it may be the right time to take the first step, initiate a conversation with the person you love or confess your feelings to the person you have been dating for a while now.
Mercury, the planet that governs Virgo's career, helps you see clearly that your profession, the career evolution, or the choice of a professional direction are topics with which you identify strongly during this period. You are better off than ever to negotiate and solve some pressing financial issues.
Mars - the planet that governs your common resources, benefits, loans, taxes, funding, and motives - enters September 11 at home. Mars, however, form team with Venus and Uranus, which could indicate poor revenue management or additional costs. Through hard work, you can pay some debt or a large portion of your credit.
In September 2018, some Virgo's may have the impression that they are only working to pay their debts, but this can ultimately bring satisfaction and peace of mind.
The financial situation can improve significantly in the last decade since September 2018, but during this time you may be more tempted by unnecessary spending. It is preferable to focus on professional affirmation because the last days of September can bring you unsatisfied satisfactions.
You benefit from the support of Mars and the Sun, both located in Virgo until 22 and 23 September,  which means you have enough physical and mental energy to solve everything you have planned.

Astrologer advice:

Be careful how you organize your priorities, so you do not spend money or waste your precious time!
Attention in the second half of the month when you are more prone to injuries at work or traveling.



In September, Venus, the master of Libra sexuality house, enters September 9 in Scorpio and form an opposition with Uranus, sparking harsh passions and the need to aggressively exercise your seduction, to strengthen your confidence in yourself through series conquests.
This period could be constructively used to think about the past, mistakes you committed, certain effective patterns, certain desires that urge you to less fortunate choices and often dangerous erotic experiments. What you consider to be a fun moment can be complicated and cost you both emotionally and financially.
Venus, the governor of Libra, enters September 9, 2018, in the money house, alongside Jupiter. This indicates a lot of confidence in yourself and you tend to exaggerate spending money. Most likely, there is an urgent need for a home or for a newborn child, but it is advisable to act with caution, to set a budget, to look for the best offers so that you do not get in financial troubles.
You can enjoy family support or benefits from a real estate. The whole family can help you rebalance if you decide to make a wise gesture and pay a credit or at least an important part of it.
Some Libra are in danger of waking up in bankruptcy or forcing bailiffs to pay remittances or certain taxes owed to the government. You need to bring yourself together and analyze your situation as quickly as possible.
But there are also Libra who manage to spoil their family or pay their debts to their parents.
In terms of work, in September 2018 you could ask for a salary increase or you could aspire to a better-paid position within the company you work for.
The presence of the Sun, alongside Mercury, in the house of chronic diseases and healing, could mean for some Libra a good recovery period after suffering or after a disease, or after a physical or emotional trauma. By the middle of the month, you are prone to unfounded concern about your health.
The immune system may be weaker in the last week of September, take things slowly and see your doctor if you have health concerns.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid as much as you can excesses of any kind: either too much spending, or a sex life out of control, or eating abuses. Look for balance in the family!



Mercury, the governor of the Scorpio intimate house, is found between 6 and 22 September 2018 in the house of social groups and friends, alongside the Sun until September 23. Therefore, single Scorpio's have every chance to meet someone attractive through their circle of friends or through a more active social life.
Scorpio's who are part of older couples tend to claim more freedom of movement and may stir suspicions and possessiveness of the couple. You should talk to your life partner because together you can find solutions to overcome this complicated emotional situation.
From a professional point of view, in September 2018, you benefit from group projects or collaborations with large companies, promoting your internet business and engaging in charity activities.
In regard to your finances, you enjoy your success because in September 2018 you manage your income and expenses with more wisdom and more realism. Winning opportunities are constantly on the rise, especially during the second half of the month, that it is a good idea to put something apart instead of spending money.
On September 9, Jupiter joins Scorpio and Venus, and this astral context gives you joy, optimism, but also an accentuated predisposition to excesses - be it personality or food or passion. If you have liver problems or hormonal disorders, it is advisable to be more careful about diet, sugar and fat consumption.
After September 23, the Sun and Mercury watch over your health house and, even if problems arise, you can quickly recover.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid being arrogant as you will lose collaborators, friends or loved ones! Treat with any prudence and realism any legal dispute!


Mars, the planet that governs the house of Sagittarius love, returns on September 11 straight into the house of communication, and this preaches loose disputes and misunderstandings. Be careful how you express your feelings.
In September 2018 Sagittarius is not too sociable, and single Sagittarius risk missing the chances of finding their soul mate.
September is particularly favorable to the fulfillment of Sagittarius' professional and financial ambitions. House of Sagittarius' money looks better since September 6th, when Saturn returns and promises material stability. It is a good time to focus on income sources and to try to consolidate your financial situation.
In September 2018, Mercury governs Sagittarius' house, suggesting that September will give you opportunities to make profitable partnerships or to get in touch with certain people who can help you advance in your career. In addition, you manage to use your personal resources very effectively to help you professionally.
Sagittarians dissatisfied with the current job may find a way to turn a hobby into a business that will give you professional and financial freedom.
In the second half of the month, it is advisable to pay attention to a predisposition to treat others in an arrogant way and to avoid verbal conflicts.
Health may change for the better, whether your chronic problems are. Your mood is generally good, except in the middle of the month, when you are more prone to nervousness and stress.
The need for solitude gives you an excellent pretext for making a personal balance so that you can make peace with yourself but also with certain aspects from the past.

Astrologer advice:
Keep yourself busy in any circumstances! Otherwise, you risk destabilizing yourself, creating yourself a bad state and you might push away a family member or some friends.



Venus, the planet governing the house of Capricorn's love, enters September 9, 2018, in the house of friends, social groups, and social life. The team with Mars and opposition to Uranus could indicate contradictory attitudes or the fact that you hesitate to get involved in a love affair.
Some Capricorns will experience disappointments from a relationship, where they try to buy love with money, soon or later they will realize that money are gone, as well as their dream love.
Saturn, the governor of Capricorn, resumes on September 6, and this energy helps you clarify your goals, renew your personal and professional ambitions, overcome quite a few obstacles that seemed inconsequential.
Venus, the planet that governs the career and socio-professional reputation of the Capricorns, enters September 9 in the house of social groups and social life and helps you understand that without much cooperation with others you can not do too much without consuming time and many resources.
It is preferable to focus on common projects and to bring together capable people around you. Venus transit, brings financial success, increasing popularity, gaining untapped benefits from professional activity, and even collaborating with state institutions. 
On the other hand, the tense aspects of Venus and Mars, entering the house of Capricorn money on September 11, 2018, and Uranus, could indicate a predisposition to spend to impress others. During this period it is recommended to avoid financial speculation and risky investments.
Due to Saturn's return in Capricorn's house, physical health and psychological balance are in the best conditions.
You have physical strength and a good psychic tone and look forward to the future with optimism and self-confidence. Avoid excess food, which you might be tempted to meet with friends or in business meetings.

Astrologer advice:
Given that the situation tends to become financially unstable, it would be good to make a reserve fund for your family and for various unexpected home-related expenses.



Mercury's Transit in the Aquarius house helps restore communication between older couples who have encountered quarrels and contradictory moments.
Single Aquarius are also benefiting from September transit, except for a few days from the middle of the month when they tend to become overwhelmingly ignorant in sentimental and financial decisions. Attention, therefore, with whom you share your feelings. The second half of September 2018 could be marked by jealousy and possessiveness. You may even feel pressed by family claims or responsibilities. Treat with calm any situation and honestly communicate your discontent.
Jupiter, located in Aquarius career and socio-professional reputation house, is harmoniously seen in September, which can lead to spectacular professional results, this changes your personality and you are prone to making unfounded promises. The good news is that you have the support of influential people, but it is recommended to be honest and not to forget about moral principles.
In September 2018, you have a lot of energy which you will direct it to invest or developing a prosperous financial strategy.
Saturn is located in the house of chronic diseases and healing, resumes direct transit on September 6, 2018, giving you physical resistance and activating mental house that is connected with emotional foundations. Therefore, you are quickly recovering from stress and physical or mental effort.
In the second half of the month, you are more prone to injuries, especially in connection with electricity. 

Astrologer advice:
Avoid intolerance, authoritarian excesses, and aggression in your words! You risk aggravating a relational situation that would otherwise be settled amicably.




In September 2018 Pisces partnership house is protected by the Sun, therefore, love affairs are an important subject in this period. It is recommended that you save more time for your personal life, engage in joint activities, and discuss situations that have remained unresolved in the past, as prospects for the future are very good.
Professionally, you are successful in associations and it is good to keep in mind the opinions of partners or people with more experience even if you do not agree with them.
From a financial point of view, things get complicated with the return of Mars, the master of Pisces money. You are prone to financial errors despite the fact that profit opportunities are emerging.
You should pay your debts and calculate your budget more carefully, perhaps giving up holidays and other unnecessary expenses. For your health plan, you have a lot of energy that can lead to agitation and even frustration. In September 2018, it is important to channel your energy accordingly to be constructive and efficient.
With Mercury and Sun entering the house of health, in the last decade of September, you should be careful with your immune system. It might be possible to wake up an old affection or to appear something completely unexpected. 

Astrologer advice:
Great attention to sources of income! Do not let yourself be attracted to the dubious earnings.

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