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In the first two decades of January 2018, Venus, the planet of love and the master of the Aries couple's house, is in the quarry and social status. This location of Venus makes you become more selective in relationships and direct your attention to admirers, well-placed hierarchically, or who can help you advance and reach your goals. Amateur links with superiors, officials, or notorious figures are not excluded.

The conjunction of Venus with the Sun and Pluto announces a special but potentially stressful situation that could require a decision.
Mars, the master of Aries, is in conjunction with Jupiter, which indicates a great physical and, implicitly, sexual force.
The end-of-month moon eclipse has a great erotic load.
January 2018 could be a decisive month for Aries on a professional level. Sun is the sign of authority and success, Venus promises chances, and Pluto wants power, control and money.
January layout is highly motivating, although it is not easy to manage, it can bring important achievements, all supported by Mars, the master of Aries, and Jupiter, Great Benefit.
Mars and Jupiter are joining forces in one of Aries' financial houses, a relationship that talks about money, business, earnings from partnerships, fundraising, asset recovery, and so on.
The physical tone of Aries is good in the first decade of January 2018, mediocre in the second and good in the last.
Mars, the master of Aries, is in position with Jupiter, so you have great energy, that's not the problem here.
A slightly more delicate period is around January 13, when Mercury, the master of the Aries disease home, is in conjunction with Saturn.
The greatest enemies of Aries during this period are, however, the stress, the imprudence and the tendency towards excesses.

Astrologer advice:

Do not spend more than you earn and do not make impulsive financial decisions!


Mars and Jupiter continue to inflame their senses in January 2018, especially in the early part of the month, but with reverberations throughout. Both planets are particularly energetic and enterprising, so that you can expect a life of a naval couple, pigmented with passionate adventures, exaggerations and demonstrative gestures.

In another registry, you may not be too prominent, but have the express attention of a character full of temper.
The setup of January 2018 is favorable to adventurous love, but to couples who join forces in putting together courageous, broad-minded plans. The period is thrilling, but a little cautious does not hurt.
January 2018 is favorable for you to make a proper analysis of resources and risks.
Being in opposition to the native Sun Taurus, Mars and Jupiter challenge you to act, but you can make yourself lose control at some point.
 Taurus new house is well-marked in January 2018, especially in the first two decades: achievements in studies, travel, cultural and scientific or spiritual activities. In the last decade the career, prestige, authority and success is well outlined.
Collaborations and competitions are relevant to professional activity of Taurus throughout January.
Financially, caution is recommended.
You are generally in shape and enjoy good resistance. However, the opposition between your native Sun and Jupiter-Mars tandem may predispose you to excesses and foolish acts with possible health repercussions.
Be careful with over stressed situations.

Astrologer advice:

Do a course or a specialization, read, cultivate yourself!


In the first decade of January 2018 Mercury, the Gemini master, was still in the couple's house. It's the end of a cycle started in November that must have revealed interesting things about your sentimental relationships.
In the most common case, it is the end of a period with relational activity above average. Enjoy it, because now things are much easier and more direct than in November and December. Sometimes they may even go too directly or too fast if we take into account the effect of the conjunction between Jupiter, the master of the Gemini couple house, and the impetuous Mars.
The second decade is somewhat resplendent, and the third decade focuses on intellectual, cultural or spiritual affinities, and can bring a romantic journey or a long distance idyll.
January 2018 is a very active month on a professional level, with intense efforts and achievements.
With plenty of planets transiting through the eighth solar house (Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Venus, Mercury), January 2018 announces an increase in Gemini's financial concerns. It can be business, investment, loans, money coming from collaborations or partnerships, motives, retreats, or more important interaction with institutions like banks, insurance, tax etc.
You can also benefit if you base your decisions, on carefully planned plans and strategies, taking into account long-term developments.
January 2018 does not announce too great for Gemini. Plants are distributed in horoscope sectors that tend to expose you to certain risks.
With Mars in the Gemini's house, you get acute or inflammatory afflictions or injuries, and with Mercury and Sun in your eighth house, you can expect nervous strain, restless mental pressure. It is recommended to save yourself and to maintain your balance and inner harmony.
On the other hand, January 2018 is a good month for medical investigations as well as for dental or surgical interventions.

Astrologer advice:

Do not worry about anything! Focus on important things and keep your sense of humor!

A period of time, rare in life!
With Mars and Jupiter in the house of love and eroticism, in January 2018 the sexual vigor of Cancers reaches unsurpassed heights, and romantic momentum is so great that it attracts opportunities with amorous potential; and if he does not attract them, he seeks them, provokes them. Force of passion is unstable, emotions and the sensations of the bands are electrifying, exuberant.
At the same time, the Cancer couple's house is boiled, transited by the burner Sun, the tender and sensual Venus, the unfortunate Mercury, the intense and the striking Pluto, and finally the Saturn eager. Take control of the situation and remember the responsibilities.
Overall, January 2018 is an important month, with high stakes.
In January, interactions with others are underway in all forms: collaborations, partnerships, teamwork, alliances, contracts, public relations, competition, rivalry, in the extreme, litigation or lawsuits.
Beyond all this, in January 2018, opportunities are coming. 
The master of the Cancer house, Mars, and  Jupiter, meet in one of the luckiest houses of the horoscope: the fifth house. Hence, the racing from where you can not get yourself.
At the same time, the period is particularly creative, good for highlighting talents and conducive to the promotion, presentation, launch of any creations, products or projects.
Money depends on the others: you do it or spend it with them or for them.
Physical energy squeeze, but you may have problems with maintaining balance and just steps.
You get too involved in the problems of others, you consume too much, have a tendency to excess, and you can face stress.
It is recommended that you do more: hall, dance, walks, etc. to "burn" the surplus of energy and to keep the body in harmony.

Astrologer advice:
Get out of the shell, have fun, love, create!


The month of January 2018 seems to focus more attention on the practical aspects of life than on romantic ones.
Because Venus, the planet of love, and Saturn, the master of the Leo house, a sentimental relationship may occur with someone encountered during the exercise of the profession, engage with partner in fulfilling responsibility or work both in the same place or project.
On the other hand, because Jupiter, the master of the house of love is in the home of Leo home, along with Mars, it is possible for you and your couple to have some agitation about the home, parents, family or children.
January 2018 brings the Leo a great focus on their profession and duties.
The Leo house is very active, being transited by the Sun, Venus and Mercury. Along with these, we find the ambitions and perseverance of Saturn and Pluto, who sometimes can make things go harder but give solid, valuable results. 
Being in the fourth house of Leo, Jupiter and Mars, excite your enthusiasm for investment in real estate or long-term use, for the arrangement or renovation of a home or office, for business with natural resources, for history, antiquity, and traditions, hometown.
If the professional agenda is not very full, multiple transits through the solar home could indicate an express of Leo concern for health. In this case, it may be either the manifestation of certain physical affections or some actions aimed at developing health, hygiene or lifestyle issues.
It is time to solve neglected problems, dieting days or, visit a dentist.
Mars and Jupiter collaborate with Sun,urging  you to excess. You'd better be abducted.

Astrologer advice:
Set your goals and start resolving your health problems!


In January, the house of Virgo eroticism is transited by five stars: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Saturn.
All this crowd stimulates sexual and romantic entrances, loads sensuality and favors, love affairs.
In addition, Jupiter, the master of the Virgo couple's house, is beside Mars. 
With a lot of planets in transit through the fifth house, January 2018 is rich in offers and opportunities. Now you can do the fullness of all the talents or you can discover other undesirable ones. This month, you are at the height of the creative and interpretative faculties where you can make it easier in lucky circumstances.
The period is excellent for advertising and promotion and gives you the impetus to get involved in wider, bold actions.
With Mars and Jupiter in the third house of Virgo, thinking is more penetrating and boldest to be successful in any activity that involves intellect, information, argumentation, communication.
You have great tones and it's a good month for physical activity of any kind.
With Mars transiting Virgo house, there is a certain danger of traveling in distress or imprudent handling objects or substances.
You also enjoy a lot of mental strength, but it can be doubled by anxiety, agitation, irritability or stress.

Astrologer advice:
Do not talk more than you should, and do not say regretful things when you stressed!


In the first two decades of January 2018, Libra's attention is focused mainly on the family and the closest entourage.
Libra, feel the need for privacy and safety and prefer old friends and verified links. It may also be a time when the couple has concerns about money, dwelling or property. Practical sense, dominate feeling.
Climate changes noticeably in the last decade of January, when the Sun, the star around which all the planets are rotating, Venus the Libra master, come to the house of eroticism. Therefore, it begins a period of several weeks that favors love, pleasures, adventures, sensuality and passion.
January 2018 is a month highly focused on finances and possessions.
The Mars-Jupiter conjunction in the Libra house, balances your business sense and gets you sick of buying, selling, and looking for new ways to increase your earnings.
This conjunction between Mars and Jupiter is very productive, but it can be very wasteful. It is advisable not to spend impulsively and to think well if you really need the things you want to buy.
The fourth house of the Libra, is crossed in January by five planets, a sign of increased interest in real estate, land, property, heritage assets or long-term use. Usually, under such transits, the investor spirit is activated or you begin to build, renovate, redecorate, etc.
In the first two decades of the month, you may not feel at ease. The transit of all five planets put lot of pressure and deprives you from the harmony you need.
In addition, in the first part of January 2018, Jupiter, the master of Jupiter's health house, is in tandem with Mars, which could bring a risk of infection, inflammation, congestion or injury.
The last decade finds you in a form of great days, both physically and mentally.

Astrologer advice:

Visit your parents or relatives, organize a family party!

Mars and Jupiter remain in Scorpio and in January 2018, the passion, the spirit of conquest and sexual effervescence are still at their maximum. Mars-Jupiter conjunction predisposes to flashing love, gentle gestures dare or even reluctant, and promises full action.
In the first two decades, Venus, the planet of love and the master of Scorpio couple, is in the third house, which means that sentimental life can be marked by a discussion or a message and intellectual affinities can create a bridge between souls.
In the last decade of January, the fire has slowed somewhat, and the situation is becoming more quiet and stable; home and family get first.
Mars and Jupiter, found in Scorpio, urge you to do great things. You have the initiative, you have the courage and you can start an ample and ambitious project now. In January 2018 you feel the need to impose yourself, to analyze yourself and you are going to succeed: basically, Mars is the traditional master of Scorpio, and Jupiter is the Great Benefit!
January predisposes you to meetings, talks and negotiations. Journeys, communication and intellectual preoccupations are privileged.
Now you can learn something new, take a lesson, write a paper, give a lecture, hold an interview. This can happen in the second decade.
The financial sector is dynamic throughout January 2018. You can make good money, but it's hard to save them.
You have energy as many as two, you are ready for action at any time, and you do not lack self-confidence. The problem is that you tend to exaggerate, stretch the string a lot, and commit some excesses or imprudence. You're like a boiling boiler.
Maybe you'd better make more money or get involved in a fight for a noble goal to have a valve to consume the energy surplus. Or join a gym.

Astrologer advice:

Be more malleable, listen to the other's point of view, look for the middle way!



In the first decade of January 2018, Mercury, the master of Sagittarius house, goes through the final stage of a process beginning in November (the cycle of his retrogradation in Sagittarius), which must have highlighted certain truths about relationships, which you should be aware of, in order to have stronger, more harmonious connections.
The complex part of Mercury cycle, has been consumed, and now things come to normal, which, for some Sagittarius, may even be pleasant.
The second decade of January speaks of a possible financial decision, or the influence of sentimentalism on the material sphere.
In the last decade, some pragmatic considerations persist, but the importance of information, communication, and couple journeys increases.
With five planets in transit through Sagittarius' money house, plus a New Moon, it is very easy to see what is the dominant feature of January 2018.
There are several situations that may give rise to a particular financial concern: from the need to face increased obligations, to the initiation of actions aimed at making the work more profitable and increase your income, or you want to get involved in business or in various transactions. And the pallet can be extended.
In any of the above situations, you have to wait at both moments and difficult or tremendous times. You won't take any other important decisions in the second decade of the month.
The last decade of January favors intellect, communication and journeys, and emphasizes ambition and entrepreneurial spirit.
Now that you have escaped from Saturn's presence in Sagittarius, your optimism, love of life and physical energy begin to grow gradually until it reaches the odds a few years ago.
Health should also be fortified. In January 2018 it is possible, however, to have some headaches caused by excesses.
No matter how good you feel, it's best to take it easy for a little while.

Astrologer advice:

Watch your enemies if you have. If you do not have enemies, stay away from troubles!



With Venus in Capricorn, the first two decades of January 2018 are favorable to love, pleasure and harmony.
Venus gives you extra grace, sensuality and seductive power. Your presence is more enjoyable, more desirable. You get effortlessly and have circumstances that make it easy to get closer, to create new feelings.
In the couple you have good understanding and optimism. Thanks to the presence of Venus in Capricorn, and to the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in the eleventh house, January 2018 is a month in which you more socialize and move in larger circles of people, which Increase your chances of meeting a new love or having fun with your dear man.
With a lot of planets in Capricorn, in January 2018 you have a lot of trumps to succeed. The sun brings strength, authority and prestige; Venus - useful, collaborative and useful relationships; Mercury - ideas and freedom of mind; Saturn, master of Capricorn - strategy and good coordination; Pluto - ambition and focus. So you can do anything you can think of.
And as a bonus of great days, Mars and Jupiter, in the eleventh house, promised popularity, succeeded in collective projects and leadership in groups built around common interests or passions.
Money comes in, more in the last decade.
You enjoy a good physical resistance, an excellent moral and an increased ability to enjoy the beautiful moments of life. You are in the best shape, especially in the first decades.
In the last decade of January 2018, the tone gradually decreases, and the good mood begins to pale, making the place more moody, more preoccupied, and perhaps more tense. For this time, it's good to look for relaxation solutions.

Astrologer advice:

Show greater openness to cooperation, business partnerships, group projects!


The first two decades of January 2018 are not marked by special tendencies. The inward life of Aquarius is characterized by lull and by inclination towards discretion, to retreat.
It may be a matter of disappointment, especially in the second decade. If this is the case, communication could help improve the situation.
The third decade is lucky: Aquarius enters Venus and the Sun (the master of the couple's Aquarius house). Now the climate is completely different, full of optimism and sensuality. In the couple, they rejoice, joy and good understanding.
In the last part of the month you have a lot of seductive power, and luck is in the way of a favorable situation. If you are looking for happiness, you can find it.
In January 2018 the Aquarius career is in full swing.
With Mars and Jupiter in your career, you have big plans and you have a lot of soul to fulfill. There are favorable occasions, but you may have a fight in which, luckily, you have great victory.
In January, you can consolidate your strength and reputation, impose yourself in front of others, gratefully for professional success, you can have plenty of financial gain.
But you have to realize that not everyone is just as honest and well-intentioned as you and there may be people who envy you and may try to squabble out of the shadows, sabotage you. Do not let his success go up to your head and watch your back!
Body resistance is not great in the first two decades of January 2018, and you seem to have a tendency to ignore this and to surrender to excesses and lack of provision.
It is advisable to take care, especially in the second decade, because of fatigue, immunity and weakness, and of your own neglect, may cause misfortunes.
The tone returns to strength in the last decade when you enjoy energy, confidence and optimism.

Astrologer advice:

Try to get a busy and orderly life!



Mercury, the master of Pisces couple's house, was in the first decade of January 2018 in the quarry, ending a longer period in this area, and this time harmonizing the links between the two spheres of interest: sentimental and professional.
Venus, the planet of love, was in the eleventh house in the first two decades, announcing the fulfillment of a hope and the opportunity to spend pleasant moments together with the couple in a wider society, or to meet someone at a public event, at a group meeting, etc.
Mercury was in the last two decades in the eleventh house, confirming the tendencies.
By the middle of the month, you may need to pass a hop.
January 2018 is a dynamic month and spurs professionally: Jupiter, the traditional master of Pisces, is in tune with Mars, the one full of ambition and initiative. You mobilize a plan, and go to action.
The most motivating or challenging area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis period, is the one that connects you and your distant plan, both physically and mentally: travel, distance collaboration, the Internet, but also studies, culture, research, and spirituality. There is an attraction for broadening the horizon and for reaching new frontiers, which should be profiled for professional development and financial success.
Enthusiasm, community, associations, foundations, confederations, parties etc. are also current.
The first two decades of January 2018, find you in an excellent form with lots of energy and enthusiasm. It would be better to take it easy with food, coffee, cola, energizing, etc., and rest enough.
It is recommended to take care of yourself, especially in the last decade.

Astrologer advice:

It looks like you have to make a decision about your belonging to a group. Think positive!

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