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In July, Venus, the planet governing Aries partnerships is staying until 10 July, accompanied by Mercury.
In the first decade of July will be misunderstandings about intimacy, fidelity, and involvement in couple life. Your predisposition to flirt is very visibly whether you have a pair or not, whether you are married or not.
Mars is still in a seemingly retrograde way through the house of friendship and social groups and there might be the risk of confusing love with friendship or sending misleading messages without asking.
On July 10, 2018 Venus enters Aries work and health house and create a harmonious aspect with Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. Thus, an unexpected attraction or maybe even a love story with a colleague at work can be born.
Married Aries get support from their life partner, while others some may feel too oppressive... However, it can be said that, from the second half of July, the Aries take more seriously the responsibilities assumed in their amorous partnerships.
On the financial side, a lot can happen if you are not careful about how much you spend on fun and parties, or whether you are short-tempered by financial speculation.
On July 10, 2018, Jupiter resumed his direct move to Aries money house, common resources, taxes, taxes, funding, and inheritance. It is, therefore, possible to unblock funding, to reschedule debts or to clarify some common investments or a sharing process.
It is advisable to be moderate, especially when you issue claims.
In the second half of July 2018, Venus forms harmonious aspects with Uranus, home of Aries' money, along with Saturn and Pluto, planets that pass through your home, and socio-professional reputation will flourish, giving you the opportunity to repair some relationships with colleagues or your boss. If you searching for a job, you should contact the last place you activated and you will have many chances to be employed.
Until July 23, it is possible to pass more often through states of increased emotion or moments of interiorization. You should listen to your emotions and try to avoid unnecessary excitement. Mars, the master of Aries, is still retrograde, which means you have difficulty managing the energy you have.
On July 26, 2018, Mercury, the Aries health house governor, also goes into relegation and is recommended that you carefully review your lifestyle and reduce the sleepless nights and possible excesses. It is time to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Astrologer advice:
Be more patient, avoid being victimized by love and adopt a healthier lifestyle!



July 2018 is for Taurus a stormy announcement from a sentimental point of view. You may thank about the fate of your relationships and their impact on the choices you make and the direction in life. It's time to choose who you want to stay in your life and who does not. 
In the first decade of July, controversial discussions with your life partner may happen. The reason for these discussions is about living together with your life partner. Is better not to hurry to make this decision and take care of what you say, because your love life might suffer from this discussion.
Fortunately, the situation is sharpening from July 10th, things get clearer, and you begin to regain the optimism and confidence that everything will work out well. Venus, the governor of Taurus, enters the house of love, while Jupiter, located in the Taurus partnership, resumes, as a result, senior couples enter a better period of growth and harmonization. Some Taurus will build the foundation for a new long-term love relationship or may point to inappropriate sentimental relationships.
In the second half of the month, you tend to be more pragmatic in love, which is not bad at all. The harmonious aspects formed by Venus show that you can succeed in enjoying effective stability.
The subject of money is sensitive in July 2018, and you might attempt to financial security but paying with the price that destabilizes some important personal and professional relationships. Maybe your goals are too high, especially in the first half of the month, and you start to put pressure on others. You should focus on what you can do, on the resources you have, and avoid borrowing from family and friends. From July 10, 2018, when Jupiter resumed his direct move, it is also possible to get support for an investment or to pay a debt. This financial move is advised to begin on July 26, when Mercury, the planet governing the Taurus money, begins its seemingly retrograde move. Until August 20, it is advisable to be cautious if you have high home or child expenses. If you're thinking about a real estate transaction, maybe it would be better to postpone it.
With Mars, the planet of action, in a seemingly retrograde way through the career house and the socio-professional reputation, things are slower on a professional level and with more effort.
At 27th July, when total lunar eclipse takes place, Venus, the master of Taurus, push you for professional reinvention, in affirming the talents and skills you have, but also to make some important business decisions  Overall, your mental and physical condition improves in the second half of July 2018.
If you have any suffering or any health-related disability, you have all the clues to find your cure.
In July, your biggest duo is your own fears or old worries that can shade your decision-making capacity. It is recommended that you strive to maintain your optimism because the situation will soon shine.

Astrologer advice:
Do not rush to make decisions in love! Starting July 26, retrograde Mercury urges you to revise the basis on which you build sentimental relationships.



In the first decade of July 2018, you are more confrontational than usual, making your love relationship to be put under stress. Your life pair seems willing to support you, to trust you, but you don't tend to be impressed by anything and anyone.
Fortunately, starting with the second decade of the month, the atmosphere is shining. Jupiter, the planet governing the Gemini partnerships, returns directly on July 10, and Venus, the planet that governs your love house is involved in a harmonious aspect with Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluton. So, you expect a passionate, sensual, intense period, whether you are married or just looking for a passionate adventure. You are delighted with the games of seduction and you are very sure of what you feel.
It can be a good time to confess your feelings to a person or to impress her with a romantic dinner or an expensive gift. But it is advisable to be careful about how much you spend. Some Gemini may be tempted by relationships of interest, or they can become people who only seek to gain material advantages.
If you are married, it is advisable to spend more time with your love partner, manage together the family budget. Only in this way can mutual trust and intimacy be rebuilt.
The Gemini house money is illuminated by the presence of Sun until July 23, 2018, thanks to the partial Colar Eclipse at July 13. Therefore, in July money is a priority for Gemini, a subject that can lead to agitation and quarrels.
It is the best time to deal with older financial problems and reorganize the expenses or investments you consider to be a priority.
On the other hand, it may be a good time to reevaluate personal resources, the talents you have, and the way you value them to earn your living and to assert yourself from a professional point of view.
Mars, the planet governing the Gemini career house, is still in a seemingly retrograde way, but Jupiter, already located in career house is coming back straight. The intervention of Jupiter is pushing you to take decisions that seems you are not decided to make, but after all this agitation you have the ability to see things more pragmatic, more optimistic.
In the last four days of the month, there may be tensions with your work colleagues and you should be very careful about the affirmations you make.
This month it cannot be said that you do not have a good tonus, especially after July 10, but the nervous tensions are high and can exhaust your physical, mental and emotional energy.
If health problems occur, it is advisable to see a doctor without delay.
Attention to travel because you are more prone to accidents!
From July 26, 2018, Mercury, the master of the Gemini, is retrograde, which can lead to a lack of inner coherence.

Astrologer advice:
Money remains a controversial subject. With responsibility and pragmatism, you can solve many things in your favor.



Until July 23, 2018, the Sun is in Cancer, in opposition to Saturn and Pluto, backward in the home of partnerships. Therefore, the life of the couple tends to be agitated, with disputes and confrontations. It's a time when you can regain the lost ground, get back your voice, define your desires.
The good news is that Jupiter resumed his direct transit from July 10, 2018, into the Cancer love house, which can be a good period for couples' who want to legalize their love affair. But it could also work in favor of Cancers' who want to revive romance in marriage. 
On the other hand, Cancers' who decide to divorce or are involved in a divorce process with sharings, they do not have harmony, which takes a more pragmatic approach, and the last decade of the month could bring some new problems.
With Mars retrograde further into the intimacy house of Cancer, you may be tempted to return to an old passion or start an extramarital relationship. Do not make this kind of mistakes, because can consequences will follow.
Jupiter, the planet that governs Cancer's career house, returns on July 10, 2018, but Mars, the governor of career and socio-professional reputation, remains retrograde until August. Also, retrograde is Saturn, in the Cancer partnership house. Therefore, it may be said that you are rather involved in individual activities, which involve the use of personal talents, but it can be a hobby that has great potential to become an additional source of gain. Little quarrels and criticism between you and your colleagues disappear from day to day, and work promises to become a place to feel better.
Non-working Cancers' may be more fortunate to find something, but not necessarily at the height of expectations, or necessarily something that they can agree on in the long run.
Business partnerships and relationships with affiliates - or even with competitors - are not favored in July 2018. Money is just a cause for grievances, perhaps even of litigation.
On July 26, 2018, Mercury goes retrograde in career, money and personal values, adding that at July 27 the Moon total eclipse is a period when you are accused of selfishness, always dependent on others and that they do not contribute properly to family or business investments. Is recommended cautious negotiation, postponement of spending or large investments, reviewing how you manage your own resources, shared resources or debts.
In July 2018, you may feel tired, devoid of power, perhaps more depressed due to financial unpleasantness.
It is recommended that you spend more time with your family, children, visiting your relatives if you have not done it for a long time. You can feel better and you can recharge your emotional, but also physical batteries.
A detailed health check is adviced.

Astrologer advice:

Avoid signing contracts that bind you financially in any kind of risk and financial speculation! You are prone to mistaken decisions that can cause you losses.


July 2018 finds you in a romantic, idealistic mood, but your couple life, seem to be entering a period of instability.
The first part of the month might be tense, one of the reason can be that your parents are mistakenly interfering in your affairs, or in your marriage. But it could also be about grievances or disagreements about a real estate transaction.
On July 10, 2018, Venus, the master of Scorpio partnerships, enters the house of friends, social groups and plans for the future.
If you have been impotently sentimental or have an extramarital affair, now they could become public notoriety, affecting your reputation.
On July 26, Mercury, the governor of Scorpio's privacy and secrets, is downgrading, indicating that it would be good to revise his concept of loyalty, fidelity and mutual trust. Some couples may even face the issue of splitting up.
In July 2018, the professional activity of Scorpions is intense and tensions and annoyances are expected. It may well be that you find it hard to get along with business partners or hierarchical superiors.
It's time to explore new hobbies or start a new activity. This month, Mars, the planet governing Scorpio's house of work is still in a seemingly retrograde way, is recommended to reevaluate the bases you build your career, reputation or your own business.
It is important to understand the extent to which your efforts are effective. In some cases, it may be noted that the results obtained do not deserve much effort.
On July 10, 2018, Jupiter and Venus enter Scorpio house, therefore, associations can be lucky, profitable, but you tend to become overly critical to others. It is advisable to manage your professional relationships with more care and more flexibility.
The very good part of these transits is that they increase your efficiency and the ability to see things in a pragmatic way to make more money.
The Sun enters Scorpio's career on July 23, 2018, joining Mercury, who will begin his retrograde transit on July 26. The Sun and Mercury, however, are part of the Mars retrograde opposition, which can lead to rush and exaggerations. Therefore, you risk to miss certain promotional opportunities, make sure you do it slower and review your long-term strategy.
You do not have peace of mind in July 2018, and family life or relationships with your family of origin can cause you extra stress, in addition to what's happening professionally.
Mars, the governor of Scorpio's health home, is retrograde and forms tense issues. Therefore, you may have problems with digestion or acidity, so it is advisable to choose a healthy diet as soon as possible.

Astrologer advice:
Be careful what you are willing to sacrifice to advance professionally! Do not let yourself be tempted by titles that have no purpose for you.



Mars, the planet governing Sagittarius love is still in a retrograde way in the house of communication and learning. In turn, Mercury, the planet governing Sagittarius' relations, is relegating at the end of the month, and in the first half of the month is involved in tense issues. Therefore, it is increasingly difficult to reach common views within the couple.
Unmarried Sagittarius might have difficulties to approach the person they're in love, they cannot manage to create a smooth conversation without arguing.
If you are involved in an unofficial love affair, is advised that you should carefully choose your words and maybe even accept that you can learn something from your loved one.
Most likely, the problem that haunts love affairs or marriage is the difference of principles, beliefs or life philosophies.
The Sun Eclipse of July 13, 2018 activates your house of intimacy and devouring passions, a very good opportunity to meditate on how much you really invest emotionally in sentimental relationships, loyalty, fidelity, mutual trust, or toxic relationships. Now you have the chance to give up a too complicated relationship, perhaps even extramarital.
Saturn and Pluton remain retrograde in Sagittarius' money house, which indicates a series of delays or difficulties in obtaining a steady income. You may have the impression that your efforts are too high in relation to your earnings.
It is a very good time to make a financial order, to think seriously about your skills, the resources you really have, and how you use them to put yourself in value and to gain or strengthen financial independence.
On July 10, 2018 Venus, the planet governing the career of Sagittarius, enters the social and professional status. In addition, Venus forms harmonious aspects with Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. Therefore, starting in the second half of the month, the situation begins to improve and opens up prospects for professional development and long-term financial gain.
If you have a job, during this period you have the opportunity to impress your superiors and receive a promotion. On July 26, Mercury, the planet that governs the career and reputation of Sagittarius, appears to be retrograde, indicating that it would be good to evade the temptation to go to the limits of the law in professional matters, and take care of the contracts you must sign. Take great attention to collaborations with foreigners that should certify their professional skills.
July 10, 2018 Jupiter, the Sagittarius governor helps you discover the inner resources you need to make your career flourish, to progress to what you have been proposing.
It could help you resume spiritual practices or learn relaxation methods, meditation, etc.

Astrologer advice:
Plan carefully your budget and make plans for the long term! Avoid major financial decisions and delay negotiations.



In July Jupiter transits the house of the groups and friends, which benefits your social life. You could try to take your life partner on a holiday or somewhere to relax together.
In addition, Venus master of Capricorn love house is involved only in harmonious aspects, favoring flirtation and good mood. If you are in search of love, you may be attracted to a person from abroad or related to the university environment or to justice.
The partial Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 activates the house of partnerships, and the events that take place in this period can show you whether you have a truly lasting marriage or whether the person you are together is willing to formalize your relationship. 
On July 23, 2018, the Sun enters the Capricorn intimate house opening your craving for more intense physical relationships. But they are not without tension, jealousy, and possessiveness.
Mars continues its seemingly retrograde journey through the Capricorn money house, creating difficult financial moments and unexpected expenses for home and family. This month avoid any kind of real estate transactions. You should make more effort to become financially independent or to manage your income more efficient because you can't rely on family money.
Venus, the planet that governs the career and reputation of the Capricorns, enters July 10, 2018 in the tenth house, a house of relationships with foreigners and higher education. Considering that it is harmonious, Venus can foster the development of professional relationships with companies from abroad or with people belonging to other cultures. An old career project could end, leaving room for a new one. The new project, however, involves new financial negotiations that are harder than you expected.
On July 26, 2018 Mercury, the planet that governs Capricorn's career house appears to be retrograde in a financial house. It is advisable to be very cautious if you have the company money or the money of others, or if you work in the financial-banking field. It's not the time to take loans.
Your physical and mental condition is getting better after July 10, 2018, when Jupiter, who governs one of Capricorn's health house, enters directly in Capricorn house.
Friends can be a tough support in moments of crisis and raise your morale or guide you to experienced doctors if needed.
Towards the end of the month, it is possible that an old health problem comes back, possibly in connection with the heart or the circulatory system. It's worth going to a doctor as soon as you see signs from your body.

Astrologer advice:
Pay attention to a predisposition to injuries in tension moments!


Mars further relegates to Leo house of affairs and is involved in tensions with Uranus, Mercury, at the end of the month, even with the Sun. Therefore, love relationships tend to be marked by contradictory discussions and conflicts.
It's hard to get a common language with others, and it's recommended more flexibility and openness to restore balance in marriage. It is recommended that you be open to dialogue because, despite more heated discussions, you have come to an agreement of common vision with your life partner.
In this period is it advisable to reevaluate your personal and relational life, not to start new partnerships and do not make decisions about marriage. At July 23 the Sun enters the Leo house, which makes you feel that your powers are restored, but you tend to become selfish and less receptive to your couple needs.
The Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 takes place in the house of partnerships and the marriage of the Leo, which can bring the end of a situation or relationship. 
The financial situation remains one of your priorities and in July 2018, just that you tend to be tenser and more arrogant than usual, but this attitude won't help you, but will ruin some good professional relationships.
From July 10, 2018, Venus, the planet enters the second house of finances. Throughout the month, Venus is involved in harmonious aspects with Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto, despite delays, tensions and controversies, Venus makes great efforts to improve your financial situation or stabilize it.
You should be open to radical changes, which can lead you to something better and there is no point in getting into the past in non-working collaborations, or in an unsatisfactory job. Most likely, you feel the need for more freedom and authority on a professional level and you can set up a business on its own.
Mercury, the master of Leo money house seems to be retrograde on July 26, 2018, indicating that it becomes necessary to review how you relate to money and how you use your personal resources.
Saturn is still retrograde in career house until July 23, when Sun is transiting the house of chronic suffering and healing. You may feel more tired and more nervous, especially if you are trying to squeeze a professional project that seems to be in vain.
However, you benefit from the emotional resources needed to overcome a series of newer or older fears.

Astrologer advice:
Be patient in your couple life and professional plan! If you use force and authority you do not get anywhere.



July is an agitated month for Virgo, will be many days when your temper you will lose your temper and your negative energy will affect the other family member and your close friends.
On July 10, Venus and Jupiter transit Virgo, urging more responsibility and maturity in managing love affairs. If you have proposed to conquer someone, it might be that the person does not comes to your way too easily.
Venus is still in good humor, in harmonious relationships with Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. Therefore, it is possible to have a relationship at distance or a person belonging to another culture, to improve the sense of dialogue in the life of the couple, to feel more precious be motivated to make the effort to build a harmonious relationship.
This month you should reflect on your couple life and draw conclusions from past sentimental relationships so you do not wake up in the future as you do the same mistakes.
Mars continues its retrograde transit through the Virgo career house, therefore, you may sometimes have the impression that you are working without help, that you are not exactly the results you are experiencing. Maybe it would be good to review your expectations because they could spring out of fear that you are not good enough.
Fortunately, Jupiter enters your house on July 10, 2018, which means you're starting to get support and encouragement from your life partner, from collaborators, associates, and become more confident in your own strengths and skills. Is recommended more calm in relationships with colleagues, chiefs, and subordinates.
Also on July 10, Venus, the governor of the Virgo money house, even entered Virgo, which means, your earnings depend heavily on how you value, the efforts you are willing to make to remark in front of your bosses. Venus is generous so you could enjoy revenue growth with hard work, not financial speculation. You better rely only on what you can do and count less on others.
Starting July 26, Mercury is apparently retrograde, and on July 27, 2018, there is a total eclipse of the Moon in Virgo's career house. It is the best time to reformulate your professional goals, to focus on projects that consume time and nerves without bringing you the benefits.
With Mars retrograde in your health house and Mercury the governor of Virgo, it is advisable to be very careful about your health, but also how you handle your anger.
Stress can overwhelm your digestion, be more careful at eating and resting hours. It could help you with a vitamin supplement, especially with complex B.
It is worthwhile to be careful and cautious in everything you do because there is a predisposition to injuries.

Astrologer advice:
Great attention to nervousness and predisposition to verbal aggression! Think twice before making financial claims!



Mars, the planet governing  Libra partnerships, is still retrograde through the love house and is involved in tense issues, therefore, it is possible that the relationship becomes tense and heavy talk is to be made with a lot of urgencies. Decisions about the common future will give you a head start, especially when it comes to using mutual resources. 
To use constructively the energy of Mars retrograde is suggested that you try to rediscover common passions within your life partner and start some relaxing activities together.
On 10 July 2018, Venus, master of Libra, entered the tenth house, a house of sacrifices, but also of healing. Luckily, Venus is involved in harmonious aspects with Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, therefore, a number of older problems that can be solved easily, mutual trust and loyalty is again regained in the couple. 
Unmarried Libra's are not very favored in July, and even the Libras that have just started a romantic relationship. Also for unofficial relationships, there is not a good time to make decisions with regard to a possible marriage.
The Sun is located until 23 July 2018 in the career house and socio-professional reputation of the Libra, favoring long-term projects. There are opportunities for development and collaboration with influential groups or large companies, but these relationships need to be managed with care.
The partial Solar eclipse of July 13, 2018 can mark a crucial moment for your career, right or wrong, according to what you have done so far. You may have some promotion or some benefits in the long run, but you may have gossip, denigration, and conflicts with authorities or hierarchical superiors. It's time to adjust your long-term professional goals or to set new goals.
Your financial situation is improving in July 2018, especially after 10, when Jupiter resumes transit money house. It is time to make sustained efforts to strengthen or gain financial independence without relying on family or other people's resources in general. Financial speculation and exaggerated spending for entertainment or even for children are avoided.
After July 10, 2018, your health could be much better with the return of Jupiter, the co-governor of the Libra health house.  However, it is recommended to seek advice from a specialist if needed.
Also as of July 10, Venus transits the house of chronic diseases, sacrifices, and healing. Harmony is established when Venus enters your home, making way to a good vibration and relaxation.
You can also turn to alternative medicine, provided you carefully choose a recognized specialist.

Astrologer advice:
Do not let your friends feel about your couple issues and do not let them interfere in any way in your sentimental relationships!


July 2018 for some Aquarius, it might be the best time for a constructive change but it is not very easy to reach a point of common view common with your life partner.
The main topics of the argument may be family life or a real estate loan, but it may be a question of child misunderstandings.
On July 10, 2018, Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters the Aquarius intimacy house. Because Venus is harmoniously appearing by the end of the month, you will all be able to find solutions for couple problems.
From July 23, 2018, the Sun illuminates the house of relationships, and the couple life begins to get into harmony. You may be able to see the full Moon eclipse on July 27, 2018, which takes place on the relational house of Aquarius, to try to restore a balance between you and your life partner priorities.
Professionally, good things come after July 10, 2018, when Jupiter enters Aquarius' socio-professional plan and earnings gained from practicing your profession are unblocked. It is possible to start a collaboration with a group or with some friends, but you should be advised to stay prudent in terms of associations, associations, competitors, collaborators.
As a love affair, professional partnerships can be tense, and unpleasant discussion about investment or perhaps even withdrawals from the association may arise.
Because Mars, the planet governing the communication of Aquarius, is in a seemingly retrograde way, it is not easy to reach consensus, therefore, it is advisable to evade the final decisions and not to try to force things in the direction you want.
The partial Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 activates your career house and urges you to review your work and efficiency schedule and set new priorities, but on the other hand, it's time to be careful if a colleague or associate does not play a leading role without having a right.
From another perspective, it might be that the life partner is too much in professional life or regrets a professional association with it.
With Saturn and Pluton in seemingly retrograde way chronic illness and healing, your health is not 100% perfect.
On July 13, 2018, there is a solar eclipse that activates your house of work and health, a great opportunity to revise your daily routine so you have time for your physical and mental health.

Astrologer advice:
Do not let the aggression to take control of the family or in your professional relationships! Apply methods of clearing and rebalancing, calm and relaxation is the key to a balanced life.



In the first half of July 2018, Mercury, the master of Pisces partnership, transits his home and work and is involved with tense issues with Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter. This can indicate stress, especially for Pisces who work together with the loved one. 
The Sun illuminates Pisces romanticism house until July 23, 2018, but on July 13 there is a partial Sun eclipse. This would be a good opportunity to think about what responsibility you are willing to assume for the good run of an amorous partnership, where you overreach and where you tend to shirk.
On July 10, 2018 Venus, the planet that governs Pisces love house, is starting to take action and offer an opportunity for married couples to enjoys harmony and passion, despite contradiction about how finances are spent.
Professionally and financially, there are a number of changes that you may not be prepared to do, but you have little choice.
There may be more frequent clashes with colleagues, gossip, or your work might not be appreciated. If you succeed in mobilizing yourself, especially at the psychic level, and to ease your frustration and nervousness, you could change many things for good. 
Jupiter, the planet governing the career and reputation of the Pisces, resumed its direct journey on July 10, 2018, in the home of relations with foreigners and higher education. It is, therefore, possible that certain professional partnerships with people or firms from abroad can be unblocked. On the other hand, it might be that it is good for you to make business or foreign affairs.
During this period, Pisces who have to take exams to recognize competencies can be favored so they can improve their career performance or be able to target a better job at the company they work for.
On July 23, 2018, the Sun enters Pisces career house, which means tension created by aspects of Uranus and Mars. Conflict with your colleagues and superiors tends to get worse and you tend to count the authority of others. You should try to find a way to work more efficiently and reach a compromise with colleagues and superiors.
In terms of money, July is a good month and you have more to earn from associations, from collaborations with friends, passive income, compared with the main income from your actual job.
The Pisces health houses are tense in July 2018 and host a total Moon Eclipse on July 27th. Agitation, nervousness and professional conflicts may be triggered by your preference to criticize others.
You'd better try to be more tolerant and see what you can do for yourself. You can feel a lot better if you separate the complexes and the need to squeeze appreciation from the people around you.
It is advisable to be careful what food you consume, and don't abuse take painkillers if they have not prescribed by a doctor.

Astrologer advice:
Take care of the potential debts you have. Check what you are looking for to conclude certain accounts with your business or life partners!

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