June horoscope 2018

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June 2018 horoscope

Venus, the master of Aries' house, is very active during June 2018 and promises surprises and interesting challenges in relational life. 
Many things may turn out to be quite different than you imagined, and you would be well advised to have patience and tact, as, since the second half of June, pride can even stand in the way of the most beautiful story of love. 
In the early days of June, you are in a romantic disposition and express your affection in a harmonious way.
Aries who are already married invest more time and more money in their home. 
Beginning of June 14, 2018, Venus transits Aries love house, from where it forms provocative aspects with Mars, the master of Aries, and Uranus. Hence, the appetite for freedom and the love of frightening can reach the quietest odds, and the strong sensations are not lacking.
Older couples may encounter confrontations, especially between 14-16 and 20-22 June. The single Aries can easily get into confused and heated situations in which they do not distinguish too clearly between amorous friendships. 
Until June 12, 2018, Mercury, the planet that governing Aries's career, is in communication house, learning, commerce, and negotiation, favoring the development of existing skills or learning new things to help you in professional activity. Negotiations, exchanges of ideas, editorial activities, or communications, transport, and commerce, as well as business trips, are facilitated. 
The money does not come too easily in June 2018, and when it comes, unexpected expenses arise. Therefore, in the second half of the month, it is advisable not to give up obstacles and to handle relationships with hierarchical superiors, authorities and state institutions.
Saturn is relegating to Aries's career and socio-professional reputation, which may make you feel that long-term professional plans are delayed or even stagnating. But it's a good time to revise and improve your strategy to strengthen the foundation that builds your career and reputation. Beware of the tendency to believe that others' advice is critical to you!
Money comes after June 18th. On June 27, Mars, master and one of Aries's financial houses, goes retrograde, which means you should avoid important financial decisions, especially if they are about loans, financing, taxes, etc.
Mars, the governor of Aries, is apparently retrograde in the period June 27 - August 27, 2018, which means for you, a low tonus, a predisposition to frustration, and a concern about personal value.
Temperamental outbursts can be frequent and can damage business and personal relationships.
It is advisable to make more money regularly and to speak more openly about what you feel. 

Astrologer advice:
Try to be optimistic, be cautious with new relationships and in terms of loans!



Taurus enjoys the attention of the opposite sex from the beginning of June 2018, and if you are alone, you could easily find a couple of opportunities. It is not necessary to make long-term plans but to enjoy what the moment gives you. 
From June 12, 2018, Mercury, the master of Taurus love house, transits its third house, favoring soul-to-soul communication and open expression of feelings. In this way, relationships for some couples can be reconciled.
On June 14, Venus, the governor of Taurus, enters the romantic sign of Leo, that is, in Taurus family house. Romanticism and the need to have a family are more pronounced but, on the other hand, you do not have much time for private life because you are more interested in your career.
On June 27, Mars, one of the masters of the Taurus relationship, is relegating. Therefore, the final decisions regarding the formalization of the amorous relationship or the divorce are not recommended. It is recommended not to force things in the direction you want because the success rates are small. Instead, it's time to make a balance sheet, to find out where you are wrong.
As Saturn, one of the masters of the Taurus careers' house, is in a seemingly retrograde way, it is good to know that nothing is achieved without sustained effort and perseverance in this period. The very good part is that the fruits of your efforts will be visible throughout the month, both at the level of income and at work performance.
Mercury is located in Taurus money house until June 12th, which makes you financially more profitable.
Between June 6 and June 20, 2018, it is advisable to be careful about the proposals, unclear proposals from friends, and a promise of winning that sounds too good to be true.
On June 12, 2018, Mercury entered the third house of Taurus, and on June 14, Venus entered the fourth house, favoring negotiations, discussions, meetings, and the start of business or long-term associations. This period you have the opportunity to strengthen your professional reputation and skills that will propel you into the hierarchy of the company you work for.
In the last decade in June, you can negotiate a credit, but on the other hand, you may be tempted to spend too much on certain journeys or to maintain a long-distance relationship.
In the first two decades of June 2018, you are active, but there is also a predisposition to agitation, both mentally and physically.
It is advisable to relax because stress can open your appetite for excess sweets or food in general, especially in the last week of June.
As of June 27, when Mars enters relegation, it is advisable to be more attentive to health, especially if you are aware of chronic conditions.

Astrologer advice:
With Uranus recently entered the Taurus sign, it is for to changes and experimentation, even if the family does not support you.

June horoscope 2018

Mercury, the master of Gemini, is found right in Gemini until June 12th, which means that you are more concerned about your own desire and less responsive to your partner needs. Until June 21, Gemini emphasizing the need to impose, to make his ideas known, without listening to what others have to say, therefore, the amorous relationship may suffer.
Venus, the planet of Gemini's love, is harmoniously appearing only in the first 3 days of the month, then faces opposition to Pluto and Mars and to Uranus and Jupiter. You can not say that you get bored, and the intensity of some sentimental relationships can teach you, or you can awaken old fears about independence, freedom of movement. In fact, in the first decade of June, some Gemini may be able to review plans for the future of a relationship, maybe even marriage or divorce. At this time, you do not really want to make long-term commitments.
Among the most important issues in Gemini life, are, money, managing shared resources, and running away from responsibility, especially small, daily ones.
If you are looking for a pair, you can find it in the second half of the month, unexpectedly, at a meeting with relatives or former college or high school colleagues.
Work and the preoccupations seem to be all the time in June 2018, and your efforts have come to be recognized and rewarded.
In the first decade you are expecting a series of disappointments, so is advisable to persevere and accept learning from the oldest or more experienced than you.
In the middle of the month, you might be in a position to work over the program, but it's your way of demonstrating your qualities.
Until June 14, 2018, Venus is in money house, income and personal resources, opening up various appetizers, especially for fun and things not necessarily useful.
On 12 June, Mercury, the Gemini master, began his transit through Gemini money house, and his harmonious interactions with Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune could indicate the possibility of an unexpected gain, more responsibility for money management, and travel with professional interest that can bring important profits.
It would be good to realize that some funding may be delayed, or that some revenue may diminish due to payment obligations to the state. But it can be about university fees or undergo qualification exams, licensing.
Professional agitation and difficulties at the beginning of the month may make you physically tired. Therefore, it is important to have time for relaxation and activities and to help you disconnect from worries.
Perhaps you should buy something that you want since a long time, etc.
After June 27, 2018, when Mars goes retrograde, it is advisable to pay attention to health, especially if you have older problems.

Astrologer advice:
Be as realistic as possible and be patient with money! Avoid any kind of activities on the limit of the law!



Jupiter continues to retrograde until July 11, 2018, in Cancer love house. In addition, Mars, the master of the Cancer love house, has been demoted since June 27th, in his intimate home.
No matter how much you want to solve certain situations or start something new in your love life, things move very slowly and require a lot of effort, maturity and a permanent return to the past. You have to be reviewed, reevaluated.
The couple's life is not easy in June 2018, and the couple has to impose, limit yourself in expressing opinions and feelings. In the last decade of the month, there is an improvement in love relationship. The main obstacles to the couple's remain jealousy, possessiveness, and money-related disputes.
With Mars retrograde in the fourth house, passions can be great but dangerous. If you are single, in search of love, it is advisable to be cautious and keep a close eye on the person you feel attracted.
Jupiter, the master of Cancer career house, is still in a retrograde way because in June things are not going too fast, especially if you work on your own, if you want to turn a hobby into a small business or if you're working in the entertainment industry. It is important that things do not go wrong, just that you need patience and perseverance to succeed.
On June 12, 2018, Mercury entered Cancer, and on June 14 Venus entered Cancer career house. Therefore, with more effort, your ideas become more visible and your income increases - you are willing to adopt new ways of working, to promote your business online, update your software, etc.
The Sun, master of Cancer house, is in the twelveth house until June 21, 2018, which means there is a risk of loss due to inattentiveness or the desire to earn much more but effortlessly.
It is advisable to avoid financial speculation, not to be tempted by pyramid games and always have a reserve fund, because the last decade of the month can bring unexpected expenses related to house or family.
On June 27, Mars, the governor of Cancer career house, appears to be retrograde. Therefore, certain financial support pledges for career development or some long-term professional project funding may delay, suspend or undergo a change in the terms of the grant.
It can be difficult to keep calm, especially when a lot of discussion and negotiation do not lead to the expected results.
You should find ways to relax without resorting to substances that can cause addiction or intoxication (alcohol, etc.). Is adviced to use only natural products and would be best to reserve more time for a hobby.

Astrologer advice:
Even if your financial needs are high, avoid any wrong maneuvers!


Cuple life this month might pass through gossip, secrets, and lack of mutual trust. However, many issues that do not give peace or accusations that are brought to light may be clarified in the first week of June, though, sincere, open communications.
Friends may come up with tips to help you bring your couple's relationship in harmony. On the other hand, some Leo's spending too much time with their friends and get too little involved in household activities.
After June 14, 2018, when Venus enters the Leo sign, you enter into a more romantic, more affectionate, but more selfish mood. You ask a lot from the others, but you should remember that you must be ready to offer, otherwise, there is a risk of some conflicts that might be raging.
For the single Leo's or those who enter recently in a relationship, things are so slow, because Jupiter, the master of the Leo love house, is still in a seemingly retrograde way. If you're looking for a partner, you could have bigger chances online or volunteer for group projects, especially in the first two decades of the month.
The professional life of Leo remains crowded in June 2018. You have to work hard, manage complicated situations, negotiate a series of contracts, review the conditions of associations, but in the end, you can have satisfaction.
On June 14, 2018, Venus, the planet that governs the career and socio-professional reputation of the Leo, enters Leo house, animating your ambitions and the desire to do things that will impress others and make you remarked at your job. Career becomes the center of your concerns, but it is advisable to think very well about the changes you want to make, because of pride and vanity can turn many situations against you.
In the last decade of the month, you have a lot of work on partnerships, associations and customer relationships. The competition is sharpening, and after June 27 it would be good if you revisit your promotion strategies.
You are concerned about revenue growth, and it is good that in the first decade of June 2018, efforts are made to obtain financial independence or, at least, to make concrete plans for reducing dependencies.
Associations and partnerships can benefit you, but you should be aware that partners may have hidden intentions.
Stress and exhaustion are waiting for you in June 2018, but in the first two decades, you can easily find the inner resources needed to find your balance and energy.
After June 21 - when the Sun, the Leo master, enters in the twelveth house, you feel the need to rest, to retreat to a shadow, to make a personal balance. It's time to disconnect and relax.

Astrologer advice:
Manages partnerships with great care, both in business and in personal life, and avoid being dominant!


June 2018 is not very ambitious, even if some Virgo's are concerned with the matrimonial situation or the future of unofficial love affairs. 
Jupiter, the master of Virgo's relationships, and Saturn, the master of Virgo's love house, is still in a seemingly retrograde way, so you should talk clearly and openly with your partner about the future of your relationship.
You should review your way of expressing the affection and expectations of your loved one, emotions like pessimism should be avoided, trying to acquire it a more realistic view of your love affair.
Possible disappointments between 6-8 June 2018 can be forgotten with the help of your friends.
Starting June 12, Mercury, the master of the Virgo, transits eleventh house, favoring the establishment of new friendship relationships and expanding the network of acquaintances. So, in the second half of June, you may feel the need to experience something else in love than ever before. It's time to give up a non-functional relationship or to constrain, push or limit you affectionately.
Lack of money could stand in the way of marrying Virgo.
Until 12 June, it would be good to take advantage of Mercury's presence in your career and his socio-professional reputation to make your plans and projects realize faster.
The Sun transits your house on June 21, 2018, which means it's time to take older projects from the drawer and update them. Even if partnerships are not very favorable, in June you have the opportunity to become acquainted with influential people who can open their doors, which can support you in an unexpected way. However, it is advisable to choose the professional entourage. 
As for money, you may be tempted to spend on luxury items, especially after June 14, when Venus, the master of Virgo money, enters the twelveth house.
The last decade in June brings good finances and you should start to create something on the side. 
Starting June 14, you could invest in massage, meditation, acupuncture, etc., to help you find your inner balance.
You need relaxation. Otherwise, stress related to children, work or love affairs can exhaust you, causing nervous outbursts followed by periods of melancholy or anxiety.

Astrologer advice:
Avoid major financial decisions, especially as regards business and investments!



The first half of June 2018 is harmoniously sentimental. Take the opportunity to invite your life partner to talk about the common future, go out together, organize trips, enjoy each other.
Single Libra's might be in love with someone working in the university or journalistic environment. Also, it is not excluded to attract someone from abroad.
Older couples could relive the cheerful and flirtatious play, boredom is quickly scattering, and life is animated.
If you've been alone for a long time, it's advisable to take care, because you can be tempted by one-night adventures, and you do not notice a number of risks in this type of passage relationship. Live the moment, if that's so, but with lucidity!
As of June 27, 2018, Mars, the master of Libra partnership house, transits house of love, apparently retrograde. Therefore, it is recommended not to make important decisions about marriage or divorce? You should avoid new relationship this period.
Some Libra may be tempted by a more active social life, perhaps even an extra-marital affair, but all of them must be handled with great care.
The professional and financial situation will increase throughout June 2018. However, in the first decade of the month, there may be some hopes or illusions about a job or activity in general. At least you understand how you stand and what you have to do in the long run.
Venus in Libra career home by June 14th then goes into the house of money, greater benefits can be gained from Libra's that have activities related to import-export, academia or journalism, and the legal field.
The alert on a professional level can bring reproaches from your family, or your parents may oppose your direction or the way in which you manage your career. You should find a balance between family and professional life, but do not change your life direction according to the wishes of your parents.
In the last decade of June, it is possible to recover money or to benefit from previous investments. It is advisable to make smart moves and save more this period. 
You are optimistic and energetic, despite some health problems that may occur especially in the middle of the month.
A rheumatic moment or a crisis associated with an older condition could send you to doctor. It is advisable to take care of yourself and not to delay your visit to the specialist. Make a clear budget and invest in your health!

Astrologer advice:
Be more attentive to the needs of your family, but do not suffocate yourself!


June 2018 is under the sign of idealism in love. You are animated by high aspirations, but you can often find confusion or exaggerated expectations on both sides.
Jupiter, master of Scorpio love house, is in a retrograde way right in the first house, which may predispose you to a more egocentric attitude and feel that just you are right. However, by the middle of the month, Jupiter is harmoniously viewed by Venus, the master of Scorpio relationships, so it's easier to get a good understanding of your relationship. You might choose your words carefully. 
On June 14, Venus stepped into Scorpio tenth house, meaning that there may be a long-term attraction or even a long-term relationship with a person you know through professional activity. It may even be that of a spontaneous conflict, of your desire to challenge someone's authority, to reach a great passion.
In the middle of the month, the family could try to interfere with your relationship decisions.
Jupiter the Scorpio master is still in a seemingly retrograde way, which can hinder a series of plans. However, the favorable aspects of Jupiter during June indicate the very good possibilities for winning, but you may manage your money negligently.
In the first decade of the month, you tend to spend money from other people, money that you do not own, either from your life partner or from an associate business. You may be disappointed and spend much without gaining anything in return. You may also be tempted by speculation that will cause you losses or attract you to unprofitable investments.
Business partnerships may become unstable in the second half of June. Maybe it's time to review your plans for the future, to conclude new associations, to change your attitude towards relationships with others at a professional level.
In the last decade of the month, there are special opportunities to do business with people from outside, especially in terms of trade, or simply increase your income.
Mars, the planet governing Scorpio career house, begins its transit on June 27, 2018, with a greater impact on Scorpio's who are employed or do not have a job. You may have the impression that you are doing too much effort for trivial tasks, and if you are looking for a job, it is advisable to argue with patience.
Until the end of June, you are in very good shape, but you just want to get out of the way to achieve as much as you can professionally.
After June 27, 2018, when Mars, the master of Scorpio's health, retrograde, you may wake up with a cold or a wound of an old affection, or accumulated fatigue.

Astrologer advice:
Do not start new professional projects, especially in the last week of the month, and be cautious when traveling!



June 2018 starts on a romantic note, in very good understanding with the person you love. Future plans can be made because you are in perfect agreement, although there are no crises of possessiveness or jealousy.
If you are in an unofficial relationship, you may be seriously talking about marriage, especially if there is a remote relationship and jealousy pushes you to serious commitments.
Between June 6th and 8th, a house-related dream or a real estate project may fall apart, but it is not the case to disperse or create tensions in the couple. It is advisable to act with tact and diplomacy because things could be better than you think.
On June 12, 2018, Mercury, the master of Sagittarius' relations house, enters the house of intimacy, common resources, and secret relationships. The intensity of love increases, whether you are married or not. Most Sagittarians tend to discretion, to strengthen their intimacy, to deep and passionate approaches, perhaps even to a secret marriage.
On June 27, 2018, Mars, the governor of Sagittarius' love house, goes retrograde in the house of communication, therefore, in the last days of the month conflicts may occur.
Is good to know that Jupiter and Saturn, the governors of your money and personal resources, is still on the seemingly retrograde path. So, you may often feel limited by some material shortages or by the diminishing of physical strength.
From the second half of the month, financial limitations can lead to very good investment ideas. You can find unpredictable resources and support where you expect less, maybe even within the family. Sagittarius who have business activities and are related to the journalistic or academic environment is advantageous.
On June 27, Mars, the planet governing your financial speculation house, goes retrograde, which means that it is not advisable to get involved in dubious earnings schemes or to bet over lottery or other gambling.
Jupiter, governor of the Sagittarius, is still retrograde in the twelveth house, isolation, and healing. Be cautious with people who pretend to help you with some spiritual practices that you really believe in. 

Astrologer advice:
Do not listen the advice from your family related to money. You know better how to handle your money.



Capricorn amorous life is thrilling in June 2018 and promises pleasant surprises but also can be sparked with conflicts, disputes and jealousy crises.
In the first part of the month, it is easier to see a common future in the long run, alongside your loved one, but then things tend to complicate.
Beginning of June 14, 2018, Venus, the master of Capricorn love house transits your intimacy, bringing powerful attractions and passions to your life. 
Retrogradation of Saturn can bring a lot of disadvantages and you should self-analyze yourself to understand how to change your attitude. It is time to learn to make concessions to balance the situation in an amorous partnership.
From a professional point of view, you seem to benefit from business partnerships and collaborations, but you have to make a lot of effort to make them work harmoniously and profitably for everyone involved.
If you are an entrepreneur and you are facing difficult competition, in June 2018 there are opportunities to join forces with others, to participate in an investment which can bring long-term benefits. It is not the case to get paid instantly, but to build patiently a strategy, especially from a financial point of view. For now, it's important to keep the stability you enjoy and carefully weigh the offers you receive.
The second half of the month may be particularly favorable to negotiate new contracts and collaborations or to look for a new job through.
If you own a business, it is advisable to carefully analyze the commercial offers you receive.
After June 27, 2018, when Mars is apparently retrograde in Capricorn money house, caution is advised, especially in terms of housing and family life investments.
Because Saturn, the master of Capricorn, is in a seemingly retrograde way, your disposition is not at its best, therefore, more self-control is needed in interactions with others. Do not to neglect older health problems.

Astrologer advice:
Treats seriously situations that involve goods and common budgets, but avoids conflicts!


The Sun master of Aquarius partnership house is located in the house of romance, love, flirtation, and children until June 21, along with Mercury until June 12. This period you might have discussions with your life partner about having a baby.
Beginning June 14, 2018, Venus, the planet of love transits Aquarius partnership house, creating a formation with Uranus, the governor of Aquarius, may be a sign of instability.
The last decade of the month is more straightforward and gives you the chance to reach a common point of view with respect to each other's responsibilities, managing a common budget and the opportunity for a credit. 
The situation of some Aquarius might be difficult, especially for those who are not willing to get married though they are being pressed by their loved one. It is very possible to come to a confrontation on this subject, so it is recommended to react with calm.
Jupiter, one of the masters of the Aquarius money, is in a seemingly retrograde way in career and socio-professional reputation. Although at first glance all conditions are created in order to obtain consistent gains, they may be delayed along with recognition of your merits or your contribution to some projects.
Financial speculation, betting and gambling is not recommended, especially during the period of 5-8 June. After June 14, 2018, you could feel the burden of debt and feel that you only work to pay the rates and taxes. Therefore, you need work efficiently and a reduction in unnecessary expenses. It is also preferable to make plans only with the money you have, not with those you hope to receive.
Starting June 21, 2018, the presence of the Sun in Aquarius can make a difference in terms of the quality of your work or certain engagements undertaken within associations and collaborations.
On June 27, Mars appears to be retrograde in Aquarius, which means that you may have difficulty communicating. Avoid signing contracts this month or you will feel the consequences later, which will not be to your advantage.
In June 2018, a feeling of fatigue and a certain lack of patience was felt to dismount the tears of romantic or professional stories.
It is time to make a personal balance, draw conclusions from past experiences and take time for rest and relaxation.

Astrologer advice:
Make a budget for planned spending - and try to understand if a real estate project is eating too much money!




June 2018, is lead by Venus, master of Pisces love house. On June 12, Mercury, the master of Pisces partnerships, began his transit through the love house, followed by the Sun on June 21. Therefore, in June you are sentimental and excited by future prospects.
Perhaps you have more work than you have imagined, or maybe plans to move along with your loved one, do not go out as you set out initially. 
There may be confusions or dissatisfactions with respect to ownership, or even more difficult to solve certain issues related to a common property. It's time to take responsibility and contribute to spending.
If you're single, it is advisable to go out, attend meetings and accept the invitations of friends or former colleagues. 
Jupiter, the master of Pisces career and socio-professional reputation, is still in a seemingly retrograde way, which means that you have false illusions about a collaborative project with foreigners or a publishing project. 
Money can be a source of stress in June 2018, that it is good to rectify a series of calculations and try to clear a debt, to be more careful about your taxes and duties.
Beginning with the second half of June, it's possible to increase your earnings or work with more pleasure, feel like you can express yourself freely at work and appreciate your creativity.
On June 27, 2018, Mars, the master of Pisces money, begins relegating, which means that it is advisable to avoid important financial decisions. At the end of the month, a conflict may arise from a business, a partnership. It is advisable to avoid arguments and to prove with concrete data and documents that your claims are justified.
In the first part of the month, you may be dealing with melancholy or an acute need to escape certain responsibilities. These problems aren't sold by itself and you risk turning into a vicious circle: to stress yourself because you have not solved your problems and do not solve them because you are stressed.
In the last decade of June 2018, you should avoid food excesses.
If you are experiencing heart problems, it is advisable to persist until you get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Astrologer advice:
Do not let conflict get out of control! Adopt a positive and constructive attitude.

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