Let's know each other

Let's know each other

Hi guys, I'd like to thank you again for passing by my personal blog and hope you will enjoy everything I write about. 

Miss MV lifestyle blogger

I like to add some more things about me, to know each other better. As I mentioned in my preview post, I am a 29 years nerd, passionate about fashion, lifestyle trends, sport, cars,technology and many others. I love to read interesting books and I have quite a big stock into my small bedroom, but it doesn't bother me because they steal a good part of my room, they are my guidance star, which contribute to my life, more than I ask for. Usually I read books by Florence Scovel Shinn - The Game of Life and How to Play It written in 1925, which you must read it, if you find yourself in a confused situation or your life has reached, let's say "crossroads". Personally, this book has helped me a lot. When I was like I said at the"crossroad" on my life, thank God, the library lady, suggested to me this book and I can't thank enough to that woman for the impact that, this book has created in my life.

Before that, I was a very grumpy and pessimistic person, but I had changed since then at 180 degrees. I am a completely different person, who find something good in any situation.

Another hobby of mine is sport. I love to exercise, as often as possible, I do bicycle, play tennis and I try to walk as much as I can.

Since I live in UK, I become a night own, and suddenly I find my inspiration at the deepest hours of the night, which is quite hard for me to rest properly and I become used with insomnia disorder, but personally I don't see this as a problem, because I have more time to do things which I haven't got time during the day.

I remember my grandparents, they used to sleep very little, but they were very healthy, soo..... No worries.

Another thing that is attracting me a lot is spirituality, or stuff about meditation, Universe Laws, vibrations and connections between Universe and technology. Yeah, I love technology and I am an addict with documentaries and movies about new discoveries and sometimes I enjoy going for gadget shows whenever is possible.

About cars, hmm, I've got my license since few months, but I can say that I rock my car. I love driving and enjoy the freedom that this skill is empowering me. I will write a new article about  this period of my life and hope you will learn from my experience a little bit.


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Treathyl Fox
  • 1. Treathyl Fox (link) | 18/09/2019
Do you actually have books? I mean hard copy or paperback books? Old books? Like published in 1925? I am interested in many of the things you mentioned; especially good old old-fashioned books. Perhaps you could write a post and share a reading list.
  • missmvmaria (link) | 19/09/2019
I do not have old books as you mentioned. When I was a child I used to read the old magazines ( Almanah they were called) and books from the local library. I was into action & fiction books mainly. I will write an article about the books I've read, hopefully I will remember all of them.

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