Tips to grow your Instagram followers for free

Tips to grow your Instagram followers for free.

Hi everyone, welcome back.
Today I want to reveal some tips to grow your Instagram page and keep up with the latest algorithm.I'm not promising overnight results, I’m talking about real methods that inevitable are working.
After I experimented with few methods, I want to share these secrets with you and hopefully, you will apply them. 

The story of a sweet family business

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Instagram is so painful lately, with many Influencers complaining that their engagement dropped. In situations like this, there is always an opportunity, all you have to do is to open your eyes wide.
Instagram is like pandora box, once you create the right content, use specific hashtags, the sky is the limit, as well as collaborations with brands.

Here you can find a few tips to grow your Instagram engagement, get new followers and reach a larger audience.

► The first thing to do, to be seen by more people is to post at least twice a day.
Choose your content carefully, edit your photos nicely, don’t forget less is better.
Do not transform yourself into a different person, a light preset is enough to stand out from your competition.

► Add an interesting caption, describe the photo, share some insights about when you had the photoshoot, if you know anything about self-photography, talk about that.
Photography is a huge niche and if you add specific hashtags you will reach a large audience in a short time.
► Add geo location.


Here you can find a few tips to grow your instagram engagement get new followers and reach a larger audience
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► Tag every clothing and accessory brand you wearing, once they see you wearing their items, they will contact you for collaborations.
► Post Instagram stories every day. Focus on call to action, include a question in your story, guide people to visit the link you add in your story, some people don’t even know you’ve added a link in the story if you don’t talk about that. 
► Include all 10 hashtags in the story ( use different hashtags other than the ones you add in posts, by doing this, you will reach a different audience). 
I’ve seen many stories with visible hashtags and my advice is to hide them from stories.
Here is how to hide hashtags from Instagram stories: once you add all 10 hashtags click done, next, with two fingers, make all of them very tiny and swipe them either on the right or left side, outside the image. Don’t worry, they will remain in your story, but they won’t be visible others.
If you do this, your story will look cleaner and the public will focus on what’s in the photo and the call to action button.
► Watch other people’s stories. Do you check how many people have seen your story? Do you check to see who are the people that saw your story? I’m sure you do.
This is the best method to be seen by so many people on Instagram.
The more stories you watch, the more people will visit your page and if they like your content they might follow and engage with your feed.
When I say to watch stories, I mean, don’t spend precious time to watch the full story of everyone, just Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, this is what you have to do. Do it quickly, perhaps 10 minutes you can watch more than a thousand stories.
This practice might sound unethical but is so effective for you to grow as an influencer, in fact, this is what you want.
When you do this method, Instagram will show sponsored posts too ( in between stories) the manager of that brand page will research and check all users interested in their brand and if you are a match for their product, they will contact you for collaborations. This is a very effective method to get jobs and build connections, without emailing or contacting any brand.
To make this method even more effective, you can react to every story. When you react to Instagram stories, your action won’t go unnoticed.
Tips to grow your instagram followers for free and get collaboration
image source: pixabay

TV is another key to your Instagram succes

► Don’t ignore the ads you see on Instagram. I often like and comment on such ads, no matter what niche is. Short after I do this action, some of those brands are starting to engage with my page. I already written another article on how to use Instagram ads to grow your business for free.
► Change hashtags every day. This method is vital if you want to grow your page.
► Use paid shoutouts. I did a few times and had a little boost on my page.
There are so many pages on Instagram that offer paid shoutout for less than 10 dollars. I often see the posts from such pages in explore, this is how I found them. I send them a direct message and I had a shoutout in a few hours.
Check their engagement before you decide to pay for such a service. Sometimes these pages are using bots and all your money will be lost.
► Create your own hashtags.
Act like a brand and create your own hashtags, this method will help people to find you and create a reputation for yourself. I’m not sure if Instagram will consider your own hashtags when you apply for verification badge, but is better to do it.
I include hashtags in all my Instagram posts ( #missmvmaria #missmvblog ). If you want people to find you, learn from the best ones, a good example here is the queen of Instagram, Kim Kardashian. Everyone knows she has got her own hashtags and you should do the same.
► I recently come to the conclusion that people love dramas. Some clever Instagrammers has come up with different stories victimizing themselves. To be even more credible and boost their fame and audience, they paid for a press release to make sure everyone will hear about their name. 
Some influencers talked about harassment and abuses they have received from their followers, others about how much money they make and how they will help you to do the same if you buy their course and so on.
I’m sure you remember when Kim Kardashian jewelry has been stolen in Paris( my opinion is that she staged everything in order to get attention) All the news channels were talking about her in that day and some people believed the story, others they didn’t, but she achieved what she wants, to get more attention and popularity.
Let’s not forget the first thing that made KK popular, the leaked tape ... ( Now I'm not saying you have to do what she did, is just a note added to this article, to open your eyes about opportunities).
Funny how such tapes ended publicly only when they date superstars.
If you lucky enough to date a pop star or a celebrity, you probably wouldn't be here on my blog to learn how to grow your Instagram followers :)) people will find you, without too much research.
These people know exactly what they are doing. They know how to promote themselves in a very effective way.
Television is and will be the main news stream.
► If you can get yourself into a TV show then you are all set. Millions of people are still watching tv and if you put your face out there, so many people will search your name on google and social media afterward.
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Create a youtube channel to boost your instagram followers reach a larger audience and have a backup plan
You can subscribe to my Youtube channel for different content and comment on my latest video that you subscribed, likes and watched my video and I will return the favor.
► Create a Youtube channel to boost your Instagram followers, reach a larger audience and have a backup plan.
Believe me, I didn’t realize the power of YouTube until something wonderful happened to me.
One of my videos has gone viral. I only have 2700 subscribers, but my Stockings try-on video ( you can check it here) has reached more than 105k views, without doing nothing( of course, I add some keywords in the description of the video, I shared on social media too) but 90% of the views are coming from YouTube.
This giant platform is recommending my video to people who are watching similar videos, and the number of followers on my channel is rapidly growing, as well as the engagement on my videos, visitors to my blog and new followers on my Instagram page.
If you’re not on Youtube you are missing a lot. You don’t need professional equipment to film a 5 minutes video.
You can use your smartphone in the beginning and upgrade after you get some popularity.
► Don’t ignore direct messages. I notice some advice in a facebook group to ignore dm, this is the worst mistake you can make. Direct messages on Instagram is the only way to send a direct link to someone.
If you make YouTube videos, you can ask your followers an opinion about your latest video, if they haven't seen it yet, you are able to share any link directly and grow your business.
► Save the hashtags in your notes. Once you see a post that reached many people from hashtags save them and use it for similar posts.
► Go to events. This year I have decided to attend as many events as possible. By going to events, you can ask your followers to meet up and build even stronger connections.
Prepare some business cards( your business cards should include your Name and your profession - an influencer is associated with brand ambassadors jobs and this is how you should call yourself, social media pages, email, youtube channel and if you like a phone number) and hand them to people you might get in contact.


If you are interested in bodybuilding content, you should join specific forums created to track your bodywork. All you have to do is to search on google for bodybuilding/fitness forums and be active. On their forums, same like Reddit, there are professional people, down to earth who knows exactly what they want. If you post some pretty images, you will get lots of attention.
If you like this article, please share it with your friends and let me know your ideas to grow your Instagram followers.

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16mm film
  • 1. 16mm film (link) | 06/10/2019
Howdy! This blog post could not bee written much better!
Going through this article reminds mme of my previous roommate!
He constantly kept talking about this. I will
send this article to him. Fairly certain he's going to
have a good read. I appreciate you for sharing!
  • missmvmaria (link) | 10/10/2019
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Treathyl Fox
  • 2. Treathyl Fox (link) | 18/09/2019
I have 2 Instagram accounts and sometimes question my wisdom for creating them. I was invited to create my primary account. The secondary account is my attempt at creating a niche. The main thing is my struggle to gain followers. These social media tips are very much appreciated. I need to work on adding the Geo Location to my posts.
  • missmvmaria (link) | 19/09/2019
I was thinking to start a nice Instagram page since I have my personal page, where I post from my personal life and my blog. Is easier to keep everything together in terms of popularity and exposure, but I think is better to keep things separate, so a niche Instagram page is the answer to get brand collaboration, the people who visit the page will know exactly what your page is about.

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