November horoscope 2017

Your monthly horoscope in 2017.

November horoscope 2017


The master of Aries, is in the house of relationship, this is good news because you know what are your priorities in November 2017. Your partner, sentimental problems and everything that is about couple life, they become your first priorities, is mobilising you. Mars is transiting your relations house and suggests you to take action in the direction of others, and there are big hopes that you will succeed, thanks to Venus and Mars, that create a special relation which will be on your favour. There could be an achieve of some money, goods or common acquisitions. Overall November 2017 is a lucky month on financial plan. From the second week of November is possible other gains or other material benefits,these can come from various collaborations or partnerships, from gifts, sponsorship, inheritances, grants, repatriation, negotiations with a bank or other financial institution, contacts with business environments, from other source than current ones.
Collaborations play an important role in the professional life of Aries and increase resources. Chance specifically targets activities that have to do with investigations, study, research, deciphering deep meanings, communication, and roads or distances.
In November 2017, you are not in full vitality,but you will probably be able to handle everything easy as long as you manage well your resources.
It is advisable to avoid hurrying and excessive and avoiding.

Astrologer advice:
Try to recover goods or money that others own you.



November 2017 comes with blessing offerings. In the house of Taurus couple lies the Sun and the two beneficial planets, Venus and Jupiter. In addition, Venus is the planet of love and Taurus itself. This configuration is promising in terms of luck in love, or in marriage, happiness and relational harmony.You have very good books in your hand, it depends on how you play them. Perhaps you should show extra courage and determination.Mars is in Taurus' house of work and forms a patch with Pluto, which means that November 2017 is a busy month in which you seem to have to work under pressure, manage emergency situations, crisis situations, eventual dissensions or other kinds of workplace turbulence. Because the master of the Taurus house, Venus, is well configured, the result is positive and you may have a special achievement or an unforgettable opportunity. Collaborations and partnerships are favorable with positive signs to materialise throughout November 2017.
November 2017 is an interesting month in many favorable ways, but it can induce some energy imbalances. It is recommended to temper your tendency to excess and to manage your stress as well as possible.
It would be better to avoid infections and minor injuries in haste and inadvertence. Think positively but weighed!

Astrologer advice:
Get out in society, meet new people, make new friends!


With Mercury, the Gemini master,  in the house of the couple, November 2017 is a month of very pronounced relational character. Couple life becomes more active or you become more active in this chapter.It is possible to have spiritual fulfilment with someone you work with or share common responsibilities. However, it seems that in November 2017 there is a connection between feelings and duties. In November Gemini's house of work is very well configured. The Sun, Venus and Jupiter, and the two beneficial ones Venus and Jupiter "shake their hands" to realise the happiest conjunction. It happens that Jupiter is the master of the Gemini career house and that Mars, the master of the Gemini House, is in a lucky house. So, expect an important professional achievement a recognition, an opportunity, or simply expect to work with great pleasure and your performance will be generously rewarded or bring you another kind of rewards. With Mars  in the house of instincts and sports, you should enjoy a good physical tone and a lot of sexual force.But Mars is doing a plot with Pluto, and the approach of Mercury, the master of your sign, is not very good. However, you can rely on excellent contacts with the medical world, and health-related efforts are successful. You can even find solutions for an older problem.

Astrologer advice:

Make your dresses in dressing, wardrobes, drawers, closets, lounges!



In November 2017, Cancer's house of pleasure ... is booming!
This is where the magnificent Sun, the sensual Venus and Jupiter, are unfolding. And how Venus and Jupiter are the two beneficial planets of the solar system, when they are together can only bring good things!
The period is favorable to sentimental encounters, triggering a love story, eventually experiencing ghostly adventures, or amorous nights whose memories will always give you thrills of excitement. In other words, transits of November 2017 is bringing benefits in fertility and  children. With Mercury in Cancer's home, information, communication and roads are basic ingredients of professional life in November 2017.The Sun, Jupiter and Venus encourages artistic creativity and expressiveness, entertainment and sports activities, promotions, advertising, and talent in one way or another.
Money comes in November hand through sustained effort, part by chance. There will be at least one circumstance where you will find yourself in the right place at the right time to benefit from a significant profit. In November 2017, you are in a physical form of great days: the Sun, Venus and Jupiter form a triangle with the native Sun of Cancer.
You have great energy, you have the pleasure of moving, traveling, sex. The morale is up, you look at the future with optimism.There are also tense moments, because Mars, in turn, makes a stressful look with the Cancer Sun, but you overcome them much easy, than ever before.

Astrologer advice:

Live the moment! And do it with all your heart!



Located in the home of Leo's eroticism, in November 2017, Mercury is set on experiments and exploration. Beyond that, November 2017 is particularly generous, warm and protector with the family and home of the Leo. Venus and Jupiter promise happiness and home-made fulfillment, parent support, gifts, or beautiful and valuable home purchases. With Jupiter and Venus in the fourth house of the Leo, November 2017 is a good month to buy or rent a home, an office or a commercial space, or to arrange, redecorate, enlarge or embellish an apartment, a house, a headquarters. On the professional level, November is good to advocate for something, to hold conferences or debates, to make a vigorous intellectual effort. 
The physical form of the Leo is pretty good in the first two decades of November 2017 and very good in the last decade. Stress is, however, the one that creates your discomfort. With Mars in the Leo's home, he's got nervous agitation, irritability and impatience and increases the risk of injury or injury from imprudence, seriousness, speed or impulsivity.


Astrologer advice:

Organize a family party! It'll be great.




In November 2017 the master of the Virgo couple's house, Jupiter, is in the house of communication and movement, and is accompanied by the Sun and above all, by Venus. The combination is intensely beneficial and can result with romantic statements, messages full of warmth and sensuality, successful negotiations. You can make a sentimental journey or meet someone who will mean a lot to you. 
This configuration contain some kind of trap: you can fall prey to some alluring promises, or you can even make unrealistic promises.
Don't forget, it would be preferable not to mix financial interests with love affairs. The Transition of the Sun-Venus-Jupiter through the Virgo's third house brings success to intellectual activities, conceptual or drafting work, processing and transmission of information. You can make your own luck, especially if you are drawing, singing an instrument, playing tennis, making clothes or jewelry, or dealing with other things that demand talent.
Financially, you are active, feel the need to buy, sell or increase your income somewhat, but the risk of making hasty decisions is very probably.
You should refrain from speculation. Trying to get money quickly and effortlessly can be damaging. You have an excellent mood, you feel confident and optimistic. When you have a high morale, your body strengthens your immunity and resistance.
On the other hand, Mercury, the master of the Virgo, is heading for Saturn, the master of the disease house, which is not very good. It is recommended to take care, especially during the last part of the month.

Astrologer advice:

Use your intelligence, talent and persuasion, which excel during this month!


In November 2017, the master of the Libra Couple's house is in transit even through Libra, which means that love comes to you, seeks you, awaits you. All you need to do is to look more closely around and you will receive the signals that are sent to you. Whether you are in a relationship or want one, issues related to the relational sphere become the most important thing for Libra in November 2017. Communication, common views and intellectual compatibility continue to be important for the good work of things. November is a dynamic and productive month for Libra's career.
Located in Libra, Mars urge you to take initiatives and decisions. Objectives are ambitious, operating mode is courageous, exciting, competitive.
Throughout November 2017, you will be challenged and given the necessary mood to take the first step in a new direction. You have a fighter, victorious mentality.
An explosion of beneficial energy is taking place in Libra value house. The Sun, Venus and Jupiter work together to ensure your prosperity. More money is coming, you make profitable transactions, that bring profit and make your bank account growing.In November you have high energy, thanks to Mars, that gives you power and vitality. 
The energy that Mars offer you, should be consumed in moderate and favourable activities to avoid impatience, irritability, or even a risk of injury.
Is recommended that you do not hurry, behave cautiously, and avoid excesses.


Astrologer advice:

Go to gym, take some dance lessons, make sport, will boost your body vitality!


In November 2017 Scorpions have good reasons to be considered the happiest people on the planet. Venus, the planet of love which in this case is also the master of the couple's house, is at the moment in Scorpio's sign and in addition, makes a wonderful conjunction with Jupiter, the Great Benefice. Nor is it possible to combine more favorably with love, joy and joy to live!
Now is the time to start a new relationship, to relaunch the existing one, to engage in conquest or reconciliation. The stars are with you in November 2017, so check your heart to see what does it wants, try to get it! In the first two decades of November, the Sun, master of Scorpio's career house, announces a period in which your qualities are valued, your benefits are appreciated, and your chances of success grow. Venus and Jupiter bring luck and gives you opportunities and create conjunctions that attract success.
Good news about money, Venus and Jupiter are very generous with you in November 2017! Your morale is exceptional and you have a craving for life, fun and socializing. See life in a positive way and nothing seems too difficult for you. You also have enough energy to meet the challenges you will encounter in November.
Because of Mars that is the master of your house in November, it can be some dangerous situations, about your health, possible infection, an inflammation or contusion.


Astrologer advice:

Offer your love as much as possible and eat moderately!


Mercury, the master of the Sagittarius couple house, enters Sagittarius on 5 November 2017, full of good intentions. Involves a greater concern for a relationship or for your partner, urges you to seek closer and do diverse things with your other half. 
The recognized taste of Sagittarius' independence now leaves room for the need for union, cooperation, understanding. On the other hand, you may go through a period where you consider more closely the relational situation and it is very likely that this examination ends with a conclusion or a decision by the end of the month.
November 2017, have a component that speaks of a possible secret happiness, perhaps forbidden one. With Mercury in Sagittarius, November 2017 is a freaky month in which you move a lot, you speak a lot, you learn a lot.This month is favorable to intellectual, writing, speech, road journeys and trade activities. You can also make excellent use of your hand skills or body flexibility. 
Collective activities inspire you to get involved in actions that involve a meeting, an audience and you might even be playing a leading role in a group.
Throughout November, the financial situation is highly dependent on professional decisions. First two decades of November 2017, your energy is low and your body cannot fight properly against infections. More rest and relaxation and better control of tendencies towards excesses and addictions is recommended. In the last part of November your energy level will enhances unmistakably.


Astrologer advice:

Read a book, meditate and do something creative.



In November 2017 the amorous opportunities tend to be favored by an intense socialization activity, where you can you can meet your other half during an event that gathers more people, driven by the same interests or the same goals. Travel, distance communication, contacts with foreigners or foreigners and common intellectual and cultural concerns are also of particular importance. During this month Mars is moving into the Capricorn's career house: increasing ambition, desire for success and competitive spirit. You have initiative, feel the need to act, to make tantalizing decisions. If you don't use the Mars energy properly, there might be conflicts with your superiors/authorities or other professional incidents. To avoid such conflicts, set up your honorable goals and fight honestly and patiently to reach them!
Regarding money, ordinary sources of earnings do not bring you special rewards in November 2017, but considerable material benefits can come from other ways: friends, protectors, disciples or fans, diverse networks, collective actions, or events with the public. The physical resources of Capricorns are somewhat limited in November 2017, and health problems are not excluded, especially in the last decade. To avoid complications, it is advisable to forcefully exercise your strength and rest properly. You can charge your batteries out of the world and you can get support whenever you need it.


Astrologer advice:

Now is the moment to make things that can improve your image and grow your popularity. Take action and use all resources to make your voice heard!

In the first two decades, Venus and Jupiter bring fresh energy in Aquarius couple house. Looking from another angle, the sentimental life of Aquarius intertwines with professional, ambition, social position, or glory. The aspirations are quite high, the claims quite high.
In many Aquarius cases, there is the prospect of a joint success or your partner success. The last decade of November 2017 is more neutral but more relaxed.
November is for Aquarius the best month for socio-professional success,  because the Sun, Venus and Jupiter are in the Aquarian career house.
Your boss love you, the superiors make your favors, the relationships help you get into high spheres, and personal charm, talent and creativity propel you. The combination of luck and personal endearment is unbeatable and will bring you much-desired success. Thanks to the two beneficial planets, Venus and Jupiter, in the Aquarian career house, but also Neptune in the money house of Aquarius, November 2017 will bring you generous rewards.
The physical shape is pretty good, and in terms of functioning, the body does not seem to pose problems.But there is a nervous strain generated by the Mars-Uranus opposition, which can create nervous strain, impatience, hasty decisions, risky actions. Travel should be treated with caution throughout November 2017.


Astrologer advice:

Participate in as many festivals and social events,  because they can be lucky!



With Mercury, the master of the Pisces couple's house, in career and prestige, along with Saturn, in November 2017, couples problems becoming more official or they will be related with your profession or social status. In the last part of the month, the actual encounter between Mercury and Saturn can bring bad luck, a frustration, an awareness or a decision. But there are lands that love flourishes, such as intellectual, cultural or spiritual compatibility, remote or virtual environment. Mental abilities are excellent at the abstract, speculative or creative level where it can bring great accomplishments, because of the Sun, master of the Pisces career house, that make conjunction with Venus and Jupiter, in the ninth house, representing the university, scientific, cultural, editorial world, etc. Travels bring success and profit, or luck can come from far.
You are very active on financial level, which means your earning will increase, but only if you do not risk. Your general health is satisfactory, however, the mood may be quirky, moving away from the anxieties generated by Mars' positioning in the home of anxiety, obsessions, and phobias, to the exuberant joy that Venus transits through Jupiter, who is the traditional master of the Pisces. Is recommended to relax.


Astrologer advice:

Start new studies,something that attract you, or that has challenged you in the past. 

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