Soufeel jewelry review

Soufeel jewelry review

Hi guys, I'm so pleased to announce my achievement in becoming a Soufeel Jewelry ambassador.
I love jewelry more than anything else and having this honor to represent a brand like Soufeel was the best things that could happen.
 Soufeel jewelry review

The quality of jewelry speaks by itself - Read all article to enjoy a free coupon to use on Soufeel for a 15% off

If you haven't discovered yet Soufeel, you might have to check their shop, if you looking to add some personality to your jewelries and make them unique. Yes, we all want something unique and now you have this chance to buy a personalized necklace or hand watch, just like mine.

As I really needed a new watch, Soufeel Jewelry sent me this masterpiece exactly at the right time. I had another brand watch, but unfortunately, I lost it. I normally do not attach myself on things, but that was a very valuable watch.
When I receive my Soufeel watch I couldn't believe that has arrived just before Christmas, right on time to wear it with some of my favorite outfits. Here are some photos with this gorgeous accessory, which can be customized with your favorite photo. On their website, you have the option to upload any picture you like and they will send you a high-quality personalized hand watch with your partner, or maybe your pet. 

Just check out my photos to see what goodies I have received from Soufeel:

Personalized hand watch review

Because Soufeel Jewelry ship their accessories from China, it might take a little longer to receive your parcel, you should consider this notice when you need to buy gifts for a special occasion, take plenty of time to order from their website to avoid any disappointment. I know nobody likes to wait too long for their goods to arrive, but trust me, these jewelry are worth waiting for.
Be it Christmas, Mother day, Valentine's Day, birthday or any other occasion, jewelry is always welcome, at Soufeel website you have a large range of customized jewelry, carefully crafted to exceed your expectations, at least it did surprise me.

I must admit that I was very surprised when I have seen the quality of my personalized watch and then I purchased some items as gifts for my friends and family, they also need stunning jewelry, as I said, you can't go wrong with jewelry gifts. 

Other than personalized hand watches, I got a stunning name necklace too from Soufeel. This brand does a really good job in what they do, maybe better than Pandora.

Soufeel has better prices, cute charms, gold and silver jewelry items, plus they offer big chunk of discounts and giveaways 3 times a month via their Instagram page:  @soufeeljewelry  To enjoy a handsome 15% off at checkout on their website use my coupon: Marnks15 Click to shop:


Click on photo to shop this Soufeel hand watch

Soufeel jewelry personalized hand watch review

Stunning personalized hand watch womens

Personalized name necklace is a must too

My preview gifts from Soufeel jewelry:

Personalized name necklace from Soufeel jewelry

Soufeel jewelry personalized necklace - name necklace

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T V Fox
  • 1. T V Fox (link) | 20/09/2019
Congrats on becoming a Soufeel Jewelry ambassador. They picked a great person to showcase their products. I think the personalized name necklace is a lovely gift.
  • missmvmaria (link) | 24/09/2019
Soufeel jewelry has great products, I reviewed their watches too and I'm impressed by the quality of their items. The watch arrived very quickly, beautifully packaged with a personalized box that made me add Soufeel in my favorite list of shops.

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