The best Christmas and New Year yoga and wellness retreat

The best Christmas and New Year yoga and wellness retreat in UK and around the world.  

As the Christmas and New Year approaches, everyone is making plans to create beautiful memories along with their loved ones, but not everyone is keen to celebrate in a traditional way. Educated people and individuals who love alternative therapies choose to spend holiday season totally different, New Year is an opportunity to start a new chapter and new goals with a healthier body and a clear mind. 


The best christmas and new year yoga and wellness retreat in uk and around the world discover the best spa centres for christmas and new year

Check out this video I created to learn some basic yoga poses

Yoga poses for beginners - Stretch and maintain your muscles with yoga poses for beginners

Christmas and New Year is not a reason for unlimited shopping and parties

In recent years, many people become aware that Christmas spirit and New Year is not a reason for hardcore parties or unlimited shopping, this period can be an opportunity for deep meditation, body detox, enlighten your spirit and work to improve your inner self.

Many years ago, people didn’t really give much attention to these kinds of activities, or they were skeptical if you open a meditation and yoga subject, despite all these reactions, our modern humankind started to evolve in a direction that promotes well-being and meditation is practiced in schools, office jobs, and wellness retreats.


Start new year with a wellness and detox program to revitalize your body an mind

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Christmas and New Year wellness retreat holidays are in a growing demand

Around the world, Christmas and New year wellness retreat holidays are in a growing demand for many reasons. Before we explore the list with yoga retreat places, let’s see why people choose this type of holidays.

  • One of the main reasons people choose Christmas and New Year wellness retreat instead of cheap all-inclusive holidays is the fact that you won’t get only great services, but everything is upper hand, more than a spa break.
  • Wellness retreat holidays include hotel room, clean meals, detox programs, life coaching, gym sessions, yoga class, group meditations, massage, and many other activities to reduce stress
  • Yoga retreat places teach you to enjoy simple things and appreciate your life fully
  • Big corporations are rewarding their employees with relaxing therapies and some particular cases cover fully or partial the cost of wellness retreat holidays.
  • Yoga retreat is great for the development of children’s
  • Many people do New Year resolution, but not many sticks with their plans, therefore wellness centers have specialists who teach and empower you to achieve your mindset, make the right decisions, and help you to see your life from a different angle (in a positive way). 


Many people do new year resolution but not many sticks with their plans therefore wellness centers have specialists who teach and empower you to achieve your mindset make the right

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There are endless reasons to book a Christmas and New Year yoga and wellness retreat holiday, is entirely up to you if you want to change and become a better person.

When your job becomes boring and meaningless, you might not see other opportunities and then frustrations are starting to build up, but a life coach will help you find your vocation, and I’m not talking about those life coaches that you find everywhere on social media, Facebook groups, and Instagram, I’m referring to professional, well-trained coach who cares about their reputation and really want to help people, not those amateurs who just want to take your money and sell you a crap course with no value.

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A blissful yoga retreat just a few miles from London

Canterbury, Kent A Peaceful Country Delight Retreat for singles and couples

One of the best yoga retreats available in the market right now is located in the countryside Faversham Kent. Spending winters in the countryside is a nice idea if you want to forget about city life, surrounded by breathtaking views and loving and caring people.

This area of Kent has a small population, the air is clean and fresh, with less crowded traffic that will easily help you leave behind your hectic life.  This yoga retreat has a lot of features, including but not limited to:

  • All kinds of yoga (rejuvenating, meditation, pranayama)
  • Weight loss advice
  • Home-made vegetarian meals
  • Accommodation
  • Relaxing massage,  Garden, Wi-Fi, beddings, towels
  • Jacuzzi hot tub, sound healing

This program is 3 days long, just enough to become a zen soul, however you are welcome to book as often as you life this yoga retreat. There is no clear information if this yoga retreat is taking booking for Christmas and New Year, but you can inquire directly on the website they are listed:

Price starts from £495pp  for 3 nights stay.


Canterbury kent a peaceful country delight retreat for singles and couples  Canterbury kent a peaceful country delight retreat for singles and couples book retreat for christmas and new year eve

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Yoga, Pilates & Wellness Retreat in Dordogne, France

Connect with nature in a safe environment, supervised by yoga and pilates coach. This amazing wellness retreat has a multitude of benefits. 

- Enjoy a slow-paced life, with conscious moments that will improve your cognitive system, no matter what how much stress you accumulated, this yoga retreat will rebalance your body and mind with the help of alternative therapies.
- Be surrounded by loving people who treat you equal and share similar goals (to evolve and reboot your system)
- enjoy delicious vegetarian and gluten-free meals.
- Detox your body and mind
- Relaxing massage and spa services available for an extra cost.

This pilates and wellness retreat is ideal destinations to spend Christmas and New Year in 2019, especially if you travel with family and a group of friends.

Prices vary, according to the period of your booking.

Location - Mascoutant, Sarlande, France


Yoga pilates wellness retreat in dordogne france travel blog by missmv com

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If you after quite and super fresh air, with pittoresques mountain views, Burgenstock Resort is for you

Waldhotel Detox Yoga - Waldhotel at  Buergenstock Resort, Switzerland

This wellness resort is the perfect combination if you want to detox by eating healthy meals, re-energize and restore your body vitality.

Rated as one of the best wellness centers around the world, this place offers the ultimate luxury beauty treatments, asses of your health, detox programs and many types of yoga, such as Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Sivananda, Yin, and Ashtanga. 
Situated near the forests with spectacular views of the Alps, The Bürgenstock resort is the perfect place for family holidays too, their outdoors activities include hiking, biking, rafting, canoeing, rowing, waterskiing, sailing, fishing, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, paragliding and more. 

The best period to book your stay at Burgenstock resort is probably the winter when Christmas spirit is amplifying this experience, but the rest of the year is also sublime if you need a quiet place to rediscover yourself.
Prepare to pay around £7000 for a 7 nights stay, including transport, accommodation and the services mentioned above.


Waldhotel detox yoga waldhotel at buergenstock resort switzerland healthy vegan and gluten free meals to fully detox your body when you book a spa retreat in switzerland


Yogic Detox Program Six Senses Yao Noi in Thailand

Thailand had to be included in this list of wellness centers. There is no coincidence that Six Senses Yao Noi is so popular among social media and every traveler addict dreams to stay at this place.
When you book a New Year retreat you automatically expect to be pampered with a five-star massage, and here at Six Senses Yao Noi is exactly what you will get.
Along with yoga, meditation, balanced diet ( vegan&gluten free) you will have the chance to experience outdoor activities by boat, to explore the island and connect with nature more profoundly. 

For 7 nights, prices are starting from £4385pp


When you book a new year retreat you automatically expect to be pampered with a five star massage and here at six senses yao noi is exactly what you will get

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One of the best medical spa in the world is Lanserhof in Austria

Lanserhof Medical Spa Programme in Austria 

Around the world, Austria is well known for its best medical spa services. Many celebrities and royals have their health assessed by Austrian experts who know how to reinstate balance and well being to your body.
Lanserhof Lans has strong principles regarding modern and holistic medicine, their focus is to help you detox your body and mind with a safe supervised program.

Located in the heart of Alps, this place is surrounded by the quietness of nature, fresh air and magnificent views towards mountains and forests. 
Be sure to take advantage of everything this place has to offer and improve your health while enjoying outdoor activities such as Nordic walking, swimming, yoga in the forest, jogging or biking. During the winter months skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing are also options. Besides outdoor activities, Laserhof Lans spa packages include therapeutic massage, detox drainage, electrolysis foot bath, facials, cryotherapy, indoor and outdoor saltwater pools, contour lifting, algae wraps, and anti-cellulite masks. 
To achieve full detox and better health results is recommended to stay for 3 weeks, but even a one week stay will boost your immune system.

The price for 7 nights costs around £2100pp depends on the package you choose.


Lanserhof medical spa programme in austria one of the best wellness centrest to book for christmas and new year

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 Sound Healing & Yoga Retreat in Maui, Hawaii, USA

This luxurious resort is located in the tropical island Hawaii, right in the middle of the North Pacific, predominant with volcanos and waterfalls, this place is definitely heaven on earth.
When you book a Christmas getaway, the Maui yoga retreat will take care of everything to heal your mind, body, and soul. 
Just like any other wellness center, The Sound Healing & Yoga retreat in Maui offers boutique accommodations, organic food, on-island transport, private sessions, group work, island excursions and so much more.
Other than practicing yoga on the pacific beach, you have the option to learn driving and the power of sound healing, an ancient practice which proved to cure anxiety, 
depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia, autism and learning difficulties, behavioral and psychiatric disorders, cancer, improve sleep and lower stress.

The price starts at £1,800 depends on the package you choose.


Christmas and new year wellness centre at sound healing yoga retreat in maui hawaii usa book spa break in maui hawaii for you and your friends   When you book a christmas getaway the maui yoga retreat will take care of everything to heal your mind body and soul 1

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These Christmas and New Year yoga retreat places are ideal to unplug from daily activities, of course, you can practice yoga at home, but there are many chances to be distracted by small things, maybe your neighbors are too loud, the food you eat is not the healthiest and so on, after all, you want to be pampered and wellness centers do exactly that.

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If you been to any of the places listed in this article, share your opinion so others can learn from your experience, or comment below and let me know which location would you choose to spend Christmas?  

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