Why cordless dyson v6 animal is not worth the money

Why cordless Dyson v6 animal is not worth the money.

Hi everyone, 
I wanted to write this article for a long time, but I've been quite busy lately setting up my online store and didn't give much attention to my personal blog.
From my experience with Dyson V6 Animal wasn't too pleasant, unfortunately. 

An honest review about why dyson v6 animal is not worth the money

Why cordless Dyson v6 animal is not worth the money.

Everything started when I receive as Christmas gift this vacuum, from my partner. I really needed a cordless vacuum, so that day was a blessing for me because I am very strict with cleaning my house.
My reaction was very positive on the beginning when I try it a little bit until I had to clean my whole house. The worst part of Dyson V6 animal is battery..... battery is not holding enough to clean my small flat which is only 40m2. This vacuum comes with two power suction, first one, it doesn't suck all bits from carpets, is just to clean the top dirt but doesn't go deep enough to clean my carpets. 
The second sucking power is quite good, it does clean very deep my carpets, but in 5 minutes battery goes off....
Yeah, sounds exaggerated but is not. The battery is running off very very quickly..... I was very disappointed. 

Another thing about cordless Dyson V6 animal is that you have to empty the dirt twice, that's how quick it gets full, is very small so you have to empty that dirt collector if you want to clean properly.

The third disadvantage of this cordless vacuum is the brush that sucking the dirt. I have long hair and every day is falling on the floor, so when I use Dyson V6 animal, my hair is getting stuck into that brush and is doing like empty spinning, I not sucking nothing anymore until I remove the hair with my fingers like here in the pictures.

Why dyson v6 animal is not worth the money

Dyson v6 animal is useles

Dyson v6 it doesn t do the job

This is how my hair gets stuck in this vacuum brush and then is spinning empty without sucking any dirt.

Funny, I wasn't expected something like that from a very expensive vacuum, but this was the main thing that made me sell this vacuum on eBay. 
Yes, I just listed for auction on eBay and in seven days, I have raised the exact same amount of money that my partner paid for. This is a very fashionable item but unfortunately is not worth the money.
I was so happy that I get my money back and I went straight to Argos and bought a cheap normal vacuum, which does a much better job.
I bought a normal vacuum for 60£ and is sucking all kind of dirt around the house, plus it hasn't got any issues cleaning my hair.
I write this article to help you to don't make the same mistake like me. 
Dyson V6 animal is a tool to clean dust from tv and furniture, not a chance to clean hair or carpets.

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