Why protein powder is vital for women's

•   Why protein powder is vital for women's

♦  As we well know, proteins are basic elements in the creation of each cell in the body, these being found in the skin, muscles, organs, glands and body fluids.

These essential macronutrients contribute to cellular regeneration, muscle mass development, maintaining cardiac health and stimulating the immune system.

Why protein powder is good for womens


Specialists advise to consume proteins according to your body, for example, myself, I have 49Kg and I need to consume every day 49g protein and so on. This is a healthy balance to give your body the energy and proteins necessary to function properly.

  • Protein milkshakes started out at the fringe of the hardcore fitness and athletics world, but over the last decade, it has rapidly become part of the mainstream health and fitness world. It's pretty common these days to walk into any pharmacy, general store or supermarket and find an entire section devoted to protein powders and pre-made shakes that you can drink at your convenience. It's hard to read any magazine that talks about health and fitness without reading at least one article on the topic. But many people still have a lot of questions about these nutritional drinks, and no one seems to have more questions about them than women.

Diet wey body sculpt one of the best protein for womens

In this picture, you can see how gluteus muscle has become smaller because is hard to grow it back without proper nutrition.  

In poza aceasta, puteti vedea cum muschiul gluteus s-a micsorat pentru ca este greu sa creasca la loc fara o nutritie adecvata.

Women, don't be scared to use protein powder !!!

The first major question that most women have about protein shakes is whether or not they should even be drinking them? While some people have health concerns over these drinks, most women are concerned that they start having one of these drinks, they are going to look like Hulk, bulging with muscles and looking way more square than the shape of an hourglass.

Thankfully, this fear is completely unfounded. It takes a lot of work for a woman to develop a masculine physique, and it's not something that will accidentally happen. Any women, except pregnant women's, can drink protein shakes without the fear of "bulking up."
In fact, most women who drink these types of shakes do so because it helps them lose weight. Ironically these drinks actually provide a lot of fat-burning benefits. One of the most important things about protein shakes is the fact that is really convenient to make and consume. It's really easy to prepare a milkshake in the morning if you haven't got time for breakfast, this protein powder is like a secret weapon for women who often skip breakfast.


Recently, researches have unveiled why adults specifically those after 30 years needs more protein than their younger counterparts. Many experts have now considered this as a fact which had sometimes regarded as a controversial statement. It was previously believed that high intake of protein strain the kidney and also results in bone loss. However, it has now been revealed that high intake of protein offers more benefits to the bone and getting enough protein is as important as getting enough calcium and vitamin D1 and D2.

According to Professor Douglas Paddon-Jones, he said his research showed that high intake of protein can improve women health and buffer their aging process.

Whey protein powder vanilla my favourite one

My favorite protein powder - usually I buy it from Boots. Price is variable and I make sure to buy a stock of 2-3 bags when I spot discounts.  

Protein shakes are also really easy to make and then carry around with you all day. This makes it much easier to eat a number of small meals throughout the day instead of a couple very large meals, which is great for fat loss and recovering from workouts. 

So if you're a woman who has never taken a protein shake before in your life, how should you get started?
It is clear that protein shake offers a lot of benefits such as loss of more body fat, fast muscle development, buffer aging process and increase performance in sport.  Many people find it easiest to purchase pre-made shakes either from the grocery store or from their gyms, I personally make myself the mix of cold water and protein powder.

This lets you easily incorporate more protein into your diet without having to stress about it too much. However, because different individuals have varying dietary needs, everyone is encouraged to consult with a doctor before getting involved in a program that includes protein shake for men and women, this is to know for sure whether such a supplementation program is suitable for your case.

Protein powder easy to prepare at home

Vanilla is my favorite protein flavor - easy to drink compared with the chocolate flavor. 

A portionof protein powder is more than enougth for my diet to grow my butt

One scoop of protein powder mixed with 250 ml of cold water is my daily intake.

  • The side effects of protein powder affect people diagnosed with kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and can lead to fattening if consumed without any physical activity. Also, is best to consume this protein early in the morning or not later than 6 pm, otherwise you might have trouble to sleep because of green tea from its ingredients.
  • No protein powder should replace a healthy diet, rich in vegetables, fruits, and fresh meat.

I created this article to help many women's who have reached their thirties and wonder why their bodies are changing and is no longer toned and full of energy as it used to be when you were younger.
In the last 3 years, I had a life of at least sedentary, which also led to the change in my body, some changes that I did not like and I ignored them. 
It's more about the butt area, part of the body that requires a lot of attention, first of all, because women are prone to accumulate cellulite and then because of the inevitable gaps that form because the big muscles (glutes) are shrinking, this being caused by lack of exercises and protein.

  • Perhaps you did not know, but the food nowadays does not contain the same nutrients as 50 or even 20 years ago. Nowadays, we have to eat 5 tomatoes to have the same vitamin A content as compared to a tomato 50 years ago, and that's just one example.
  • Over-industrialized agriculture and malnourished animals with poor nutritionally feed show the effect on our body, whether we like it or not. Even the water does not contain the same nutrients like 20 years ago, that's why our body deteriorates and we do not know why. ( According to with Scientific American publication)

The answer is simple, it is not in vain to say that we are what we eat. We've got so much plastic food... the result being, we have weak bodies with low energy, a poor immune system, and many other health problems that doctors cannot find an explanation.
 I chose to fill my nutrition with this milkshake, is not enough, but at least I try to keep a balance in my diet and have the body that I want.

  • I did exercises for hours, I had a normal diet, and yet I still had those gaps in my butt, my muscles didn't grow too much. After I done some research, I discovered the protein powder and I started to consume every day 49g of protein powder mixed with cold water.
  • Following this ritual day by day and continuing with regular exercise, my body slowly returns to the shape that I had many years ago, meaning gluteus muscles develop harmoniously and those gaps in the butt begin to fill with muscles.
  • I'm really happy I finally found the missing piece in the process to build a beautiful and toned body. If you have encountered the same problem as me or if you consume protein powder, please share your opinion, or your advice will certainly be useful to other readers.



De ce proteina pudra este vitala pentru femei

Asa cum bine stim, proteinele sunt elemente de baza la crearea fiecarei celule din organism,acestea regasindu-se la nivelul pielii, muschilor, organelor, glandelor si fluidelor corpului.
Acesti macronutrienti esentiali contribuie la regenerarea celulara, dezvoltarea masei musculare, mentinerea sanatatii cardiace si stimularea sistemului imunitar.
Specialittii sfatuiesc sa se consume proteine în functie de greutatea corpul... de exemplu eu am 49 kg si trebuie sa consum în fiecare zi 49g de proteina si asa mai departe. Acesta este un echilibru sanatos pentru a da corpului energia si proteinele necesare dar si pentru a functiona corect.
Milkshake-ul a inceput sa fie popular in randul celor care paractica fitness si atletism, dar în ultimul deceniu a devenit rapid parte din lumea sanatatii si fitness-ului in general.

I am so happy i took the decission to introduce protwin powder in my daily diet

Mereu sunt intrebata daca practic atletism :)) dar eu de fapt am un metabolism foarte rapid.

Milkshake-urile sunt de asemenea foarte usor de facut si le poti lua cu tine intreaga zi, acest lucru te ajuta sa manânci un numar de mese mici pe tot parcursul zilei în loc de doua mese foarte mari, ceea ce este excelent pentru pierderea de grasimi si recuperarea de la antrenamente. 
Este clar ca amestecul de proteine ofera multe beneficii, cum ar fi pierderea mai multor grasimi corporale, dezvoltarea rapida a muschilor, incetineste procesul de îmbatrânire si creste performanta în sport. Multi oameni considera ca este mai usor sa cumperi shake-uri pre-facute fie de la magazinul alimentar, fie de la salile lor de sport.  Acest lucru iti permite sa încorporezi  cu usurinta mai multe proteine în dieta, fara a fi nevoie sa te stresezi prea mult. Cu toate acestea, deoarece indivizii diferiti au nevoi dietetice diferite, toata lumea este încurajata sa se consulte în prealabil cu un medic înainte de a se implica într-un program care include un shake de proteine, atat pentru barbati cat si pentru femei, pentru a sti cu siguranta daca sanatatea va permite sa adaugati aceste suplimente alimentare in  dieta voastra.

Efectele adverse ale proteinei pudra afecteaza persoanele diagnosticate cu afectiuni renale, boli cardiovasculare si pot duce la ingrasare daca este consumata fara a fi practicat nici un fel de activitate fizica. Inca un lucru important, este bine sa consumi proteina pudra dimineata devreme sau nu mai tarziu de ora 6 dupa amiaza, deoarece contine ceai verde si nu cred ca vrei sa ai probleme cu somnul.
Nici un fel de proteina pudra nu trebuie sa inlocuiasca o alimentatie sanatoasa, bogata in legume,fructe si carne proaspata.
Am creat acest articol pentru a ajuta multe femei care au ajuns la varsta de 30 de ani si se intreaba de ce corpul lor se schimba si nu mai este tonifiat si plin de energie ca atunci cand erai mai tanara.
In ultimii 3 ani am avut o viata cel putin sedentara, asta ducand si la schimbarea corpului meu, unele schimbari care nu mi-au placut si nici nu le-am dat importanta prea mare.
Este vorba mai mult despre zona coapselor, parte a corpului care necesita o foarte mare atentie, in primul rand pentru ca femeile sunt predispuse sa acumuleze celulita iar mai apoi pentru ca apar inevitabil acele goluri in coapse, goluri care se formeaza din cauza ca muschii mari ( glutes) se miscoreaza, din cauza ca nu faci sport dar si din cauza lipsei de proteine.


Este ceva obisnuit în zilele noastre sa intri în orice farmacie, magazin sau supermarket si sa gasesti o întreaga sectiune dedicata proteinei pudra si a shake-urilor pre-facute pe care le puteti bea oricand si oriunde. Nu mai mentionez de reviste sau ziare care vorbesc despre sanatate si fitness in care  au integrat cel putin un articol pe aceasta tema. Multa lume nu stie inca prea multe despre proteina pudra, asa cum sunt femeile mai ales. Multe femei se intreaba daca ar trebui sau nu sa bea shake-uri de proteine. În timp ce unii oameni au probleme de sanatate cu privire la aceste bauturi, majoritatea femeilor sunt îngrijorate de faptul ca milkshake-urile le vor face sa devina ca si 'Hulk' , bombate si pline cu muschi, sub nici o forma aratand ca o clepsira.

Nu intamplator majoritatea femeilor care beau aceste tipuri de bauturi fac acest lucru pentru ca le ajuta sa piarda în greutate. În mod ironic, aceste bauturi ofera o multime de beneficii pentru arderea grasimilor. Unul dintre cele mai importante lucruri despre shake-urile de proteine este faptul ca acestea sunt într-adevar convenabile de preparat iar apoi foarte simplu de consumat.
Milkshake-ul este solutia de baza pentru a incepe dimineata daca nu ai timp pentru micul dejun, aceasta proteina pudra este ca o arma secreta pentru femeile care de multe ori sar peste micul dejun.
Recent, cercetarile au dezvaluit de ce adultii si mai în special cei dupa 30 de ani au nevoie de proteine  mai mult decât omologii lor mai tineri. Multi experti au considerat acest lucru o declaratie controversata. Se credea anterior ca un aport ridicat de proteine în rinichi are ca rezultat pierderea osoasa. Cu toate acestea, s-a descoperit ca aportul ridicat de proteine ofera mai multe beneficii osului si obtinerea de proteine suficiente este la fel de importanta ca obtinerea de calciu si vitamina D1 si D2.
Potrivit profesorului Douglas Paddon-Jones, cercetarile sale au aratat ca aportul ridicat de proteine poate îmbunatati sanatatea femeilor si ajuta  incetinirea procesului lor de îmbatrânire.


Odata cu inaintarea in varsta corpul necesita o cantitate mai mare de proteine pentru a mentine muschi puternici.

Poate nu stiai dar mancarea din zilele noastre nu mai contine aceeasi nutrienti ca acum 50 sau chiar 20 de ani in urma. In zilele noastre trebuie sa mancam 5 rosii ca sa aibe acelasi continut de vitamina A in comparatie cu o rosie de acum 50 de ani, iar asta e doar un exemplu.
Agricultura supraindustrializata si hranirea animalelor cu furaje sarace in nutrienti, isi arata efectul asupra corpului nostru, indiferent ca ne place sau nu. Pana si apa nu mai contine aceleasi substante nutritive ca acum 20 de ani, de aceea corpul nostru se deterioreza si nu stim de ce.
Raspunsul este simplu, nu degeaba se spune ca suntem ceea ce macam. Am ajuns sa macam mancare de plastic, rezultatul fiind, avem niste corpuri slabite de energie, un sistem imunitar jalnic si multe alte probleme de sanatate care unii doctori nu gasesc explicatia.
Asadar eu am optat sa completez lispa nutrientilor din alimentatie cu acest milkshake, nu este de ajuns, dar macar incerc sa tin o balanta in dieta si sa am corpul care mi-l doresc.

Exercitiile nu sunt singura modalitate prin care iti poti tonifia corpul - proteinele sunt la fel de importante pentru a-i da muschiului hrana necesara sa se dezvolte.

Am facut exercitii ore intregi, am avut o dieta normala si totusi inca aveam acele goluri in fese. Cercetand mai mult am descoperit pudra de proteina si am inceput sa consum in fiecare zi cate 49g de proteina pudra amestecata cu apa.
Urmand acest ritual zi de zi si continuand cu exerciii regulate corpul meu incet incet revine la forma care o aveam in urma cu multi ani, adica muschii fesieri se dezvolta armonios iar acele goluri din coapse incep sa se umple cu muschi.
Facand lucrul asta am aflat bucata de puzzle care lipsea din toata povestea asta cu mentinerea unui corp frumos si tonifiat. Daca si tu ai intampinat aceeasi problema ca si mine sau daca consumi pudra de proteina astept opinia ta, sau sfaturile tale, cu siguranta vor fi de mare folos si altor cititoare.

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