Welcome to my world!

I am honoured that you visit my blog and hope you enjoy my stories and everything I write about.
I am Maria V. and living in UK in a small town, not far away from London. While surfing through my wesite, you will notice that, I love to tell stories and I call myself an emotional narrator who loves to travel, write and take pictures and try new experiences Putting passion in everything I do, I like perfection and sometimes, I find quite stressful if things doesn't come up the way I want to be. 
Writing, is my main hobby, since I was a child, being fascinated by any kind of book that come in my hands, at that time I knew that one day I have to become a writer myself, so... here I am.
By the way, English is not my main language, so I will enjoy all comments, being sarcastic or friendly, they will be welcome and I will try to shape my language, during the journey of my life.

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