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Welcome to my world!

I am honored that you visit my blog and hope you enjoy my stories and everything I write about.
I'm Maria, entrepreneur, blogger, writer, beauty therapist, fashion and photography lover.

 While surfing through my website, you will notice that I love to tell stories and I call myself an emotional narrator who loves to travel, write and take pictures, try new experiences and add passion in everything I do. 
Writing, is my main hobby, since I was a child, being fascinated by any kind of book that comes in my hands, at that time I knew that one day I have to become a writer myself, so... here I am.


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  • 1. Sam | 02/09/2019
Hey, I'm impressed by your writings. I'm a journalist and a writer too.. looking forward to being a regular visitor.. ☺️
  • missmvmaria (link) | 23/09/2019
Hey Sam, thank you for checking my blog. I'm glad when I hear people's opinions, especially if they find my content helpful.
Jerry E
  • 2. Jerry E (link) | 23/10/2017
Love your page. I'm looking forward to following you passion!

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